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Amazon prime pantry

Many of you Amazon Lovers have probably heard of Amazon Pantry. And maybe you’ve even used it… whether or not you have, today I want to talk to you about why this is a great little way to save… I think there are a few things you possibly have not considered!

Remember this? The time you decided you needed to go to the grocery store to get laundry detergent and toothpaste because you were FRESH out. Remember how it took (what seemed like) FOREVER to get two things because your children were crying and begging for the sugary cereal or the $20 movie that you could just stream on Netflix? Or do you remember all the times you have gone to the store with those same two things on your list and ended up leaving with a cart full of items that you honestly, truly didn’t need? I guess the creators of Amazon maybe have had a child or two (or three or four) go to the grocery store with them and know how much of a PAIN it can be to lug everyone to the store to get just a few items. And they just might have gone to the store and seen just how tempting buying everything BUT what is on your grocery list can be. So maybe that is why they created Amazon Pantry.

What is Amazon Pantry you may ask?

Amazon Pantry is a service offered to Amazon Prime members that allows them to shop on amazon to get low priced, everyday essentials shipped DIRECTLY to your door! No need to head out to get that laundry detergent or toothpaste, it can be delivered right to you. No lines, no screaming children, no germ infested carts! Just a few clicks and all your essentials will show up on your porch. Here are all the different categories of items you can buy on Amazon Pantry:

The possibilities are ENDLESS. This means that now, the only time you actually HAVE to step foot in a grocery store is to get your fresh items. You can probably head to the store in that 20 minute break you have before you pick the kids up from school, or better yet, you could send your hubby to do it after work! The list will be so small that he won’t even mind. And no need to price check, Amazon ensures that you are getting the best prices out there! But just to be sure, we compared prices on common household items found on Amazon Pantry to the prices at our local grocery stores.

Amazon Pantry Price Check

 tide pods amazon pantry

Tide Pods Spring Meadow HE Turbo Laundry Detergent- 72 load tub

Amazon: $16.91 but has a $2.00 off coupon NOW: $14.91
Walmart: $17.97
Target: $17.99
Walgreens: $17.99baby formula amazon pantry

Similac Advance Baby Formula (23.2 Ounces)

Amazon: $24.99
Walmart: $24.99
Walgreens: $28.59

ziploc on amazon pantry

Ziploc Sandwich Plastic Bag, 280 count

Amazon: $7.39 GET EXTRA 25% OFF
Walmart: $7.39
Target: $7.99
Walgreens: $10.92

peanut butter amazon pantry

Skippy Peanut Butter, Creamy 16.3 oz

Amazon: $2.48
Walmart: $2.48

Now, Amazon Prime Pantry won’t totally replace your grocery shopping. They don’t offer Milk, Eggs, Cheese, or other refrigerated or frozen items. But it can drastically cut down on your time in the store, especially with fruit stands opening up in the spring. I’ll still have to run into the store for some stuff, but it will greatly reduce the time spent.

Now that you have seen how GREAT this is, let me show you how to do it!

How To Get Amazon Pantry To Fill Your Cupboards

Step 1: Be an Amazon Prime member! If you are already one, great job! If not, what are you waiting for? The membership does cost but it is so worth it. There is a free trial so give it a go and I promise you won’t regret it! I list out all my favorite Perks of Amazon Prime here!

Step 2: Go to the Pantry section on Amazon and start to fill your box with all the things you need. Amazon will tell you when your box is full so you can add as many things as you would like! Keep in mind there is a $5.99 delivery fee, but if you purchase 5 of the select items, you will get free shipping!

Step 3: Check out and WAIT! Your box will appear shortly at your door. Now all you have to do is put the groceries away and enjoy your full cupboards! It’s just that easy!

Some Common Confusions About Amazon Pantry

  1. You do not have to fill 100% of your box up! As you begin your order you will be given a virtual pantry box. The weight limit to each box is 45 pounds. As you are adding items to your order, the top right screen will tell you how much of your box is full! You can stop at 5% or go all the way to 100%. It is all up to you! There is no limit to how much you have to order!
  2. A $5.99 delivery fee? Is this really worth it?  I don’t know about you, but just getting the kids dressed, loaded up, and in the car takes more than $5.99 of my time… and that’s without all the extra “Can we get this? Oh that looks good. Mommy, I’m Hungry. Mommy I have to go potty, etc, etc, etc. By the time we are done,  30 minute shopping trip has taken 90, I’ve spent and extra $100, and I’m ready to pull my hair out. But I have great news, there is a way around paying the delivery fee! Like I mentioned earlier, you can buy 5 of the selected items (there are hundreds of common household items to choose from) If you do so, that will give you free shipping OR you can earn Pantry Credit. Every time you place an order with Amazon Prime, if you choose ” Free No Rush Shipping ” Amazon rewards you with a $1 credit for ebooks OR a $5.99 Amazon Pantry credit. So if you make it a point to use No Rush Shipping, you will never have to pay any delivery fees.
  3. Coupons! Maybe people have asked questions about the clippable coupons so I will explain them! Amazon Pantry has awesome coupons and the best part is, you don’t even have to go looking for them. If an item has a coupon, it will say right next to it as you are adding it to your cart. All you need to do is click the button that says, “Clip Coupon” underneath the price and the discount will be applied as you check out. It is that easy!
  4. Shipping Restrictions: You do need to plan ahead! Amazon Pantry ships using UPS ground (so allow for about a 5-7 day shipping window), and it can only be used inside the continental US. Sorry Alaska and Hawaii, hopefully someday this service will get to you guys too!

So what are you waiting for? Give it a go! Try out this service and let us know how much you love it! Trust me, it has saved me multiple times and hey, you can even give the cardboard boxes to your kids so that they can make a fort once your order comes. That way, everyone is happy!

Prime Pantry

Amazon Prime Pantry


  • If you’re a prime member, do you get free shipping?

    • Even if you are a Prime Member there is still a $5.99 shipping charge. One way to get free or close to free shipping is to get $5 credits. Sometimes when you place a regular order through your Prime it will ask you if you are okay not getting your delivery in 2 days in exchange for a $5 Prime Pantry credit. I choose this often as those credits add up towards your Pantry order.

    • Exactly what Karen said! They give you so many opportunities to get free shipping… just watch for them and it’ll pop up!

  • You can only use one credit per order. Also be careful because the credits expire quickly and only way to check expiration date as far as I can tell is the email they send after getting it. Also if you buy 5 qualifying products you get free shipping (check out the list if you like say knorr sides they are .99 so buy 5 for 4.95 and get free shipping) and use your credit. I am not sure it is worth the savings to use this, but more of a convenience.

  • So my order offered tha $5 prime credit, but I’m still being charged the $5.99 delivery charge. How/when does the credit get used? Thai is my first time attempting this. Thank you!!

    • Go all the way to checkout and you should see a “promotional credit” in the cart. If not, I would chat Amazon support and have them help you. Let us know how it goes!

  • Your Pantry credits do not post until your original order that have you the credit, ships. 😉

  • I wish there was an email telling prime members these changes.
    I went on line and attempted to order a few personal items and was surprised to see a $7.99 “prime pantry” charged on the one small item I ordered (eye drops). I thought it was a mistake. So I cancelled and ordered again. Same thing. Greatly disappointed!

  • Yes, pantry credits are adjusted post shipment. Amazon India has been added to my hotlist for the variety of quality products that they have on offer. All I’ve been doing for all this while was keeping an eye on the latest offers and collecting valid coupons from sites like and for all my domestic necessities.

  • I tried Prime Pantry once and although it is handy it really isn’t something I need or want. How do I get out?

    • Hi Marjorie, just don’t shop from the Prime Pantry section on Amazon. You only get a Prime Pantry box when you select those items to fill your box. Does that help?

      • how do you buy things on amazon pantry without buying the things on your regular amazon cart?

        • Hi Sydney,

          That is a great question! I have to move the other items from my cart temporarily by opening my cart and selecting “save for later” on the non Pantry items. I hope this helps!

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