17 DIY Pallet Crafts and Creative Uses for Pallets

DIY pallet crafts and ideas

Uses for Pallets

Wooden pallets have been used by companies for a long time generally for hauling around goods, but now, DIYers are starting to see the potential pallets have for craft projects and art.

Fact is, there are a ton of DIY pallet crafts and uses for pallets that are so creative and practical! And the best part is, pallets can be found for free so these projects are super affordable!

Finding Free Wooden Pallets

With a bit of searching, finding free wooden pallets isn’t too difficult. However, before you go to your local Home Depot and load up your truck with pallets, know that just because a pallet is sitting outside doesn’t mean it’s up for grabs.

Instead, look for free wooden pallets on places like Craigslist. The Balance also has some more suggestions on where to find free pallets:

  • Schools
  • Fresh produce markets
  • Small businesses
  • Gas stations
  • Pallet recycling companies

Also, before you grab any old pallet, be sure to inspect it. You’ll want a pallet that is in good shape, of course, and you’ll also want it to be relatively clean. If there are spills on it or signs of mold, don’t use it.

Finally, and I know you already know this, but if you’re going to try any of the pallet crafts below, make sure to handle your pallets safely! Wear gloves and long pants to avoid slivers.

Easy Pallet Projects With Instructions

1. Lawn Tool Storage

Pallet lawn tool storage

This is such an ingenious idea! If you have an area outside of your house for lawn tool storage but it’s more just like a pile of tools, you can easily get things organized with this simple solution. After adding some paint, your pallet lawn tool storage will look pretty good too.

View the full tutorial.

2.Garden Grow Box

If you’re looking to build a raised garden box for your plants, there are tons of different ways to go about it. However, using old pallets to build your box can be cheaper and more time-effective than buying materials from a hardware store and starting from scratch!

View the full tutorial.

3. Pallet American Flag

When I first envisioned a pallet American flag in my head I honestly didn’t know what to expect. After seeing the finished project, I am SO impressed! All you need are two pallets and some artistic skills and you can display your own patriotic pallet flag too! This would be an amazing 4th of July decoration.

View the full tutorial.

4. Compost Bin

Pallet compost bin

If you’re not satisfied with your current compost bins, why not build your own? Using pallets you can create a pretty large amount of storage for your compost and it shouldn’t take you long to build either. The pallet compost bin in the photo above is actually pretty skookum too, it’s even got a built-in door.

View the full tutorial.

5. Mini Pallet Coaster

Of all the DIY pallet crafts on this list, this is the only one that isn’t actually made with pallets. Instead, you’ll actually be making your own mini pallets out of popsicle sticks to create little rustic coasters! I really love this idea as a homemade gift or just a piece of awesome home decor.

View the full tutorial.

6. Hanging Plant Box

Hanging planters can really add some variety and style to your backyard or front yard. Plus they don’t need to be weeded as pest plants can’t get to them! If you have some time on your hands and you want to make your first hanging planter pretty affordably (but you still want it to look good) this sturdy pallet plant box is an awesome idea.

View the full tutorial.

7. Sofa and Loveseat

Pallet furniture

Patio furniture can cost a ton of money but if you want to be frugal, just build your own! You’ll need to be crafty with this and it will take a bit of time, but the moment you’re finished and you can sit back and drink some wine on your hand-made sofa/loveseat, all the hard work will be worth it.

Plus, when you tell your guests that the furniture they’re sitting on was made by you, they’ll without a doubt be pretty impressed. But that’s just a bonus perk.

View the full tutorial.

8. Pallet Bookshelf

If you’re into a rustic look and you’ve been looking for a small shelving unit for your home, this pallet bookshelf might just be exactly what you’re looking for. You could even make one for garage or shed storage as well.

View the full tutorial.

9. Adirondack Chair

If you’ve ever wanted to buy Adirondack chairs before, you know how expensive they are. This project shows you how to make your own DIY Adirondack chair with just two small pallets!

View the full tutorial.

10. “Believe There Is Good In The World” Sign

DIY pallet sign

Having feel-good quotes and messages around the house can be just the thing you need to brighten up a bad day or make a good day even better. I really love this “Believe There Is Good In The World” quote and it looks really good on some pallet wood.

View the full tutorial.

11. Pallet Pumpkins

These pallet pumpkins are so CUTE! Definitely one of the best Fall DIY ideas I’ve seen. You could even put them outside your house around Halloween time for a pumpkin that never goes bad.

View the full tutorial.

12. Pallet Clock

This is probably one of the more complicated pallet crafts on this list but if you’re willing to try it, the end result is definitely worth it. As you can see from the picture above, the pallet clock looks really nice and it’s fully functional as well.

View the full tutorial.

13. Outdoor Bar

This craft is actually quite simple and it’s pretty practical too. I mean, who doesn’t like having a drink outside during the summer? You technically don’t even have to use this as a bar either, it could have plants on it or decorations on it if you wanted.

View the full tutorial.

14. Pallet Dog Bed

I love this idea and I’m sure all you dog owners will too! This DIY dog bed doesn’t look too hard to make and it’s even got wheels on so you can move your pup around without disturbing them too much!

P.S. Want to pamper your pet even more? Check out our other DIY pet bed ideas.

View the full tutorial.

15. Planter Boxes

Ok, this tutorial takes DIY pallet planters to another level. If you want some large planters outside your house to really up the curb appeal, it’s definitely worth putting in the work to make these beautiful planter boxes.

View the full tutorial.

16. Simple Pallet Bench

If you want a nice and simple place to sit while you drink your morning coffee outside or just relax, this simple pallet bench is the perfect affordable option. You could even customize your own by staining the wood and adding cushions for extra comfort.

View the full tutorial.

17. Pallet Rack With Spoon Hooks

This pallet rack with spoon hooks is just so clever. I love it! You’ll have to find some cheap spoons at your local thrift store if you want to make it though. (You’ll also need some muscle to bend the spoons.)

View the full tutorial.

Easy pallet projects with instructions

Which DIY Pallet Crafts Do You Like Most?

For the money-savvy DIYer, pallets are one of the best craft supplies for building out bigger projects. Not only can they be used for so many different things, but they can be found for free!

Remember though, before you start taking pallets from behind buildings, make sure to inspect them thoroughly. You don’t want to build your nice new pallet project out of moldy wood!

For more info, read this article on pallet safety. Also, let us know which of these pallet crafts were your favorite! 

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