Best Clean Romance Novels for Moms This Summer

Best clean romance novels

Clean Romance Novels You Won’t Want to Put Down

There are a lot of great love stories out there that make for a great read during the summer months. However, so many of them have really graphic sex or pornographic scenes that go a little more in-depth than we want.

If you are looking for a romance novel that’s clean and still a page turner, you will want to stick around! I have put together a list of the best clean romance novels that are perfect for moms to read over the summer.

All 15 of these books are excellent options, and no matter which book you choose, you won’t be able to put it down! Here are 15 clean romance novels for moms this summer.

1. Far Side of the Sea

Far side of the sea book cover
Set in 1918 England during the first World War, Kate Breslin’s Far Side of the Sea is truly a tale that you will not want to put down. It’s filled with adventure, romance, and exciting plot twists that will leave you wanting more.

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2. Glimmer of Hope

Glimmer of Hope book cover
Glimmer of Hope by Sarah M. Eden is an emotional story about a married couple who, after three years of not seeing each other, are thrust together again in a series of events that neither of them could have planned for. This is a beautiful story that will keep you engaged at all times.

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3. Undeniably Yours

Undeniably Yours book cover
Being the first part of a four book series, Undeniably Yours is the perfect intro into the mind of Becky Wade (the author). With relatable and interesting characters, an incredible storyline, and a romance that seems almost impossible, you might want to finish this one all in one sitting.

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4. Longing for Home

Longing for Home: A Proper Romance book cover
Longing for Home by Sarah M. Eden follows Katie Macauley who, after feeling responsible for some family problems that occurred when she was younger, moves to the US to win her families forgiveness. Planning to move back with her family after earning enough money, Katie doesn’t expect to be caught in a love triangle, and she now has to decide what to do, stay or go?

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5. Shadow among Sheaves

Shadow among Sheaves book cover
A retelling of the story of Ruth and Boaz, Shadow among Sheaves by Naomi Stephens follows Rena and her mother-in-law who both decide to move to England together after their husbands pass away. After arriving in Abbotsville and going through a series of hardships, they meet Lord Barric, who decides to help them and eventually becomes more and more interested in Rena.

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6. Edenbrook

Edenbrook book cover
Edenbrook by Julianne Donaldson is one of the highest rated clean romance novels on this list. The story follows Marianne Daventry, who, after joining her twin sister at a country estate in England, expects nothing but a relaxing time in the countryside. Fate, however, has something else in store for Marianne.

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7. The Moonglow Cafe

The Moonglow Cafe book cover
Mixing romance and mystery, The Moonglow Cafe by Deborage Garner is a book that will keep you engaged until the very last page. In the story, you’ll follow Paige MacKenzie, a reporter who heads to a small town to do research for a story, but ends up getting a lot more than she bargained for.

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8. Blackmoore

Blackmoore book cover
Blackmoore is another regency romance by Julienne Donaldson, but with a bit of a darker, more emotional plot. The book follows Kate Worthington, a woman who wishes to travel to India and who knows she will never get married. but who must first secure and reject three marriage proposals as part of a bargain with her mother.

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9. The Memory House

Pride and Prejudice book cover
The Memory House by Rachel Hauck is a story that follows two women, Beck Holiday and Everleigh Applegate. Although these women are fifty years apart, they have gone through similar tragedies in their lives and both find healing in a place known as The Memory House.

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10. Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice book cover
Taking place in the English countryside in the 19th century, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen follows the love story of Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy. The story is filled with wit, engaging characters, and fun.

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11. Austenland

Austenland book cover
Austenland by Shannon Hale takes an interesting approach to romance by introducing Jane Hayes, and young New Yorker who is obsessed with Mr. Darcy, a fictional character from the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. Jane hopes to one day find a Mr. Darcy of her own, and after being bequeathed a trip to a Regency-era English resort, the possibilities of her dream coming true becomes more and more real.

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12. Hello Love

Hello Love book cover
First, his wife passes away, and then Dan and his daughter lose their dog, Anni, after she’s stolen out of the front yard. Luckily, she’s rescued by Andrea Keller, a recently divorced woman going through her own heartbreak. Hello Love by Karen McQuestion starts off quickly and the fast-paced story is one that you will not want to put down.

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13. Short-Straw Bride

Short-straw bride book cover
Set in the 1880s in Texas, Short-Straw Bride by Karen Witemeyer is the first book in a series of three about The Archer Brothers. The story follows Meredith Hayes and Travis Archer who end up on an exciting, engaging adventure that will have you laughing and enjoying yourself all the way through.

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14. Sweet on You

Sweet on You book cover
Sweet on You by Becky Wade is a story about two friends, Britt Bradford, and Zander Ford, who’ve been friends for nearly their entire lives. The problem? Zander has been in love with Britt since the day they met, but he doesn’t want to jeopardize their friendship.

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15. Seeking Persephone

Seeking Persephone book cover
Seeking Persephone by Sarah M. Eden is a regency romance that tells the story of Persephone Lancaster and the Duke of Kielder. The Duke has no plans to fall in love, he simply just needs a wife, but once he meets the woman that he has arranged his marriage with, his plans start to change.

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Which Novel Will You Read First?

Now that you have 15 clean romance novels to choose from, it’s time to start reading! I recommend either going down the list one-by-one or picking whatever sounds interesting and starting with that.

Either way, all of these books should be quite enjoyable for you, so you don’t have to be too picky!

Do you have any favorite clean romance novels that didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments! 

Clean romance novels for moms

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