18 Amazing Seashell Crafts for Kids and Adults

Seashell craft ideas

Why Seashells Make a Great Craft Supply

Whenever you go to the beach, whether it’s with your kids, with your significant other, or just on your own, you probably see a lot of different seashells. You may even pick some up and take them home (your kids definitely will!). The question is…what do you do with them afterward?

Some shells can be perfectly fine as a decoration on their own (there are some really beautiful shells), but the more common shells that maybe aren’t as spiffy are harder to figure out what to do with. To help you out, we gathered a ton of amazing seashell crafts to give you some ideas on what you can create!

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18 of the Best Seashell Craft Ideas Ever!

1. Seashell Ornaments

If you want to bring the beach into your home around Christmas time, these seashell ornaments will allow you to do just that! There are so many fun and different ornaments you can create with the seashells you find.

Learn more on Holidappy.com

2. Seashell Necklace

Seashell necklaces

These clay seashell necklaces are gorgeous! The different colors of the clay and the different shells make every single one of these necklaces unique too. It would be awesome to make these with your family or friends! You could even package them up as a homemade gift.

Learn more on Momsandcrafters.com

3. Resin Seashell Pendants

These seashell pendants are absolutely beautiful! It almost looks like the seashells are just floating in water, which is an amazing effect. There are so many variations of pendants you could make as well.

Learn more on Feltmagnet.com 

4. Seashell Collage

This is one of the best seashell crafts for kids! It’s a great activity idea because you can spend a day at the beach gathering the shells, and then you can go home and have a crafting session inside.

Learn more on Artbarblog.com

5. Seashell Earrings

If you want to show off some cool seashells in a fun way, making earrings with them is a pretty wonderful idea. Imagine all the different and unique pairs of earrings you could make too! Maybe you could even sell some.

Learn more on Momsandcrafters.com

6. Shell Shadow Box

Shell shadowbox craft

If you’re looking to showcase some of your favorite seashells in an elegant and neat way, this shell shadowbox craft is perfect. Seeing the variety of all the different seashells in the box is so pleasing to look at!

Learn more on Bowerpowerblog.com

7. Paper Plate Seashell

If you can’t get out to the beach but you still want to do a seashell craft with your kids, make these paper plate seashells! They’re super colorful and customizable so the kids will have a blast.

Learn more on Artsycraftsymom.com

8. Tropical Seashell Fish

These seashell fish are so adorable! I love all the different colors and the tiny fins made from seashells are an amazing touch. The googly eyes are a fantastic touch as well.

Learn more on Craftsbyamanda.com

9. Seashell Candles

Seashell candle

This is such an easy seashell craft idea for adults and it’s SO genius. You can basically just order candle wax (beach scents would fit nicely) and wicks from Amazon and then start filling your seashells up!

Learn more on Budgetsavvydiva.com

10. Seashell Turtle

This is such a cute idea. Making your own seashell turtle may require some pretty specifically shaped seashells but scavenging for good shells is part of the fun! Even if you don’t find the perfect shells I’m sure your turtle will still look great.

Learn more on Funmoneymom.com

11. Seashell Wine Charms

This is probably one of the best seashell crafts for adults! It’s quick and easy too! Marking wine glasses is important when guests are over and there’s really no better way to do that during the summer than with some seashell wine charms.

Learn more on Thedecoratedcookie.com

12. Seashell Wind Chime

Wind chimes are always a welcoming piece of home decor and having a seashell wind chime is such a cool idea. I can just imagine how relaxing it would be sitting on the porch listening to the seashells bumping together gently.

Learn more on Artsychicksrule.com

13. Crystal Shell Bowls

This is another nice and easy seashell craft idea for kids. All it takes is a bit of mod podge and some colorful crystals and you can create your very own crystal shell bowl to store knick-knacks in.

Learn more on Hellowonderful.co

14. Coral Book Ends

If you’re lucky enough to find some large pieces of coral during your seashell hunt, you can make these amazing bookends with them! Even if you don’t find any coral, I’m sure you could come up with some crafty book ends with seashells as well.

Learn more on Uptodateinteriors.com

15. Puff Paint Seashells

Puffy paint seashells

I love how colorful these are! By using puffy paint you can get some really neat 3D effects on your seashells and the design possibilities are limitless!

Learn more on Colormademehappy.com

16. Seashell Puppets

Here’s another amazing seashell craft for kids. You don’t need any specific types of shells for these puppets so work with whatever you have! Each puppet you create will be completely unique.

Learn more on Bluebearwood.co.uk

17. Sharpie Seashells

If you want to go for a really simple seashell craft with your kids, it doesn’t get much simpler than this. All you need are some permanent markers and your kids can go wild with designing their shells!

Learn more on Theresjustonemommy.com

18. Seashell Vase

This seashell vase is so lovely! I could see something just like this being sold in stores for an outrageous price but luckily we can make our own for cheap! What a great piece of DIY home decor.

Learn more on Consumercrafts.com

Easy seashell crafts for adults and kids

Which Seashell Craft Ideas Are Your Favorite?

If you have an abundance of seashells at home from past beach trips, I’m sure you’ll want to try out more than one of these seashell crafts! It’s amazing all of the beautiful things you can create with seashells.

Before you start crafting a seashell masterpiece, let us know which craft on this list is your favorite and why! If you have your own seashell craft ideas, let us know about those too!

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