Money Saving Tips: Skip Soda at Restaurants

Are you looking for some simple ideas to save money? We have simple solutions that you can easily apply to your lifestyle to save money!

Eating out?  Save around 30% on your total bill every time.

Just get a glass of water. Yes, old fashioned water. It’s that easy.

The drinks the restaurants sell, can cost up to 30% of what your meal costs

(of course this depends on what you eat and what kind of drink you get).

If you must have a soda, just remember, the price they charge you for a glass could usually buy you one full liter of soda from the grocery store.

Skipping soda can also save your teeth. Learn more about how to prevent a high dental bill.

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  • tia

    when i am “watching what i drink”, i keep crystal lite packs on hand–order water (free); mix my own drink (fewer calories)

  • Denise

    I ALWAYS bring a can of pop in my purse, or in the winter I just keep a case in my car. I can’t wait for a server at a restaurant to say something to me about my open pop can at the table so I can blow up about their outrageous drink prices! You may also notice that they usually do not even put beverage prices on the menu, so I may ask just out of curiosity. Last time I did they said it was 2.25!

    • Heather

      I don’t mean to get off topic, but why would you plan to “blow up” on a server about the price of drinks? As a former server, it alarms me that you don’t seem to understand that servers have no control over prices. Restaurant work is some of the most physically and mentally taxing work out there– please keep that in mind next time you blame a server for something out of his/her control.

    • Jess

      If I was the server and you brought your own beverage to my restaurant I’d blow up on you! If you can’t afford it don’t go out! I bet you also tip 10% cheap!!!!!!

  • Lily

    I order icewater with lemon, then pour in one or two packets of splenda that’s on the table. Tastes like mild lemonade, and it’s free.

  • KC

    I just want to say to Denise…’s not the waiter’s fault; so why blow up at them?

  • Toni McNalley

    As the owner of a small cafe, I have a new perspective on the prices charged for beverages in restaurants. We will gladly serve ice water( with or without lemon mind you) and not charge for it even though there is still cost involved on our part. The glass, straw, lid for a carryout, labor to wash the glass, ice, water and lemon are all factored into our other prices, we are too small to just absorb that cost. We would be chastised if we tried to charge for water so we don’t but it is considered a cost of doing business just like paying the light bill or buying food from our vendors. Next time you are disappointed with the “outrageous” beverage prices, look around and see how many people are drinking water. And water drinkers, you should be thanking the ones paying for beverages because they are essentially paying for yours too!

  • Bryan

    If you blew up at me about drink prices, I’d make sure something disgusting happened to your food. Be polite to those that serve you. Life tip #67…

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