Best Things to Buy In November

I can hardly believe that it is already November! This year has just been flying buy. We are getting close to the busiest time of the year and I am not quite sure if I am ready for it. November is a month of HUGE savings. With Black Friday, everyone is on the look out to save on all their holiday shopping. This month as I go over the best things to buy, keep in mind that many of these deals will be available the week before or after Thanksgiving. Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be HUGE! But don’t worry, my team is preparing so that this year will be the best Black Friday ever!

I am going to share with you the Top 7 Items to Buy and ALSO Top 3 Items To Stay Away From During the Month of November. I want all of you women to feel prepared, educated, and ready to make the most of your money this month!

Let’s Get Started With The Top 7 Items To Buy in November


Clothing is huge during Black Friday! Stats have showed that the week leading up to Black Friday will be when all of the “in” clothing for this winter season will go on sale. So, be sure to be aware of this! Check out our Fabulessly Frugal Fashion and Beauty Deals Page because we will be posting all the best clothing deals right to there each day! We will save you tons of work. If you are looking for Spring clothing, you will want to be on your toes on Cyber Monday! That is when all of those deals will come out! So whether you are wanting to stock up on winter clothes for next season or simply wanting to get ahead of the game for the new spring/summer clothes that are coming out, there will be Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales for you! Be sure to join our FB group so you never miss a deal.


Halloween was YESTERDAY! I can’t believe that it is already over. But, we do have one positive… Halloween Candy is on SUPER sale right now. Starting November 1st, TODAY, stores literally slice halloween candy prices in half! I have seen up to 70% off before in stores like Walmart and Target! I like to just get a stash going so that I am prepared for any and every party that could come my way. A bag of candy is always welcomed! Especially a 50% off bag of candy!


November is known for being the time of the year when TVs go on MAD SALE. Black Friday will be the time when you want to get these. Once again, my team will be posting all the best electronic deals, so be sure to watch our deal pages the week leading up to Black Friday and on the day itself. Just from past experience, Best Buy usually does the best TV deals around this time of year so be sure to stay updated on what deals they have coming. But keep in mind, the best day to buy TVs is FOR SURE CYBER MONDAY. It can save you over $300 just to wait and buy the TV you want on Cyber Monday. Keep that in mind! Now is the time to splurge and get that TV you have been wanting because they will reach the lowest prices of the year during the month of November. Now is the time!

Large Home Appliances

Much like TVs, large home appliances go on crazzzzy sale the month of November too. I am sure you remember hearing stories from people who got a brand new stove for 60%-80% off on black friday! Hey, that can be you!! Things like stoves, fridges, dishwashers, vacuums, lights, etc. will ALL go on sale this month, especially during Black Friday. My suggestion is research which items you are in dire need of and be on the look out for the best deals.


Black Friday is the time for all electronics honestly to go on sale! The newest iMacs, Desktops, and Laptops will go on sale but usually it is only for around 5-15% off. My suggestion is to buy last years (or even the year before) model! That way you will get a swinging deal! I have seen great laptops in the $200s before! My advice for scoring deals on these products is to stay away from the brand stores. For example, don’t go to Apple if you are wanting an iMac on sale. Go to places like Best Buy. I have seen that stores that sell multiple different brands tend to drop the prices lower! Some of these deals will start the week before Black Friday, but the majority of the worthwhile ones will be on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Stats show that laptops are about $30 cheaper on Black Friday than they are on Cyber Monday. Be sure to watch our deals page! This past week I saw $300 off a Macbook! Guys, if that is the sale now, IMAGINE how it will be come Black Friday! Get ready!


Since the winter months are cold and that usually prevents MOST construction projects, tools begin to go on sale EVERYWHERE. Now is the time to stock up on any and all tools that you need. Places like Sears, Home Depot, and even Walmart put all of their tools on sale during the month of November, especially during Black Friday. Tools make the perfect gift as well! So whether you are in need of something or know someone else who is, keep your eyes pealed because you can get exceptional deals during this next month on all tools and toolboxes!

Kitchen Appliances

We all have those dream appliances that we would LOVE to have in our kitchen like a VitaMix Blender, Kitchen Aid Mixer, Keurigs, and more! There are so many wonderful crockpots, blenders, devices, etc. that one can use in the kitchen… but the downfall is that they all are SUPER expensive. Well, store owners know this and so during Black Friday and Cyber Monday the majority of the deals will be kitchen appliances. So, now is the time to decide which things you stand of need of and add them to your Black Friday search list. Once again, BE SURE to check out our Deals page because we will post ALL the best kitchen appliance deals so that you never miss a thing!

Now For The Worst

Now that you saw the best things to buy in November, I also want to show you the worst. Black Friday is a huge time for sales, but people are going to try and trick you! There are some items that may appear to be “on sale” but they are actually just a few cents cheaper (sometimes even more expensive) than normal! I want you to be aware and prepared so that you know when you are getting a good deal.

What Not To Buy in November

New Gaming Consoles

The store owners know just how excited people get when the new Xbox or gaming console comes out. They will put them “on sale” but in reality you are getting them for the normal price. Do not fall for this trick! If you want to pay full price for the console, then go ahead and buy it anytime! November will not make a big difference for you. But, if you are wanting to get a good deal on them, wait! Buy them next year and you will get a great deal! If you are looking to buy a gaming console, go with last years model. MOST of the time, the differences are not that significant so your child will not even notice the difference. In my opinion, it is not worth spending hundreds more on the newer model!


HOPEFULLY you have already got your Christmas travel plans squared away (if you are flying BE SURE to book those flights!), but come mid November, the prices will begin to rise on EVERYTHING. Airlines know that flights during the holidays are in high demand so they are going to raise those prices like crazy! If you are wanting to go on a family vacation, I suggest waiting and going between January and March (before spring break starts). Wait to buy any flights/hotels/rental cars until after the holidays! Once the rush is over, prices will drop again!

Any and every Black Friday sale

Know which items you need before Black Friday starts! I am going to dive deeper into how to prep for this big day next week, but I want you to remember that not all Black Friday deals are good deals! Know how much things are worth! That is how you will know if you are getting a good deal. One of the biggest reasons why stores can afford to do such big sales during Black Friday is that people are buying like crazy THINKING the deal is good when it actually is not! We only post deals on our site that are worth your time and money! Do not just buy something because it says it’s on sale! Know what a good deal is so that you are getting the most for your money. There are great deals to be found out there.

Start Your Holiday Prepping

November is an awesome month. It is full of savings!!! You need to start preparing now! Don’t feel overwhelmed though, because my team and I are here to help! Over the next few weeks we have some awesome posts coming out to help you make your shopping lists! We want to help guide you to creating your Black Friday game plan! SO, starting now.. get those items that I mentioned above and prep yourself for all the savings your about to do!

Happy November Savings everyone!

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