How I Save Loads of Money on Meat: My Zaycon Fresh Review

With a large family, we eat a LOT of meat! That’s why I insist that we purchase all of our boneless skinless chicken, ground turkey, ground beef, bacon, pork (and a whole lot more) through ZayconFresh!

zaycon chicken sale

Save Big and Buy in Bulk!

I have tried almost every product they offer and have been VERY SATISFIED about the quality, freshness, and the amazing price! You might be wondering how their prices are so low… well this is why:

  1. Cut out the middleman… you are skipping the mark up from the grocery store! Zaycon Foods brings farm fresh, high quality food directly to you!
  2. Buy in bulk: depending on which meat you get, you’ll get anywhere from 20-40 pounds of meat. When you buy in bulk, you SAVE!
  3. You Pick it Up: In every location there is one (or several depending on where you live) location where you will go drive and pick your meat up. They will have their big ol truck there and you just drive up and they load it for you! You don’t even have to get out of your car!

Let’s talk about the products…

zaycon meats - shrimp, ribs, roast, ground beef, salmon, bacon

Check your location to see what is currently available for you!

Depending on where you live, you may have a huge selection of products to choose from! Salmon, hickory smoked bacon, ground beef, ground turkey, ribs (oh man, these are amazing ribs by the way), steak, chicken fritters, sausage, and MORE! But the one that they have at EVERY LOCATION is the Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast!

Why I love ZayconFresh Boneless Skinless Chicken:

  • It’s 100 % natural chicken with no added hormones, and minimally processed with no additives or artificial ingredients!
  • Zaycon Chicken comes directly from the farm – skip the middle man!
  • It’s sold by the case — 40 lbs in each case, so you don’t have to worry about running out for a little while!
  • Too much for you? Share a box! I personally always get 2-3 boxes for my family of 10 and it lasts for about 6 months!

Go REGISTER RIGHT NOW and place your order! 

Shop Now at Zaycon Fresh

How it Works:

  • First register for Zaycon Foods, you’ll get an email when events open. This means you get first dibs and cash in on the savings before the events sell out (and they do often sell out).
  • After placing an order, you’ll get a reminder email a day or two before your scheduled pickup. You’ll also be prompted to sign up for text alerts. These are awesome to have on hand!
  • Show up during the time on the date, at the specified parking lot, and drive through the line. When you get to the front, you give the name on your order, pop your trunk open, they load it and off you drive. You never even have to leave your car!
  • You will LOVE having your freezer full of meat!
  • I’ve been buying from and advertising for Zaycon Fresh since 2010. We have always been impressed with their products and their delivery process.
  • If you live in ID, UT, MT, or CO, say hi to my brother Mike! He’s the driver! 🙂

Now that you are stocked up on meat at rock bottom prices, do you need some inspiration on what to do with it? Check out our amazing recipes!

Shop Now at Zaycon Fresh


    Can’t believe they have this in my area! Yeah!

    Lovin the cute little person sleeping in the background on your video. Too cute! thanks for the heads up on the chicken deal!!

    hahah, I love that your little boy is sound asleep during the video. Way too funny 🙂 Thanks for the deal

    I had to laugh when you said it was $1.59/lb because that is so not the price, I don’t know when this video was made but they are charging $1.84/lb. This is still a much better price than what the store would charge. I also thought you said it was semi frozen, they advertise FRESH. So if it was frozen and your refreezing it isn’t that bad to eat, if you were cooking it and then freezing it it would be a different story.

    Do they accept food stamps?

    How come in the contents of your web page you say the chicken is fresh, never frozen, but in the video she talks about it being frozen. Which is it fresh or frozen?

    I try not to eat red meat or pork, so I find myself eating a lot of chicken. Thanks so much for this tip, I can’t wait to try it out and save some money!

    I have purchased Zaycon for several years and they deliver a great product. However, there is a fallacy in the first reason why you love them. You state that there is no added hormones, in all bold no less. All chicken in the U.S. is “no added hormones”. By FDA regulation, using hormones in poultry is prohibited.

      We have readers from all over the world! 😀

      Not sure who told you that chicken doesn’t receive hormones is wrong! If you go to the store & compare organic chicken with regular u can see the difference! Regular chicken breasts are bigger! Also watch the Documentary “Fork over Knives” where it explains things about the food industry these days compared to 100 years ago, it will be an eye opener to you! Where you got that info is untrue! Just saying?!

    I live in Macungie, PA which is near Bethlehem but can’t seem to find someone & sales in my area! I am so disappointed cause i am going through cancer & oncologist told me to eat organic & hormone free meat & dairy! I was so looking fw to order! ???

      You can call them, and get on their list. They have to have a certain amount of people in an area to make it worth their time to bring the chicken.

    When I went to Zayconfresh to order it says that the coupon code SITESALE ended 6/20/16

      Sorry, it looks like there was an issue with updating the post. We’ll work hard to make sure it doesn’t happen again. The post was supposed to talk about Chicken for $1.69 a lb! Don’t miss out!

    So if I can’t find any events in Utah where chicken is offered, have they sold out? I can see dates in my area to get steaks, bacon, sausage, etc. but all the way into July; no chicken. Am I missing something? Thanks!

    Oh bummer Bri! The chicken events were *just* last week! I am guessing we’ll see another one in August? If you sign up now, you’ll get on the email list and they will let you know when chicken is back in your area.

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