8 Tips to Keep your Kids Safe in the Water

8 Tips for Water Safety

Keeping Kids Safe in the Water is Important!

A lot of summer happens in or around the water for my family. It’s fun, easy and best of all, cooler than the 100+ degree heat we tend to have. But that also includes the need to keep them safe!

Here are my 8 favorite ways to keep kids safe in the water:

1 – Get Swimming lessons!

Get them for your kids, and if you don’t know how to swim yourself, get them for you too! Find a place with positive reviews that teaches water safety along with how to swim. Your city pools probably off them (Boise City Pools cost $35 for 2 weeks of lessons if you are local!)

2 – Use Flotation Devices

Even if your kids are great swimmers when going somewhere other than a pool to swim (a lake, river, even an ocean) – using a flotation device is important. Most states require life jackets to be at least present, if not worn anytime you are on a boat. See the Safety Rules for your state.

sterns Kids Puddle Jumper Basic Life Jacket

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  • Gives kids the confidence they need to be comfortable in the water
  • Turns kids onto their back in a dangerous situation (to keep their mouth and nose out of the water)
  • Fits kids ages about 3-6 years! (30-50 lbs)
  • US Coast Guard approved flotation device

My Baby Float by Intex

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  • Two different air chambers for added stability and peace of mind
  • Pillow for reclining
  • Fits kids up to 2 years
  • Be sure (of course) that you stay with your kiddo while using this. We used ours all of last summer and never had a problem, but he wasn’t ever out of arms reach, just in case 😀

3 – Wear Sunscreen

Don’t only wear it, but reapply it often, and make sure it’s in date. Sunscreen is only good for about a year, so plan to buy new at the start of every summer.

4- Join in the Fun

If something happens, you’re a lot more likely to “Get there in time” if you are in the water with your kids! So forget about what you look like in a swimming suit (your kids don’t care anyway!) and go make some fun in the sun memories!

Keep Pools clean and safe with a cover

5 – Keep Your Pool Safe!

If you have a pool, make sure to build a fence around it, or remove the ladder, so kids can’t get in. Also use a well fitting cover without any gaps. Make sure kids know that the covers will not support their weight and they could get tangled in them. Supervising kids while they are playing near the pool (even if they don’t have plans to get in!) is very important too! A fun idea from is friend is all it takes for the kids to decide to jump in!

6- Swimming is more Fun with A Friend!

When kids are older and strong swimmers, make sure they use the buddy system, and always swim with a friend! Having friend there not only means more fun, but it also adds another pair of eyes. Even little eyes can alert an adult to trouble with a friend!

Follow all the pool rules to keep your kids safe

7- Follow the Rules!

There are some rules that apply at all pools (no running) and some that only apply at particular ones (no diving, no jumping, etc). Make sure when you get to a pool, you read the rules, and make sure your kids understand how to follow them! This really should be number one, but these aren’t in any particular order. If you don’t have a posted Pool Rules sign, you should get one! And make sure the kids swimming in your pool follow the instructions!

Wear Water shoes when swimming in nature

8- Wear shoes!

When swimming in nature (lakes, rivers, oceans, ponds, etc) make sure to wear water shoes or aqua socks. Not only do they help with traction, they keep feet out of trash, off sharp rocks, and away from hidden glass.

Find more Safety Tips here!

What are your favorite Water Safety Tips?

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8 easy tips for water safety

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