12 Ways to Bring More Family Love into Your Home

Family love

As I was brainstorming on the times in my life that I felt that our family functioned the best, it was when we were all getting along.

When you live with the same people and spend all your time together, it is normal that you will get in arguments or little fights every once and awhile. But, it is also important that as a family, everyone involved feels safe and loved at home.

When all your kids and spouse (and you!) feel like you are loved, appreciated, and wanted…home becomes a place we want to be. When people start to feel unappreciated or unloved, that is when we run into problems.

The hardest thing about this is we often just assume that people KNOW how we feel about them. I love my family more than anything and I’m sure you do too, but how often do we tell them that?

Today I wanted to focus on how to create an environment of love in your home, and ways to show love. This is going to take more than just you! It will take the entire family to pitch in and try, but you can be the start of this new change.

I am not going to share with you some wild, new, crazy idea that you’ve never heard of! Rather, I want to remind you of the little things you can do for your loved ones to remind them how much you care. When everyone in the house takes part in this, your home will feel even more full of love, light, and safety.

12 Ways to Bring More Love into Your Home

My mother used to always sing, “there is beauty all around when there’s love at home!” and that is the truth! Love at home makes such the difference and sometimes it is difficult to achieve.

Follow my super easy 12 tips to creating a home filled with EVEN MORE love.

1. Family Dinner

Bowl of food

I know this sounds like something SO small, but you will be amazed at how much EATING TOGETHER can bring a family closer. I realize that there are some nights when you just can’t. I get that kids have extracurricular activities and all end up getting home at different times, but whenever possible, eat dinner together.

When you eat together, everyone can talk about their day. You can ask questions, see how someone is doing, and show interest in their lives. It is hard to love someone if you never know what is going on in their life!

By conversing together at dinner, your kids/spouse will feel of the love you have for them just by you taking interest in their life!

2. Little Notes

How to show someone you love them

Notes are the BEST way to make someone’s day. My all time favorite is to write a little note on their napkin when I pack their lunches! My kids always tell me how much they appreciate that.

You could also stick a post it on their bathroom mirror or to the inside of their shoe! The possibilities are endless!

When you write a note to someone, they know that you were thinking of them. That alone shows them how much you care. Every single time my husband or kids have left me a note, it makes my entire day so I love to return the favor.

3. Run Errands for Them

Man driving a car

We all complain about the tiny things we need to do but never find time to do them! For example, changing the oil in our car or getting it washed, picking up a package at the post office, getting the dog groomed, and the list goes on and on.

How hard would it be one day when you have a spare moment to do one of those things for a member of your family? Don’t say a word, just do it. When they get home that night they will be thrilled that you thought of them.

One time my family did this for me. I was whining about having to go to the grocery store and my family saw my list sitting on the kitchen counter. When I was out and about, they took the list and went to the store for me. When I got home the groceries were all put away and it made my whole week.

Just pay attention to things your family members need to do and do what you can!

4. Do Their Chores

Washing machine

I heard a story one time about a mom who was just fed up with her kids. She was tired of having to be a caretaker 24-7. She was complaining to her mother and she gave her the advice to “serve your children.”

She thought to herself, “how does that work? I serve them all day long!” But the idea came to her to go and clean up her child’s room. This was a chore that he was supposed to do daily and had not yet returned home from school. So the mother went in and cleaned the room.

When the child came home, he was so grateful! He thanked his mom and asked her what he could do to help her. And on top of that, the mom didn’t feel annoyed any longer.

Find a chore that you can do and secretly do it. That way they will know that you thought of them and wanted to help lighten their load.

5. Say You’re Sorry

Man and woman hugging

I believe one of the best things that can be practiced in a home is apologizing. We live together! We are going to offend each other! It is just going to happen. But, we need to all be quick to apologize EVEN IF we believe we were not 100% in the wrong.

Grudges or negative feelings in a home will quickly destroy you. It is not worth the consequences to hold a grudge. Be quick to move on and encourage your children to do the same so that happy feelings can always exist in your home.

6. Family Prayer

Family praying

One of the best ways my family has come together is through family prayer. We try each morning to say a prayer together before everyone leaves, and at night, before everyone goes off to bed we pray again together.

I cannot explain how, but those simple moments that we share together praying have changed the feeling in our home. When we take the time to think about the things going on in each other’s lives and ask God to help one another, a feeling of love will overpower your home.

For example, the other day I heard my daughter pray that her brother would feel calm for his test. Just that alone is worth it. She was thinking of her brother and I know that those simple words touched her brother’s heart.

I realize that not all are religious, so if you are not sure about family prayer together, maybe just take a few minutes before bed to talk together and check on everyone’s needs. I highly recommend family prayers because I have personally witnessed how much this can help.

7. Bring Home Their Favorite Treat

Cupcakes with chocolate icing and sprinkles

When I know someone has had a hard day, I always like to bring them a little pick-me-up. Whether it be their favorite candy bar or simply cooking their favorite dish, let them know that they were present in your mind that day.

One of my favorite dishes my mom used to make was meatballs. I remember many times in high school I would come home and she had made meatballs. It’s like she had this special intuition that I had had a bad day so she knew what would help.

It doesn’t have to be a full course meal, it just has to be a small gesture that will help your family members see that they were on your mind that day.

8. Compliment Them

Man and woman talking

I have noticed how easy it is to give compliments to our peers or even strangers, but we often withhold complimenting those who we spend the most time with. Always give compliments to your family members!

Brothers, tell your sisters how beautiful they look before school! Sisters, tell your brothers how awesome they played in the game. Spouses, always pick out the tiny things your spouse does and says and thank him/her for it!

Just feeling noticed is something that all individuals need. With compliments, everyone will feel even more loved and appreciated when at home.

9. Ask About Their Day

Mother and son looking at eachother

Now that school is back in session, it can be hard to know exactly what happened during the day. Be sure to ask your kids as well as your spouse how their day has gone. Ask about the details. Do not allow this conversation to happen:

  • How was your day?
  • Fine.
  • Good.

NO! NO! NO! Let them see that you truly are interested in what happened to them that day. I wrote another post called 20 Questions to Ask Kids After School which has 20 awesome questions that will help you avoid that exact conversation above. Check it out!

10. Put Down Your Phone / Turn Off the TV

Man and woman on tech devices

I got the wonderful advice once to “be where you are.” Most of the time, family members spend all day apart. When you get back together at night I realize that there will be chores, homework, and other items to attend to…but PLEASE take a moment to put all electronics away and spend quality time together.

This does not just mean kids, this means parents too. Even if you make everyone put their phones in a basket for 20 minutes a night so you guys can just TALK, that is 100% okay!

It is so important that you develop deep, lasting relationships together if you truly want family love to be present at home. It is hard to develop this relationship when everyone is always stuck to their phones.

Show your kids that they are worth your attention and unplug yourself each night so they can have your undivided attention.

11. Serve, Serve, Serve

Woman on her phone with a coffee

I could list here 1000 ways to serve, but instead, I am just going to tell you to SERVE. Serve those around you! Whether that be sending them a text, calling when they are on a trip, helping them out with a project, making them a present, or simply spending quality time with them…EVERYTHING counts.

When you spend time serving those around you, you will feel better! You will feel closer to them and vice versa. Service is the key to having a close-knit, loving home.

12. Say I Love You

Sunflowers spelling out the word "love"

We often forget to say these 3 little words to those we love the most. I know some families are most accustomed to sharing feelings than others, but you cannot overuse this word at home.

Let each of your children and your spouse know how much you love them. Let your own parents and your in-laws know how much you love them! Let your grandparents, your aunts, your uncles, your nieces and nephews, and everyone else in between know how much you care for them.

You never want to regret not saying these words. It can make people’s days to be reminded that they are loved. SO, please! Tell everyone that you love “I love you” often!

What are your ideas? How do you show love at home?

I gave you my ideas, now I would love to hear yours! What things have you noticed work in your home? Do you have any success stories of how little efforts made you feel more love at home? I cannot wait to hear. Comment below!

I hope that in my 12 suggestions, you found at least one that you cannot wait to try. These are simple things, but they can make all the difference. I have seen it in my own home and I can assure you that it will work.

You are the leading force. When you start serving and loving, others will notice and it will become contagious.

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