25 Super Easy DIY Baby Shower Gifts

If someone you know is about to start or add to their family, it is the PERFECT opportunity to show them how much you care by giving the new baby something special. While store-bought gifts are great, DIY baby gifts are a thoughtful way to show your love and support for the new parents (PLUS, ARE MORE AFFORDABLE!) All you need are some craft supplies and a little patience, and you’re ready to design the perfect gift.  PS – If you decide to NOT craft, we have a ton coupon codes for free baby items (just pay shipping).

  1. Amber Teething Necklace

One of the most difficult and painful phases during a baby’s first year is when their teeth come in. Babies that were once sleeping through the night and feeding regularly become drooling, screaming tykes due to the discomfort of teething. Baltic Amber is said to possess healing properties that reduce the pain of teething and eliminate fever. Try creating your own custom Baltic Amber necklace to help your baby with the pain.

Thanks Make Sew Baby!

  1. Teething Necklace for Mom

Mom can wear this teething necklace around her neck for baby to chew on during cuddle time or after nursing. Alternatively, she can give it to the baby as a toy. The silicone is firm but smooth, providing some texture and pressure for your baby’s sore gums. Better still, with this DIY teething necklace tutorial, you can customize the necklace to go with mom’s wardrobe.

Thank you The Inspired Hive!

  1. Crochet Teething Toy

If you are handy with a crochet hook, why not try making this beautiful crochet teething toy? Just be sure to source natural, untreated wooden rings for the teether.

  1. Bunny Ears Fabric Teething Ring

For a teething toy that is a little easier to clean and sterilize, you can make this super cute wooden teething ring with fabric bunny ears. The fabric ears are removal and washable. So, it might be a good idea to give two, so mom has a spare while the other is in the wash.

Thank you Willow and Stitch! 

  1. Lovey (aka Security Blanket)

Babies need comfort and security, especially at bedtime or during developmental milestones like teething. This adorable lovey tutorial shows you how to easily make a bunny security blanket on your sewing machine. The use of various textures in the material also makes this a great sensory development toy.

Thanks Project Nursery!

  1. Bandana Bib

Babies are adorable, but, once they start teething and eating solid food, they also drool everywhere. Help keep baby and mom clean and dry by creating this fantastic and stylish bandana bib.

  1. Stuffed Animals

 This easy to sew sock monkey is a great beginners project. Why not personalize the monkey by using beads in the baby’s birthstone as the eyes? Just make sure that you sew the beads on securely so they don’t become a choking hazard.

Thank you Snapguide!

  1. Rattle

As the baby’s ability to grasp objects increases, it good to provide toys that help them to further develop their strength. This plush rattle not only provides something soft for the baby to grasp on to, the bell and high contrast fabric also provide the baby with sensory input to develop their growing brain.

Thank you Stiched by Crystal!

  1. Fabric Blocks

Though blocks are an amazing toy for growing brains, plastic and wooden blocks have hard edges that can injure babies and can often be difficult for infant fingers to grasp. These fabric building blocks are a great tummy time activity. Try sewing them in varying textures and colors for added sensory input.

Thank you And Next Comes L!

  1. Activity Blanket

Baby gyms are great, but, to give baby some time on their tummy to develop those important neck muscles, make a fun activity mat for the baby to lie on. This picnic play mat tutorial uses materials in varying colors and textures to keep the baby stimulated and develop their sensory awareness. Best of all, you can use it indoors and outdoors.

Thank you Plucky Momo!

  1. Sensory Development Soft Book

Give the gift of knowledge with this beautiful soft baby book. Even though the baby won’t be able to read for some years yet, introducing children to words early helps them to develop their reading skills. By making the book interactive with lots of textures and colors, it will keep the baby interested and entertained.

Thanks Posie Gets Cozy!

  1. Nursing Cover

Nursing in public can sometimes be difficult for new mothers. So, why not give them some peace of mind with this stylish DIY nursing cover. You can sew it from any soft breathable fabric, and you can also embellish the cover with some gorgeous precious gemstone beads to add some luxury and help mom feel chic.

Thanks A Crafted Passion! 

  1. Swaddling Blanket

Swaddling is a great way to help baby sleep better through the night, which is a gift that every mom will appreciate. This swaddle wrap tutorial shows you how to create the perfect swaddler to help mom and baby get some well-earned rest.

Thank you Alida Makes!

  1. Car Seat Cover

When traveling in the car with a newborn, the sun can often irritate a newborn’s eyes. This cute car seat cover is the perfect gift for parents of screaming babies in cars everywhere.

Thanks Happy Mama Tales!

  1. Changing Pad

When mom is out with the baby, and she needs to change his nappy, she doesn’t have the time or patience to be rummaging around a giant diaper bag. Help her keep organized with this changing pad with pockets for diapers and wipes.

Thank you Made By Marzipan!

  1. Birthstone Bracelet

A baby birthstone bracelet makes a gorgeous gift for christenings or other special occasions. Follow this tutorial, replacing the plastic beads with precious gemstone beads, and make sure they don’t pose a choking hazard by keeping the size of the bracelet snug.

  1. Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers are a beautiful alternative to mobiles for a baby’s nursery. This tutorial shows you how to make a feather dreamcatcher to add an on-trend, dreamy look to the nursery.

Thanks SESR!

   18. Mobile

For a more classic nursery decoration, why not make and give a gorgeous mobile. This DIY mobile tutorial shows you how to make a stylish mobile using only an embroidery hoop and yarn.

Thank you A Burst of Beautiful!

  1. Embroidery Art

A beautiful option for wall art is to make embroidery hoop art. This video shows you how to make adorable embroidery hoop wall art that is customizable for a personal touch to your gift.

  1. Bunting

Another gorgeous gift to hang on the baby’s nursery wall is bunting. This fabric strip bunting is amazingly easy to make and is a stylish way to brighten up the nursery walls.

Thank you The Non Active Duty Spouse! 

  1. Quilt

Though this beautiful baby quilt tutorial is easy to follow, making a quilt takes time and effort and really shows how much you care when you give it as a gift.

Thank you H&P Artistry! 

  1. Pram Shoes/ Booties

Even though the baby won’t be able to walk for some time, you can still give them something to keep their cute little toes warm and stylish while out and about. These adorable fringed baby moccasins are made from beautifully soft leather and are gender neutral, so it’s a great gift if you don’t yet know the gender of the baby.

Thank you Simply Small Wonders!

  1. Beanie/Hat

Beanies and hats are incredibly useful for newborns who can’t control their body temperature yet. This stretchy baby hat tutorial is easy to follow, and the soft, stretch knit material is perfect, as the one size can fit nearly all baby head sizes. What’s more is that the pattern is so easy, you could make one beanie for every day of the week!

Thank you Make It Love It! 

  1. Headband

Headbands for babies are super cute, and you can even coordinate them with other outfits and gifts. This headband sewing tutorial, like the beanie, uses stretch fabric so it can fit all head sizes.

Thank you Coral + Co! 

  1. Pacifier Clip

This DIY pacifier clip will stop pacifiers from falling and giving mom a headache from picking them up and sterilizing them. In addition to being highly practical, they are also super cute. Why not coordinate the fabric from the pacifier clip to another DIY gift to create a set?

Thanks Viva Veltoro! 


There are plenty of good ideas here and the best part is that each one is very affordable. No sense in going out and spending hundreds on a gift when you can make it at home for less and have it mean so much more. Good luck crafting!

Comment below and let us know which gift you’ll be trying next!

And for those of you who just are not the crafty type OR just do not have time for it, check out this post about tons of discounts and freebies! You could get $30-50 off baby items!!


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