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Mango Peach Salsa Recipe

July 23, 2014 Leave a Comment | Disclosure
Peach Mango salsa Recipe

This Peach Mango Salsa is a sweet-n-spicy condiment perfect for serving with grilled fish or chicken.  Or simply enjoy it as a snack with your favorite tortilla chips!  This is an easy recipe to make and I found myself eating plain! This ... Read More...

Homemade Apricot Syrup Recipe

July 22, 2014 Leave a Comment | Disclosure
homemade apricot syrup

I have an awesome apricot tree in my yard and this year it is just loaded with apricots. I love to make use of my apricots as much as possible. I make fruit leather, I dehydrate my fruit, I make smoothies, I have canned canned apricots, made ... Read More...

50+ Recipes from the Garden

July 21, 2014 Leave a Comment | Disclosure
50 Recipes from the Garden

Welcome to our Cooking From Your Pantry series. Each week we feature recipes that we make in our own homes. We focus on simple recipes that we can make from ingredients found in your pantry. Some weeks we have a theme that we follow like breads, ... Read More...

Summer Sausage Hobo Dinner Recipe

July 20, 2014 Leave a Comment | Disclosure
summer sausage easy foil packet dinner

Easy and Delicious Foil Packet Dinner Recipe! This hobo dinner recipe is awesome on the grill or in the campfire. Sausage, chicken, and lots of veggies steamed to perfection! The foil packets make for easy cooking and clean up too. Looking ... Read More...

Zucchini Orange Glazed Cake Recipe

July 20, 2014 2 Comments | Disclosure
zucchini orange bundt cake recipe with glaze

Moist Citrus Zucchini Bundt Cake with Glaze! This is a wonderful way to use up a few zucchini. This cake is incredibly moist! The fresh orange flavors and glaze make this cake even more perfect for summer. I made this cake more than once this ... Read More...

Tips and Ideas for Making Cold Lunches Easy and Cool {From a Mother of almost 8}

July 19, 2014 4 Comments | Disclosure
cold lunch ideas

As I prepare for my children to return to school, I have mixed emotions (ps - pic on the right is out of date!  My oldest graduated and I'm about to have #8!).  In many ways, I love having them home during the summer.   But I also long for the ... Read More...

Watermelon Slush

July 16, 2014 Leave a Comment | Disclosure
watermelon slush

Next time you have watermelon and banana around, just slice, measure, and throw some in the freezer. Then you'll be able to whip up this refreshing slushy whenever you want a healthy, cool summer snack or treat. My kids really loved it and I feel ... Read More...

Swig Sugar Cookie Copycat Recipe

July 15, 2014 Leave a Comment | Disclosure
Swig cookies

If you have ever been to Swig you know these Sugar Cookies are a little bit of heaven! Swig is a little drink shack in southern Utah, St. George.  I was first introduced to them a little over a year ago on a trip to Las Vegas.  They are famous for ... Read More...

35+ Copycat Recipes

July 14, 2014 3 Comments | Disclosure
35 Copycat Recipes

Our Favorite Copycat Recipes We have shared a lot of great recipes over the years! Copycat recipes are especially fun because you can make something at home that you would usually pay a lot more for somewhere else. Need to spend less, eat ... Read More...