10 Perfect Long-Distance Mother’s Day Gifts

If you live far away from your mom and have no way of seeing her for Mother’s Day this year, don’t fret! We have some awesome ideas for long-distance Mother’s Day gifts that are thoughtful, simple, and budget-friendly.

Mother's Day gifts for moms that live far away

Celebrating Mother’s Day from afar is definitely difficult but it’s not impossible! With the long-distance gift ideas below, you can show her how much you care about her, spoil her, and genuinely make her day no matter how far away you live.

The ideas you’ll find below include easy, pre-made gifts that will ship right to your mom’s doorstep, pre-arranged delivery services, homemade gifts, and more. Many of the ideas below could even be combined to create the ultimate experience for your mom on her special day!

Quick tip: Remember to use the gift ideas below as inspiration, and then tailor them however you can to fit your mom perfectly! A little bit of a personal touch goes a long way!

1. Chocolate Care Package

Box of chocolate goodies

If you already know your mom’s favorite chocolates, you should definitely put together your own homemade chocolate care package. Just fill up a box with goodies, and be sure to include a handwritten card as well for the perfect personalized touch!

That being said, if you can’t put together a homemade package, try a pre-made chocolate box instead. You can order a variety of options right from Seattle Chocolate, and they can ship it directly to your mom’s house for an easy and thoughtful gift.

You can also check out the Bean Box on Amazon, which is a box filled with chocolate AND coffee. That’s like the best of both worlds ๐Ÿ˜‰

2. Box of Things

Speaking of care packages, you’re definitely not limited to just chocolate or coffee! You’re also not limited to a pre-purchased box. If you have the time, you can put together your own box of fun things, perfectly geared towards your mom.

Here are some ideas of things you could put inside:

Basically, pack as many fun, useful, and meaningful bits and bobs as you can into a box and send it over! The more things you can pack in, the better ๐Ÿ™‚

What a lovely surprise it would be to open something like this up on Mother’s Day!

2. Fruit Bouquet

Fruit bouquets

Send your mom a sweet surprise on Mother’s Day with a pre-arranged fruit bouquet delivery! This can include things like chocolate strawberries, a fruit gift basket, and even flower-shaped pineapples.

See all the options available on FruitBouquets.com

3. Hand-Picked Flowers

Bloomsy roses

Similarly to the fruit bouquet idea, you can also go for a traditional flower bouquet with a BloomsyBox subscription. This monthly subscription service will send fresh hand-picked flowers to your mother’s doorstep every month (or until you cancel the subscription).

The coolest part is that the flowers constantly change, so it’s always a surprise! If you live far away from your mom and want to spoil her each month, this is a great option.

If you’d rather do a one-time delivery, try 1-800 Flowers. They’re similar to the fruit bouquet delivery service that we talked about above!

4. Chocolate Squares Gift Pack

Colorful chocolate candy bar assortment boxes

We hope your mom loves chocolate! This chocolate squares gift pack from Dylan’s Candy Bar has an assortment of 18 chocolate squares, with flavors like cookies and cream, dark espresso, toffee crunch, and even S’mores.

You could either ship this directly to your mom’s house or ship it to yourself and include it in your homemade “box of things” gift. Either way, it’s a great surprise.

5. Succulents + Care Guide

Succulent plant in blue pot

Succulents are all the rage recently and for good reason! They’re pretty easy to care for, there’s a huge variety of them, and they add a nice touch to any room. There are various other benefits too, but I won’t get into those here.

So how do succulents make a good long-distance gift for Mother’s Day? Well, not only could you ship your mom an assortment of succulents, you could also send her a care guide along with them.

This is giving her the gift of a new hobby, some indoor decor, AND on top of that, every time she cares for her new succulents she’ll think of you.

Here are some places to check out next if you like this idea:

6. Connected Lamps

2 lamps glowing purple

Ok, this idea is so neat! These friendship lamps from Amazon communicate with each other. When one gets turned on, the other turns the same color.

So for example, if you send one lamp to your mom and put the other lamp in your living room, your lamp will light up whenever your mom uses her lamp, and vice versa! This is a fun way to feel each other’s presence even if you’re miles away.

7. Jewelry

If you already have some jewelry ideas in mind for your mom, you can simply ship them out to her or include them in your fun box. There’s also some very nice, affordable Mother’s Day themed jewelry on Amazon you can take a look at.

But, if you want to get her something REALLY cool, check out Rocksbox. It’s a monthly jewelry subscription box that allows you to rent and purchase jewelry for below retail prices. All the jewelry is selected by a stylist as well to match you (or in this case, your mom’s) style.

If you already know what your mom likes, you could surprise her and get an account set up for her. Otherwise, do a call, show her how it works, and set it up together!

8. Amazon Alexa

Ways to use alexa

If your mom hasn’t quite transitioned to smart home accessories yet, why not introduce her with an Echo device? There are a ton of ways to use Alexa and I’m almost positive any mom would find some of the features useful.

So, while this may not be the most thoughtful gift on this list, it sure is handy! You could even include it in your box of things gift if you go that route. You can also help her get it set up over a call, and show her some of the features.

Be sure to check out these 30 genius ways to use Alexa so that you can tell your mom about all of them. 

9. DIY Photo Candle

Picture of family on a candle

Have a picture that you’d like to share with your mom but you want to do something a bit more special than just frame it? Put it on a candle! This is surprisingly easy to do at home, and the ingredients are all quite common too.

To get started, check out our tutorial on how to put a picture on a candle.

10. Video Chat Date

At the end of the day, being able to have a face-to-face chat with your mom is probably one of the best long-distance gifts you can give her. It’s simple and easy to set up too – you could use Skype, Zoom, or Facetime on your phone or laptop.

Best of all, you can get the entire family involved in the call! You could even combine this idea with one of the gift ideas above and have mom open up her gift on camera.

Here are a few other over-the-phone activity ideas you could try with your mom:

  • Have breakfast, lunch, or dinner together for a true virtual date
  • Watch a movie together
  • Play a trivia game with the entire family involved

Final Thoughts

Not being able to see your mom on Mother’s Day is tough. You can’t take her out to lunch, you can’t deliver your card and gift in person, you can’t even give her a hug!

But, with the long-distance mother’s day gifts above, you can at least spoil your mom from afar. And even though it’s not quite the same, she’ll appreciate it just as much as if it were in person. It’s the thought that counts!

One last thing:

If none of the long-distance gift ideas above stood out to you, we have one final suggestion: CrateJoy! They’ve curated a ton of subscription boxes for Mother’s Day, so take a look through and see what catches your eye.

Have a happy long-distance Mother’s Day!

Long distance Mother's Day gifts


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