Why I Love My Bathroom Scale

UPDATE February 16, 2015…

I still use this awesome scale to watch my fat percentage and muscle percentage. For me it’s more about those numbers than it is about pounds! 18 months later, I’m down 60 pounds overall… I have more strength and muscle and LOVE the way I feel!

This is me 6 weeks postpartum on the left, and exactly 1 year later on the right!

This is me 6 weeks postpartum on the left, and exactly 1 year later on the right!


UPDATE July 1, 2015…

Since I purchased this scale for myself in December 2014, I’ve lost 34 pounds. I absolutely LOVE watching not only my body weight go down, but what’s been more motivating and exciting has been to watch my percentage of body fat go down, and my percentage of muscle increase! My husband made this little spreadsheet and hung it on our bathroom wall right above the scale.

My weight tracker showing 34 pound weight loss over 6 months

I weigh myself 3-4 times a week and write down my progress. This scale has been a big part of it because it’s helped me stay motivated and compete with my own self!

GoWise Bathroom Scale

Dec 10, 2014:  Call me crazy, but this is the most exciting gift I’ve ever given myself. Yes, I got myself an early Christmas gift. This is no ordinary bathroom scale. This scale raises your awareness about your body because it actually teaches you and informs you! In fact, the instruction booklet is so informative I actually enjoyed reading it and have it tucked away in my bathroom for future reference!

This scale allows you to set up a profile. You enter in your gender, height, and note if you’re an “athlete” or not (the criteria for an athlete is 10 or more hours of aerobic activity in a week and a resting heart rate of 60 bpm. I am NOT an athlete!). You can set up to 8 user profiles, and each time you weigh yourself, it will remember who you are.

But that’s not even why I love it so much (well, maybe it is partly why), I love it because it helps me understand what my body weight means. Of course it tells me my total weight, but then it breaks it down the percentages of that weight. How much of that is fat? How much of that is water? How much of that is muscle? And how much of that weight is bone? It tells you! The booklet that comes with the scale has a graph that helps you see what a healthy range is. It encourages you to consistently step on the scale, the more you do it, the more accurate those percentages become. I love hopping on my scale after my shower. I’d like to lower my body fat and increase my muscle. Keeping an eye on these #’s is more than just “watching my weight”, I’m more aware of what my body is doing as I work out and strengthen and tone it. It’s not just about my weight anymore. 🙂

Go ahead and check out all the great product reviews for this scale. Then I really think you should buy it… get started on the awareness now and come January you’ll be ready to start changing those percentages!


GoWISE USA Slim Digital Bathroom Scale - Measures Weight, Body Fat, Water, & Bone Mass 400 Lbs Capacity Tempered Glass Black

GoWISE Slim Digital Bathroom Scale $29.95

  • Sturdy Tempered Glass Platform
  • LCD display with blue LED back light
  • Measures body fat, water, muscle, and bone with athlete mode; Memory for 8 users
  • Because Amazon’s prices fluctuate so much and some times so quickly, please don’t be mad at me if you miss this great price! Also, see why we ♥  Amazon Prime for free shipping! This post contains our affiliate link. Please read our DISCLOSURE POLICY here.




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