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Cutting Your Grocery Bill by 50-90%

Desiree C. of Bremerton WA had been couponing for over a year… but she just didn’t feel like she was saving all that much money. Maybe you’ve been in a similar situation. You’ve watched TLC’s Extreme Couponing and wondered, “how do they do that?”. Then she watched The 7 Secrets of Successful Couponing, and now she says she walks out of stores with such great deals, she sometimes feels like she’s robbing the stores legally.

We’ll show you how you can make an impact on your grocery budget…

If you’re struggling to pay your bills this month, or if you’re worried about the economy and how it will affect your family, or if you’ve had a cut in income due to job loss or cut backs, or if you’re trying to get out of debt, or you want to have extra food stocked up, just in case there is an emergency, and especially if you are just tired of watching your money fly out of your checking account each month

Buy this DVD!

Buy this DVD if you want to:

Learn to Coupon

Monica and Cathy, creators of 7 Secrets of Successful Couponing and founders of

  • Take control of your grocery budget
  • Learn how to build a stockpile of food your family will eat (and pay rock bottom prices for it)
  • Know WHAT to stockpile and how to do it as you begin couponing
  • Use modern day tools to simplify your grocery shopping
  • Discover how to organize your coupons in an quick and easy way
  • Learn how to decode the store ad and understand sale cycles
  • Figure out the drugstore game
  • Learn how to use coupons effectively and save on the stuff you already buy
  • Bust the fear that stops you from using coupons.
  • Bless your family and make a difference in your monthly spending


Don’t buy this DVD if you want to…

  • learn how to clear shelves
  • hoard product
  • misuse coupons
  • cheat the stores

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Learn about co-founder Cathy Yoder (as seen in the NY Times Magazine),
and her story of how couponing  helped her family survive unemployment here.

You Can Do This Too

Save money on groceries

Let Us Teach You How!

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Cost of the DVD:  $37.00
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The DVD will only cost you $17.00!

We guarantee you’ll save this much during your first week of couponing!

Let us show you step-by-step how you can start saving thousands of dollars a year on your groceries and other household items. We want to make sure you understand the power of coupons, and by doing it the RIGHT WAY, it WILL make a difference to your budget!

We have taught hundreds of women (and men!) the Seven Secrets to Successful Couponing since March of 2009, and we are thrilled to bring our class to you – so you can discover how you can save 50-90% on your grocery bill, in the comfort of your own home.


Use coupon code FABFRUGAL to get more than HALF OFF the cost of the DVD!


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Here is what others are saying about our DVD:


Chock full of information for the beginning couponer! I was so happy to see that you emphasize using coupons properly, legally and without fraud and that you are not fans of hoarding. Excuse me while I begin my coupon binder! – Jackie M Annsville


I loved the DVD. I am going to watch it again. I am the kind of person that likes to take notes. I learned alot more than I already knew. My twin sister and I do couponing on a small scale unlike some I have seen. But whether you want a big stockpile or a small one this DVD is packed full of good information.
Thank You. – Pat F, Middlebury, IN 


WOW, I never thought I could do this couponing thing because it always felt so overwhelming but you guys really did break it down into bite sized pieces on your DVD. Thanks to you FABULESS GALS I am now getting organized using the clipless method…LOVE it…& saving some money on things I already was buying anyways. YEAH!!! Thank you SO much for blessing me & my family!!! – Lexie G. in Austin, TX

 And more…

“I was able to watch (the DVD) and was pleasantly surprised when there were a few tips I was able to pick up from the DVD. I’ve been couponing since for almost a year already and have been surprised at my savings. I did want to know if there were some tips that would help me save more which is why I bought the DVD. You did a great job on it. I’ll refer to it in the future to make sure I’m getting the most bang for my buck.” – Cami of Twin Falls, ID “I just thought this DVD was the greatest. I found it very helpful. I had been couponing for almost a year, but I just didn’t feel like I was saving all that much until your DVD came along. Sometimes I walk out of stores with such great deals and sometimes almost free that I think I’m robbing the stores legally…lol Thank you so much! God bless you all for helping others save.” – Desiree C. of Bremerton WA “I want to say thanks for all of your help. I know you don’t do this just for me, but sometimes it feels that way. =) I just got your Class on DVD, and it’s great. (Although so far, the best part for me was when you said you won’t see a lot of savings right away; you’ll just get more stuff for the same amount. Whew! I haven’t been couponing long, so this certainly made me feel better!)” – Meri of Eastern Washington
“I ordered your Coupon Class DVD and love it! I’ve been couponing for 2 years and still learned some great new tips from your video. I think all couponers, new and old, should have a copy! You did a great job.“  – Daisha of Richmond, VA “I watched your DVD on my computer and took 4 pages of notes if you can believe it! A light bulb went off in my head and I went on my first shopping trip and amazed my husband. Thank you!!” – Rebecca of La Grande, OR “I got my DVD today and am watching it now! I am hoping that if i watch it over and over everything will click and make sense and I will do better at saving money and be able to SAVE some money!”Kari of Happy Valley, OR

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  • I would love to start saving with coupons but i cant afford to buy the dvd right now i am unemployed. I am so excieted just to know i can save i have a family of 6 and seem like ii can bearly make ends meet. Any way u can give me more pointer where to get the note book from that u keek the coupon in any thing to get me started thanks

  • I don’t suppose that the 7 secrets would in anyway help we humble Canadians? If we can apply the methods to our canadian stores then I would be very interested in purchasing the DVD Alas, I don’t think the coupons work up here the same way. If you do know where I could go, if not your DVD, to find helpful information for shopping above the border, I would very much appreciate it. Thanks.

    • Cathy of Fabulessly Frugal

      Welcome Sara! I can’t say for certain that it would be as beneficial to you as it would be to others. I do know we had a Canadian reader purchase it. She never wrote back and complained. Ha ha! 🙂 There are a few other concepts taught in the class aside from couponing. We do have a 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t like it, you can send it back for a full refund (less shipping of course). Hope that helps answer your question. 🙂

  • I ordered the dvd on june 11, today is july 12 still no dvd.

    • Cathy of Fabulessly Frugal

      Gena, We see it was shipped out on June 18 and delivered on June 26. I see your email and will email you the details to confirm the address was correct.

  • Live in Boise, do you offer classes or just the dvd?

    • We haven’t had time to teach a live class in several months, and don’t have anything scheduled for the remainder of the year. Not sure if we’ll be doing it the start of next year or not.

  • Hi
    I was interested in buying the DVD but I think the shipping cost is very high. Do u have a cheaper shipping method? Why is it so much?

  • I’ve been couponing for several years now and my church wants me to do a class on couponing. I’m not sure I would be able to teach others how to do it. Do you think buying and showing the DVD would be a good start for a class?

  • I am a single mom who has come up with an idea that I have submitted to it is called the Smart Shopper Organizer which allow you to keep your weekly coupon in a central location. I need your help for everyone to go online an register and cast your vote for my idea it will take 200 votes in order for them to take the next step currently I have 197 votes to go. I am calling on all my coupon family to help me out you can cast your vote the Smart Shopper Organizer thru the browser google chrome if you have any problems casting your vote please call 1-866-578-4759. I really did your help

  • I was told in San Antonio, TX we can’t use coupons; do you know if that’s correct?

  • I have a Macbook Air with no DVD playing capability….is it possible to download the DVD? Thanks!

  • I have a question. I do some coupon out of Sunday paper and I have watch a lot of the shows on tv. However one of the things I noticed was they went to stores double coupon. But I do not have any of those stores around me so would your DVD still help or is mostly about stores that double coupons.

    Thank, Sabrina

    • We talk about double coupons in the video, but it’s not all focused on double coupons. We don’t even have stores that double coupons in our area anymore… you can still save, it’s just not quite as much. 🙂 Good luck!

  • Hello!

    I purchased the DVD and still have not received it! Can you tell me if there is a way to track the package or about how long it takes to be delivered to me!

    Thanks so much! 🙂

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