Store Lawn Tools With a Pallet!

All the tools used throughout the spring, summer, and fall can create quite a disorganized mess!  So when Amber told me about using a pallet to store her lawn tools, I was intrigued!  I asked her if she’d share exactly how she did it with me and I wanted to share it with you!  This lady is a master at pretty much everything.  She is creative and comes up with such nifty ideas!  So take a look at what she came up with…

lawn tool storage idea

Organize your lawn tools!

If you have a yard or a garden you know that there are a lot of tools involved. You probably also know how obnoxious it is when you need the shovel or the rake and you have to walk all over the place to find it or pull it from the pile of tools in the shed. After a summer full of landscaping and gardening, I decided I was over the unorganized mess I had going on. My husband built a tool shed for me this spring, which I love, but after I get all of my planting materials in there, lawn mower, weed eater, seed spreader, you see where I am going here. So I started stacking them up on the side, and then it occurred to me that we should just have something there that I could hang on the side of the shed for my lawn tools. I have used the tool hangers in the garage, and they work great, I just worry about them being exposed to the elements and how brittle they would become. So after the frugal side of me kicked in, I started looking around to see what I had on hand that I could put together. And bam – I had a few pallets that I had laying around for some projects that just haven’t panned out. If you don’t have any laying around, they are easy to get for free. Many business will give them to you, but call first! Another great place to check is your local Craiglist ads. This was a quick one day project and now I have my tools organized and a place for them to be instead of scattered.

Items Needed:

Pry bar 
Heavy duty screws or framing nails
Wood stain and a weather proofing sealant (this is optional but will allow it to survive the weather a lot longer.)
taking apart a pallet

As you can see in the photo above, I started staining and then decided I should pry some slats off the pallet so that I can stain and attach it easier later. The prying is optional but I would recommend it. It made staining a lot easier. When it came time to attach it to my tool shed, it gave me a better surface area to secure it as well.

Once you have it stained and/or weather sealant on it, let it sit and cure overnight if possible, but a few hours is fine too. I wanted my stained so that it would blend in on the side of my tool shed better. So I used the same Behr All in One Wood Stain and Sealer from The Home Depot that I had used on the tool shed. If you do any wood work outside, like wood patio furniture, this stuff is AMAZING!

using a pallet for lawn tool storage


After the stain and/or sealer has dried, you can safely attach it to what ever you are attaching it to. You could easily attach this to a fence, the back of your house even if you wanted! I chose the side of my tool shed. No matter what you choose, you want to make sure that your screws or framing nails are long enough to go through both your pallet and what you are attaching it too. Since I was attaching mine to a tool shed, I used framing nails and just made sure to hit the studs on the other side of the wood siding. I only put three framing nails in. You won’t need a ton of screws or nails because the pallet isn’t to heavy and that is all the weight it has to support.

If you took the slats off earlier, you can just attach the pallet to the supporting structure on the back slats. If you did not, you can just screw or nail into the edges of the pallet at an angle. I didn’t do it this was because I don’t trust myself with a hammer and angles. I actually like my thumbs the way there are now! 🙂

You will want to make sure your pallet is at least a few inches up off the ground to keep leaves, water, or other debris from piling up in the bottom of it.

Once you have it attached, you can now attach the few slats you took off earlier and you are done. Now you have a quick and, possibly free, way to store your lawn tools and get your life a little more organized.

Lawn tool storage using a pallet - step by step directions. Frugal, quick, and easy!

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