10 Reasons to Cancel Your Amazon Prime Membership Today

Amazon has been a titan in the online shopping world for years, and for a good reason. They have always provided major perks to their Prime members with everything from convenient free two-day shipping to special deals and discounts. However, it may be time to break up with your prime membership.

After a closer investigation into some of these “Prime Member Perks,” we realized that those extras that you’re getting for a whopping $119 per year, might not be worth it. Here are ten reasons you should cancel your Amazon Prime Membership today.

1. Amazon Prime Doesn’t Come Cheap

Amazon Prime comes in two different subscription options (not considering any special deals or discounts). There is the yearly option that you can purchase for $119 or a monthly option that is $12.99. This doesn’t even cover items that don’t qualify for free shipping or any other discounts. This membership fee is for HAVING the Prime membership. 

This means that you still have to pay full price for the items that you purchase, and while you do get some bonus things like Prime Reading and Music, etc. your purchases on Amazon aren’t discounted.

2. You’re Likely Not Getting Your Money’s Worth

The main perk of Amazon Prime is the free two-day shipping, but your Prime membership includes so much more. 

For your membership fee you also get access to:

There are many features included in your Amazon Prime membership, but very few of them get used. 

Let’s be honest. Do you use the photo storage that you get for being a Prime member?

While the main appeal is Amazon’s free shipping, many other features included in your Prime membership might end up sitting there collecting dust.

3. You Can Still Get Free Shipping Without a Prime Membership

Your Prime membership gets you free two-day shipping on MOST items, but not all of them. However, you don’t need a Prime membership to get free shipping on your purchases. If you have an order over $25, you can still enjoy free shipping! There have even been times when the Free Shipping option was still 2-day shipping! It’s a far better deal to wait until you have $25 of items in your cart and get free shipping that way.

4. There are Other Retail Memberships With Better Deals

Amazon Prime has A LOT of features, but other retailers offer competitive membership programs that can save you just as much or more. For example, Costco offers a membership price of only $60 for the basic membership for the year, and this includes two people. 

This gives you access to the warehouse store and ordering online with Costco’s free two-day shipping option. When compared to the price of shopping for bulk items, or even TVs, you will likely find a better deal here than on Amazon! Plus, they have a better return policy.

5. There is Almost Always a Free Trial of Prime 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to checkout and there was an offer for a free month or week of Prime. Amazon is banking on the fact that you will sign up and forget that you ever did! Then, you’ll be stuck paying for Prime and not even notice. Take advantage of this scheme and make it work for you! 

When you go to sign up for that free trial, head to the manage your membership area right after you check out. There will be an option to cancel your membership. Click cancel your membership, and when your trial period is up, you don’t have to worry about being charged! It’ll cancel it for you automatically.

6. You’re Likely Paying More for the Membership Than The Savings You’ll Receive

If you order a lot of products on Amazon, you are only getting back the shipping cost. Many online realtors do have free shipping options and discount codes that you’ll rarely find on Amazon. This means that essentially, you’ll only be saving the cost of the shipping on each purchase. While Amazon does have lower prices from time to time, some stores will even match Amazon.

This means that your membership will likely result in fewer savings. While other warehouse stores will give you more than the membership cost in savings, you’ll be hard-pressed to find the same savings from Amazon’s membership.

7. Shop Local to Make a Bigger Difference

When you purchase something from Amazon, you aren’t helping keep a family’s roof over their head or helping someone pay their bills. What you’re paying for is the ability to buy from a big box store. Shopping local can help your money make a real difference in the community and help support a small business. While you may not be able to buy everything this way, you can choose to be more intentional about your purchases.

8. Amazon Does Not Allow Price Matching, Which Can Lead to Lazy Shopping

Amazon does not allow price matching. Since you already had to shell out money for the membership, you may be tempted to shop on Amazon to justify your membership. This can often lead to lazy shopping and cause you to miss out on deals or better prices elsewhere. We get so used to just heading to Amazon or buying off our wishlist directly that we don’t think about the other options.

9. There are Better Options for the Added Prime Features

Amazon Prime is about a lot more than just free shipping. However, when compared to the competition, many of these added bonuses or features aren’t as good as the competition. For example, Prime Video does not have nearly as many movies and shows as Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+.  

You could argue that the price for everything you get doesn’t compare to these other streaming services’ prices. But if you never use Prime Video because it doesn’t have the shows you like, it doesn’t matter what is included in your membership price because you’re not using that feature.

10. You Don’t Really Need 2-Day Shipping on Most Items

This one is going to sting a bit, but you don’t need two-day shipping on most of the things you’re purchasing. If you’re out of diapers, having the ability to use Prime Now or two-day shipping can be a lifesaver. But, you could easily set up Subscribe and Save and never worry about running out again for no extra cost! 

You might need that 2-Day saving grace now and then, but it will happen so infrequently in real life. Plus, knowing you have to wait a week to get what you are ordering can help you cut down on impulse purchases!


Amazon Prime might start to feel like a necessity because it’s become so ingrained into our lives and culture. Everyone you know has a membership, so you feel like you need one too. However, after looking at these reasons to cancel, it can be hard to justify paying a Prime membership these days. 

Hopefully, this guide has helped you determine if you’re getting value out of your Prime membership and if it might be time to say goodbye to Amazon Prime.




  • Actually I found it to be worthwhile to have Amazon Prime. So many times I am making a purchase on items that I cannot find anywhere. Many of the items are better priced on Amazon. I have been building DIY items out of pallets and reclaimed wood. I can always find the hardware on Amazon for a better price and get shipping right away (overnight many times). Prime reading is great, I have enjoyed reading books and magazines for free. We also get a free book every month in First Reads. Amazon Prime is a time saver, as well as a money saver.

    • Hi May, I’m glad you’re finding value in it! I’ve been paying for Prime for years, but thought it may be a good idea to offer a different view to help people determine if they are really fully getting the value from it.

  • I shop quite a bit on deal sites. The advantage to prime is you can add that one item to your cart; use the promotional code and place the order. If you find multiple items you want to purchase, you can only enter one code at checkout. For this reason alone, I think prime works for me.

  • I really enjoy having the membership. I do have mine at the discounted price. I love the 2 day shipping. I am too addicted to cancel.

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