Should You Use Parchment Paper In the Air Fryer?

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What is Parchment Paper and Should You Use it in the Air Fryer? Parchment paper is oven-safe paper that is generally used for anything you bake in the oven and makes clean-up super easy (love that!). However, there is a difference between air fryer paper parchment paper and regular rolled parchment paper. Air fryer parchment paper has perforations and can come in different shapes and sizes that will fit your different types of air fryers.    Let me answer a... Read this post
The Best Air Fryers Review

The 5 Best Air Fryers

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While I know not everyone wants another appliance to store or keep on their counter, but the air fryer deserves the space, I promise. There are so many pros to having an air fryer that we go over in the air fryer buying guide, so make sure you take... Read this post