Cosori Dual Blaze vs Cosori Pro II Air Fryer

What is the difference between the Cosori Dual Blaze and the Cosori Pro II Air Fryer?

Let me first start by saying that both of these machines are great! They work wonderfully and will produce some delicious recipes.

But, with that said, I thought I would do a side-by-side comparison of the two Cosori air fryers to help you decide which of the air fryers you might want to get for you and your family.

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with either, but take a look at some of the differences to make the decision of which air fryer will work best for you.

You can also watch my full review of the Cosori Dual Blaze VS. the Cosori Pro II on my YouTube channel.

Cosori Dual Blaze Air Fryer

Let me give you a list of some of the key features of the Cosori Dual Blaze that I found out when I did a side-by-side comparison and good things to know before buying your next air fryer.

  • It is 6.8QT
  • Air fries with 1750 WATTS
  • It is a tray style air fryer (the tray can be removed easily)
  • The dual blaze has 2 burners, one on top and one on the bottom (hence the “Dual” blaze name)
  • Does not need to be preheated when cooking
  • Selecting the roast, bake, or broil settings will change how the heating elements work
  • A very quiet air fryer
  • Take the tray out and use the bottom of the pan to roast in
  • Does not burn the food even with the bottom heating element
  • No need to stir the food to prevent it from burning
  • Wipes up easy for clean up, and also the basket is dishwasher safe
  • Has a slightly bigger basket than the Cosori Pro II
  • To make sure greasier food doesn’t burn you can select the broil function and the air fryer will only use the top heating element

Learn more about the Cosori Dual Blaze in this full and comprehensive review.

Cosori Pro II Air Fryer

Here are the things you’ll want to know about the Cosori Pro II Air fryer that might help you decide if you want to invest in the Pro II Air Fryer.

  • It is 5.8QT
  • Air fries with 1700 WATTS
  • It is a basket style air fryer so the whole inside will be removed
  • Does need to be preheated when cooking for certain recipes
  • While is it a fairly quiet air fryer, the Pro is a bit louder than the Dual Blaze air fryer
  • Has a button to prompt you to shake the food
  • Wipes up easy for clean up, and also the basket is dishwasher safe
  • The basket is a decent size, it is just slightly smaller than the Dual Blaze
  • You need to have the basket in the air fryer in order for it to turn on

3 Recipe Air Fryer Test

For this review I made 3 of the same recipes in each of the air fryers to determine how they turned out and how each air fryer cooked them. The air fryers both did a great job with the baking, roasting and air frying recipes.

1. Brownies in the Air Fryer

Looking at the brownies made in both the Dual Blaze and the Pro II you can see that they almost look exactly the same. They both were within the temperatures that brownies should be just after baking and had the same consistency.

Get this Air fryer Brownies Recipe

2. Roasted Vegetables in the Air Fryer

It may be hard to tell, but based on taste and touch, both of the air fryers did a great time roasting the vegetables and were almost the same. I would say that the Dual Blaze did a slightly better job creating a perfectly tender vegetable, but both were delicious.

See more vegetable recipes in the air fryer

3. BBQ Chicken Wings in the Air Fryer

For the chicken wing test, once again the Cosori air fryers both did a great job producing tender, tasty, and crisp wings. If I had to get picky, I would say that the Dual Blaze might have caramelized the sauce slightly better.

Also, with the Dual Blaze, it seems as though the bottom element it cooked the fat enough to eliminate most if not all of the juice to make it easy for pouring out of the basket. Whereas the Pro II air fryer definitely had a good amount of juice in the bottom of the pan.

But nonetheless, the wings turned out delicious!

My favorite chicken wings recipe in the air fryer


Final Thoughts

After doing the side-by-side of the air fryers, I would say that the Dual Blaze has some great features that the Pro II does not. However, I don’t think everyone needs them and both of the air fryers will give you amazing results.

So honestly you cannot go wrong with either one. You just have to figure out which will suit your family better. I also love using the Cosori 5.8QT air fryer because the Cosori brand has great customer service and has a 2-year warranty on their machines.

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  • Thanks for the best online review and comparison of Cosori Dual Blaze and Cosori Pro II.

  • Hi Cathy, Thanks for the great comparison. The Pro ll doesn’t seem to be available in Germany. Here you can only get the 5.8Qt and the Dual. Apart from the price, which of these 2 would be your recommendation? Greetings from Germany

    • I meant by 5.8Qt, the cp 158 af

    • Hey Wolfgang, great question. Honestly, both are great air fryers. Considering that you only have access to the CP158, I would recommend the Dual Blaze. The CP158 doesn’t have a shake reminder feature and is a little more clunky. But, if price is a concern for you, I would still recommend the CP158.

  • Hi Cathy, I recently Purchased a new Corosi CS-159-AF and so far seems to be pretty good. I started watching your videos becuase you said how much you liked it. I was surprised on how many different things you cooked in it as well as the other Corosi products. Now here’s the thing I wanted to ask you. in all the great videos you’ve done on YouTube how is it you don’t cover more frozen food selections that – well TBH- a single widower like myself eats a whole lot of. For example – I didn’t see anything about one of mt favs for breakfast as a side and that’s Diced Potatoes or Potatoes O’Brian . How about Italian sausages and Peppers and other baked Italian dishes. You cover our friends the mexican’s pretty well how about the other ethic dishes out there. Trust me – you’d have hundreds of videos on how to’s if you did. Come on – Give it a go – OK.

  • Hi Cathy,
    Love your YouTube channel, recipes and your cookbook. I bought the Cosori air fryer at your recommendation. I loved it and used it regularly, until they recalled it. I didn’t want to wait for the replacement, so I upgraded to the Cosori Dual Blaze 6.8qt Air Fryer. I loved this one even more and had been using it for a few months when I got error code of E1 on it and now it won’t function at all. I have called Cosori just to find out that they aren’t taking any calls. I also have tried repeatedly to get help from the Cosori website. All I want is for someone to tell me how to fix it if it can be fixed. I am so sorry to approach you with this problem but I don’t know what else to do. Thank you for any suggestions you might have.

    Kathy Cramer

    • Hi Kathy,

      Sorry you seem to be having and issue with your air fryer. Outside of calling the customer service like you said you already had, I would suggest doing a google search with the name of the air fryer you have along with the error to see what others have done that helped.

      I did quick search and saw this that might help!

      Hope it works!

    • Haley - Fabulessly Frugal

      Hi Kathy! I’m so sorry to hear about your error code with the Dual Blaze. I looked at the user’s manual and it indicates that the E1 error code means that “There is an open circuit in the temperature monitor. Contact Customer Support (see page 19).” Sorry you’ve been having trouble reaching them. I would try again. If you haven’t already sent them an email, here it is: Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

  • So is it true that you cannot remove the basket on the Pro II? If yes than I am disappointed, it’s hard to “saute” in the bottom of the pan. Oh, well, might do some recipes in the non stick frying pan.

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