90+ Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

Non candy Easter basket ideas

Best Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas!

Are you hoping to limit the sugar and avoid the cavities this year? Or maybe just looking for a nice addition to the chocolate bunny?

I decided to spend some time brainstorming Easter basket filler ideas that AREN’T sugary treats since we already get enough of those this time of year! I ended up coming up with almost 100 different non-candy Easter basket ideas for you to check out!

These are great Easter basket fillers because not only are they sugar-free, but they’ll also just last longer and your children will appreciate them more.

Here are 96 Easter basket filler ideas that aren’t candy:

  1. $1 store toys
  2. admission passes to zoo, museum, etc
  3. army men
  4. art supplies
  5. ball & jacks
  6. balloons
  7. bath paint
  8. bathtub toys
  9. beach towel
  10. beach/sand toys
  11. blocks
  12. board game
  13. books
  14. bouncy balls
  15. bubble bath
  16. bubbles
  17. bubble gun or machine
  18. card game
  19. children’s Bible
  20. clothes
  21. collector’s/trading cards
  22. coloring book
  23. coupon good for an ice cream date with mom/dad/other
  24. craft project
  25. crayons
  26. deck of playing cards
  27. doll or Barbie
  28. Easter books
  29. finger paints
  30. flash cards
  31. frame with or without photo
  32. frisbee
  33. fun colored duct tape
  34. garden tools
  35. gift card
  36. glow in the dark ceiling stars
  37. grow your own flower/veggie kit
  38. hair accessories
  39. healthy snacks
  40. Hot Wheels
  41. jewelry
  42. jump rope
  43. key chain
  44. kids cooking utensils
  45. kids flashlight
  46. kids magnifying glass
  47. knobby balls
  48. Legos
  49. lip gloss/chap stick
  50. Little People toys
  51. love note
  52. magic trick kit
  53. magnets
  54. markers
  55. money
  56. moon sand or play foam
  57. movie tickets
  58. movies/DVDs
  59. music/CDs
  60. nail art supplies
  61. nail polish
  62. neck tie or bow tie
  63. Nerf balls
  64. pajamas
  65. pens or pencils
  66. perfume/cologne
  67. piggy bank
  68. play make up
  69. Play-Doh
  70. pool toys
  71. puzzles
  72. scrapbook supplies
  73. shoes
  74. sidewalk chalk
  75. silly putty
  76. slinky
  77. socks/underwear
  78. Sports balls
  79. squirt guns
  80. stamps & stamp pad
  81. stationery
  82. stay up 30 minutes past bedtime pass
  83. stickers
  84. stuffed animal
  85. sugar-free gum
  86. sunglasses
  87. temporary tatoos
  88. toothbrush/toothpaste
  89. travel game
  90. umbrella
  91. USB flash drive
  92. video game
  93. watch
  94. water bottle
  95. watercolor paints
  96. yo-yo

Which idea is your favorite?

You’ve got a lot of non-candy Easter basket ideas to pick from! Even though they may not be as tasty as candy, your children will definitely be able to have a lot more fun with the toys and ideas above.

If you still wanted to include a bit of candy on Easter for them, you could make this fun Easter Egg Pinata. For more Easter ideas make sure to check out our Easter hub where you’ll find Easter recipes, DIY ideas, deals, and more!

What other sugar-free basket stuffers have you tried? Comment below!

Non candy easter basket ideas


  • Something I have done for years is

    For my son who is in Cub Scouts he gets the next years book in his Easter basket and scout stuff.

    For my daughter in American Heritage Girls, she has gotten an AHG headband, back pack, etc.

    Things they will use in the activities they already do. the Easter Bunny is so smart, he’s like Santa, knows everything!!!

  • I went to Target today and found some great $1 items for my little guy’s Easter basket. He’s 19 months old so I had to be pickier. I found toddler dish & silverware sets, kids gardening tools, a slinky, some fun socks, bath toys, etc.

  • For my older son who is a nature/animal enthusiast I did bird feeders and a book about local birds one year and it was a huge hit. He is also a cubscout, so last year he got a real old school canteen, compass and emergency whistle. For his toddler broether, I’ve done bath tub toys one year and last year he got one of the little Bubble Bellies bubble blower things.

  • These are great ideas!

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