Extreme Coupon Education: High Value Coupons

February 1, 2012 8 Comments | Disclosure

Because they don’t tell you everything on reality television we are here to reveal the secrets of Extreme Couponing.

The Question:

Fab FruGal Tammy asked…

“Ok, so I know this extreme couponing show stuff is definitely not reality, but what I’d like to know after watching one show….is how the heck to they get those high value coupons? I rarely see one for more than a couple of dollars off something, and they were using coupons in the $7-11 range? Am I missing something?”

The Answer:

The high value coupons often come straight from the manufacturer. You can write some of your favorite manufacturers and request coupons. Tell them how much you love a product and they might send you coupons for it.

I personally have received high value coupons at expos I have been to where the manufacturer is personally handing them out.

The manufacturers website or Facebook page are good resources for high value coupons. If a manufacturer offers a coupons for free products they usually will send it to you in the mail after signing up for their newsletter or something. Be sure to use a separate email address just for signing up for coupon offers. It keeps your personal and coupon in-boxes separate and easier to manage.



  1. Ksandra Anderson says:

    Hi, every time I watch an episode of Extreme Couponing those folks are always excited over diapers. I have twin girls in diapers – and been scouring every insert I’ve ever gotten and can never find better than a $3 coupon. I wrote to one company that we use exclusively and they just told me to sign up for their rewards program. I was already a member and it doesn’t do much good.
    I just wanna know how people are getting free or NEXT to FREE diapers? This momma is going broke on those alone! 🙂


  2. What expos do/can you go to? How do you find out about them and how can you get into one?

  3. Cindy McFarlane says:

    I have written to many many places. The show made most of them turn away everyone. They send a letter back thanks, but we don’t give out coupons. Check our website for them! Or the paper. So it didn’t me any where with saving money I spent money on sending the letters.

  4. Just have one question How am I able to save usng coupons when I my local stores do not have double coupon or anything the coupons i use are just regular price coupons no extra double or turn into a dollar at all… It makes it hard for me to use the coupons then

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