Couples Getaways: Why They are a Must + the Best Caribbean Islands to Visit AND Our New 🌴 Travel Deals Hub! ☀

Let’s be honest… the grind of daily life can be rough on a marriage. If you don’t take time to connect with your spouse on a regular basis, you are likely to become distant partners, living parallel lives. Weekly date nights are important, but I want to take it a step further and stress the importance of scheduling regular getaways with your main squeeze…. plus I have expert advice for the best Caribbean islands to visit so you can put them on your marriage bucket list!

My hubby and I have always made weekly date nights a priority. But even still, things get crazy and chaotic… there’s nothing quite like taking an extended weekend trip, or even an overnighter together. Just the two of us. No kids allowed! In the early days of our marriage, when we had littles, my sister and I would swap and do mini staycations and book a room in a local hotel. Even now it’s fun to occasionally have a night where we farm out the kids and we enjoy the house all to ourselves for 24 hours.

Those are frugal ways to have a getaway, but it’s also fun to work together to take a real vacation. We have a vacation deals hub where you can search and find awesome deals on all inclusive vacations, cruises, hotel packages, and more! Pick a destination, then you and your spouse can work towards saving up for the special getaway! You could use the $5 Savings Challenge to quickly save up for your couples vacation deal.

If you make it a priority, and make it something special and exciting to look forward to and to work towards, you can totally make it happen! I love our vacation deals hub because there are so many different ideas and you can search by destination, type of vacation, and even price range!

Cool things happen when you start making couples getaway time a priority in your marriage. You have a common goal that you’re both excited about. You work toward that goal… TOGETHER. You CELEBRATE achieving that goal TOGETHER! Decide what destination you want to visit (check out our vacation deals page) and then print out a picture and hang it in your bedroom or bathroom mirror. Then work together to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Start doing it annually at least. Then try to do it twice a year. We are so much more relaxed and silly and fun with each other when we don’t have to worry about being responsible adults with kids! We unplug from work and social media and just rediscover each other!

A Caribbean all-inclusive resort deal is on my radar for our next getaway. But I have no idea where the best place would be to go! I asked the experts over at Dunhill Travel Deals for their advice and they shared this expert wisdom about the BEST Caribbean islands!

Our 10 Favorite Spots in the Caribbean [and Why We Love Them]

by Dunhill Travel Deals

According to our sources, a Caribbean vacation is in your future. There are so many places to explore, we wanted to narrow it down for you. Here are our favorite Caribbean hot spots and our reasons for loving them. See which best fits your interests, start shopping Caribbean vacation deals, and get ready for your vacation in paradise!

The Desert Island, Aruba

Unlike many of the other Caribbean Islands, Aruba is a desert. It is south of the hurricane zone and gets little rainfall, so you can plan your vacation with confidence. The only caveat is that Aruba is hot in September when the trade winds die. It is delightful in February, almost guaranteed.

The Spice Island, Grenada

The U.S. invaded this aromatic island country in 1983, to the condemnation of the UN Security Council and General Assembly, which called it a “flagrant violation of international law.” President Reagan was nervous about the pro-communist government building an airstrip. But today, it is an independent, democratic nation with excellent beaches and dramatic waterfalls. Our favorite place is the stunning Grand Anse Beach in St George Parish, where the air smells like nutmeg.

Simply Beautiful St. Lucia

If St. Lucia had a trademark, it would be the Piton Mountains, tree-covered pinnacles that rise sharply above the western coast. The island is simply gorgeous, with clear water, wide sandy beaches and even free-running horses. The wild adventures here are all about rain forests, waterfalls, zip lines and even jet packs – something for everyone.

Half Paradise, Half Mud Montserrat

This island has one of the saddest histories in the Caribbean. In 1989, more than 20% of all buildings were blown apart by 180-mile per hour winds of Hurricane Hugo, which battered the island for 14 hours. Then, in 1995, a devastating series of volcanic eruptions covered the capital city with 40 feet of hot, gray mud. So, what do we like about it? It’s coming back to life! The northwest coast has luxury resorts and fabulous beaches. The “exclusion zone” is fascinating, and a tour to the edge of the deserted volcanic fields is a must-do.

Columbus’ Landing Spot, Turks & Caicos

 There is a great debate about where Columbus first set foot in the new world, but Grand Turk has ample evidence to claim that spot in history. It also claims to have the number two beach of the world’s top 25 beaches: Grace Bay, on Providenciales Island. Visit these islands for some of the best beach snorkeling in the new world due to nearby coral reefs and gin-clear waters.

Geographically Diverse Dominican Republic

 Yes, the beaches of Punta Cana are gorgeous, but that’s true of most Caribbean islands. What we love about the DR is that it has soaring mountains (4 of the 5 highest Caribbean peaks), lush farming valleys around Santiago where waterfalls rush down from the hills, and remote desert dunes in the arid southwest corner. All this diversity, plus the very friendly and welcoming population, make the island a fascinating destination.

Schizophrenic Trinidad and Tobago

 Just north of the Venezuelan coast, these two southern Caribbean islands have a split personality. They are two hours apart by fast ferry, but worlds apart in disposition. Trinidad, the larger of the twin islands, is the boisterous big sister, with vibrant night life and modern beachfront resorts. The quiet little sister of Tobago is just as lush and beautiful, but comparatively tranquil. Take your pick, or visit both – Trinidad to party, and Tobago to recuperate.


 The little island of Nevis may be little known as a vacation destination, but it is worth a look. It is small, uncrowded and friendly, and the food is amazing. The central, dormant volcano provides gorgeous and challenging hikes, and there are great beaches for snorkeling and winding down. But our favorite thing is the rum-punch crawl, an hours-long tour of pubs and eateries that serve various recipes of rum punch. It’s run by the brilliant entrepreneurs at

The Other Christmas Island of Curacao

 No, not the Christmas Island off the coast of Australia. The island of Curacao comes alive in late December with lights, fireworks and celebrations in the un-Christmas-like Caribbean warmth. Do your holiday shopping at Marshe Bieu, the “Old Market,” and be sure to pick up a souvenir statue of the local icon, a voluptuous island woman named Chichi. While you’re shopping, find a local restaurant and taste one of Curacao’s specialty stews.

The Nature Island of Dominica

Not to be confused with the Dominican Republic, this tiny island is tucked between Guadeloupe and Martinique southeast of Puerto Rico. Tropical rain forests cover two thirds of the island, inviting hikers, bird watchers and kayakers. Rivers, streams, and waterfalls flow in a rush down the volcanic mountainsides, and extensive geothermal activity – even underwater – creates bubbling mud baths and the world’s second largest Boiling Lake. Adventure travelers can’t help but fall in love with this wild place. It’s that hot.

Are you packed yet?! It’s hard to choose when you think about the Best Caribbean Islands available to visit!

If you have trouble deciding, find travel inspiration and great deals on Caribbean vacations, all-inclusive resorts, and cruises on our Vacation Deals page!

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