The 2 Best Paring Knives on America’s Test Kitchen

Best paring knife America's test kitchen

Finding the Best Paring Knife Money Can Buy

It is awesome when you can get top rated products for less! The other day I was watching America’s Test Kitchen on PBS and they were testing out paring knives. They were comparing the most expensive and most economical knives to see how they stacked up to each other. They compared almost 20 knives for durability, sharpness, ergonomic handle and more.

By the end of the episode, they had come to a decision on the top two best paring knives. After watching the episode I jumped on Amazon to see how much the top knives cost, and I was surprised by the results.

Why do you need a paring knife?

Most of you probably already know what to use a paring knife for, but here’s a quick refresher: A paring knife is a smaller knife that is meant to be used for more precise tasks. This could include things like peeling fruits or vegetables, chopping things up really finely, or even coring an apple. There are so many great uses for paring knives, you could even use them to test if your cake is fully cooked!

The 2 Best Paring Knives Reviewed

#1 Rated Paring Knife – Wusthof Classic 3-1/2-Inch Paring Knife

wusthof knives

The Wusthof Classic is a German paring knife that is a bit on the more expensive side, but it’s easy to see why. This knife was built to last. Made from high-carbon stainless steel, the 3-1/2 inch blade is extremely durable and sharp as a razor. The handle is sleek and durable as well, giving a strong, in-control grip. On top of all that, this knife comes with a lifetime guarantee.

In order to see what others were saying about this knife, I checkout out some of the Amazon reviews. With a majority of the reviews being extremely positive, it was already pretty clear this knife was a winner. Here are some highlights of some reviews I read:

  • “It went through cucumber and even a ripe tomato like butter.”
  • “Wusthof knives are a total joy to have and to use”
  • “So sharp it cuts before touching”

Now, those are some of the positive reviews, but that’s only one side of the story. There are only a small handful of critical reviews, but most of them complained about the knife getting dull quickly. Some also had problems with their knife chipping but this seems to be very uncommon.

All in all, this knife cuts extremely well, however, it may require frequent sharpening. If you’re fine with sharpening the knife frequently and you’re looking for a sturdy knife that’s going to last, the high price point of the Wusthof Classic shouldn’t worry you.

#2 Rated Paring Knife – Victorinox Swiss Classic 3 1/4-Inch Paring Knife

victornox knife

Coming in at a MUCH more affordable price point, the Victorinox Swiss Classic paring knife features a bit of a smaller blade than the Wusthof, coming in at 3-1/4 inches. This shorter blade is perfect for jobs that require high accuracy and control.

The handle of this knife is made from polypropylene which is a plastic-like material, and it’s completely safe for dishwasher use and highly durable. Also, it’s designed in a way that provides a non-slip grip and ultimate control.

Just like the Wusthof, this knife comes with a lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship. That’s always a good sign that a company is extremely confident in their product.

Here are what some reviewers are saying about this paring knife:

  • “Smaller than expected, but perfect for detailed work”
  • “Feather light, highly maneuverable, and very sharp”
  • “Sharp and light-weight, with the perfect size blade for paring”

One review stated that the blade was nice and sharp but the handle felt like cheap plastic. Others agreed and said the knife was extremely lightweight but felt flimsy and cheap.

In the end, this knife IS cheap. However, it’s still a high-quality durable knife that is sharp and gets the job done. It’s perfect for what it was made for. I’d say the Victorinox Swiss Classic is the best paring knife for the money.


The Vitorinox knife came in at a very close second place and the price is drastically lower. Sweet! Now you and I can get a professional quality paring knife for an extremely good price.

If you don’t already have a paring knife in your kitchen, your going to fall in love once you get one. They’re perfect for those quick little jobs and when well maintained, they can cut through vegetables, fruit, and many other things with ease. Order one today and you will not regret it!


  • I have Victorinox knives and LOVE them!

  • Love the Victorinox Paring Knife!
    Have used them since 1986 – still have the original.
    Five years ago I tried the Serrated Paring Knife and fell in love again.
    That year I bought one for each of our married children so I could have a good knife when we visited. : )

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