30 Wine Cork Crafts and Creative Wine Cork Projects

If you’re a wine lover and also a crafter at heart, you probably have a stash of wine corks sitting around just waiting to be used for something. Learn how to prepare them for crafting and find some amazing wine cork crafts and art ideas below to get your creative juices flowing!

Preparing Your Wine Corks for Crafting

Before you start any of the wine cork projects below, you may need to clean some of your corks, and it’s also good to know how to cut them easily!

How to Clean Your Wine Corks

You can definitely try the DIY wine cork ideas below with stained corks, but if you notice that some of your corks have a funky smell, cleaning them is a good idea. It’s not that difficult either, but you do have to be careful as you don’t want to ruin your corks. For a full guide on how to clean your corks, head to Hunker.com.

How to Cut Wine Corks

Most of the cork crafts below will require you to cut your corks at some point. To make this easier, you can try steaming or boiling the corks for about 10 minutes before cutting them. You can then use a serrated knife or utility knife to easily cut through them.

Wine corks

Save Time and Buy Wine Corks in Bulk

So, most of you probably came to the post looking for ideas so that you could actually do something with your massive wine cork stash. However, if you don’t happen to have a huge stash on hand or you don’t want to spend time cleaning your old wine corks, you can actually purchase craft wine corks in bulk on Amazon.

This will cost you a bit of money but it will also save you a ton of time and allow you to do more crafts, so I’d say it’s worth it! If you don’t want to spend any money, you could also try going to your local restaurants/wineries and asking for free corks, but buying them online is definitely easier and more convenient.

30 Wine Cork Crafts and Art Ideas

1. Wine Cork Garden Markers

These wine cork garden markers make it easy to keep track of all the plants in your garden and they look pretty neat too! Find the full tutorial here.

2. Cork Planters

Image source + tutorial

These have to be the cutest fridge magnets I’ve ever seen. I would have never thought of hollowing out wine corks and planting succulents in them! Such a great idea.

3. Wine Cork Keychains

We first featured these homemade wine cork keychains in our DIY keychains post. They’re the perfect gift idea for a wine lover and so easy to make too.

4. Wine Cork Wreath

Image source + tutorial

If you want to have the coolest wreath in your entire neighborhood, making a wine cork wreath is the way to go. This is definitely one of the most creative wine cork projects on this list!

5. Wine Cork Candle Holder

Image source + tutorial

This is a very simple craft that can be created with dollar store products and put together in under 10 minutes. The final result is a beautiful candle holder that also subtly displays how much you love wine.

6. Cork Tray

Image source + tutorial

What better way to serve wine and cheese to your guests than on a DIY wine cork tray? Seriously though, these are actually quite elegant! Just make sure you have a good stash of wine corks as you’ll need a lot!

7. Wine Cork Trivet

Image source + tutorial

Protect your table from hot dishes in style with your very own DIY wine cork trivet! This is an easy craft that you can customize the size of for different dishes.

8. Wine Cork Bath Mat

Image source + tutorial

This is such a simple idea and all I can think about is how comfy it looks! The creator of the original tutorial says it feels nice and squishy on your feet. I want one!

9. Cork Kitten

Image source + tutorial

Ok, all the other wine cork crafts on this list so far have been pretty functional, but this one is just darn cute. This is a great wine cork craft for kids.

10. Kitchen Utensil Holder

Image source + tutorial

Here’s another very simple and inexpensive idea that looks SO GOOD once it’s finished. I could see something like this being sold in a home decor store $20+.

11. Cork Stamps

Image source + tutorial

If you’re into bullet journaling or you just love using stamps to add a little bit of a personal touch to your letters and other notes, you can save a lot of money by making your own DIY stamps from corks! Plus, you can customize them however you want and each one is completely unique.

12. Wine Cork Snowman Ornament

Image source + tutorial

This is one of the more festive wine cork art ideas on this list, and I absolutely love it! The little earmuffs on the snowman are so cute. The kids can definitely help with this one too! You could even make multiple and give them out as homemade gifts.

13. Wine Cork Gingerbread Man

Image source + tutorial

If you’re already making a snowman ornament, why not make a gingerbread man ornament too? I mean, just look at how cute they are!

14. Wine Cork Grape Ornaments

Image source + tutorial

Don’t worry, these are the last of the wine cork ornaments on this list. I just had to include these because they’re so simple and multipurpose! You could hang them on your tree, near your wine stash, or you could give them as a gift. There are so many different ways to use them.

15. Wine Cork Reindeer

Image source + tutorial

I said above that I was done with wine cork ornaments, but I still had to include this last Christmas DIY idea! These cork reindeer aren’t technically ornaments either. They could be, but they can also be used as table decor or place-card holders.

16. American Flag

Image source + tutorial

Display your patriotism with this wine cork American flag craft! This would be an awesome decoration to have up during a 4th of July party.

17. Wine Cork Pin Board

Image source + tutorial

You’ll need a lot of wine corks for this craft and it’s best if they’re the same size, so I recommend purchasing them on Amazon if you’re going to try it. You don’t have to, but it will make things easier. Either way, this craft is totally worth the time it takes!

18. Wine Cork Monogram

Image source + tutorial

Something about letters made out of wine corks is just so satisfying to look at. There are so many different directions you could take this idea too…hang letters on your wall, make a wedding gift, decorate your bar, you name it!

19. Glass Markers

Image source + tutorial

These cork glass markers are super cute and easy to make. You’ll need wine corks with the year printed on the bottom of them though so search your stash for those!

20. Wine Cork Pumpkin

Image source + tutorial

You could make one or two of these DIY cork pumpkins to display them in your kitchen during Fall & Halloween time, or you could give them out as gifts! They’d make for a fabulous Thanksgiving decoration too.

21. Wine Cork Ball

Image source + tutorial

What an awesome way to display your wine corks! These wine cork balls can be made in different sizes and are perfect centerpieces.

22. Chick Painting

Image source + tutorial

This craft doesn’t actually use any wine corks in it, but you will be using a wine cork as a stamp in order to create the chicks body. I think the kids will have a lot of fun with this one and it’s a great Easter DIY.

23. Cork Toss Game

Image source + tutorial

This is such a fantastic idea! It’s similar to darts but instead, it uses velcro and wine corks so it’s a lot safer and kid-friendly too.

24. Cork Organization Board

Image source + tutorial

This is similar to the cork pin board above, but with a chalkboard incorporated into the design. I really like this idea as it allows you to add some writing and other elements along with a pinboard.

25. Cork Drawer Knobs

Image source + tutorial

This craft actually uses champagne corks rather than wine corks so hopefully, you have some of those stashed away too! Using the champagne corks as knobs will definitely give your furniture a more unique, rustic feel.

26. Cork Place Card Holders

Image source + tutorial

If you want to make your wedding place cards really unique, these easy cork place card holders are the way to go.

27. Cork Phone Stand

Image source + tutorial

There are a ton of different ways to make phone stands these days and you can even buy them from the stores if you’d like, but none of them will be quite as cool as a cork phone stand. You just can’t beat this look.

28. Wine Cork Coasters

Image source + tutorial

Cork is a great material to use for coasters so it only makes sense to make some DIY coasters with your old wine corks.

29. Wine Cork Vase

Image source + tutorial

If you have some old vases lying around that you want to spruce up, glue some wine corks to them! I actually really love the look of these.

30. Cork Cheese Knives

Image source + tutorial

These are so cool! Pair your next glass of wine with some cheese and cut into it with your own DIY wine cork cheese knife.

Genius wine cork crafts

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been wondering what to do with the leftover wine corks that you’ve had piling up over the years, I hope this post has given you some inspiration! All of these wine cork crafts are really fantastic and fun looking and I’m sure you’ll have a blast creating them.

Remember: If you don’t have a big cork stash or you eventually run out, you can always buy more corks on Amazon. Keep saving up your own corks too and make sure to pin this post to Pinterest or bookmark it so you can always come back to it once you have more corks!

Creative wine cork projects

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