15 Useful Kids Room Organization Ideas That Work

15 kids room organization ideas that work

15 Organization Ideas for Kids Rooms

No matter how many times you clean it up, your child’s playroom or bedroom can be declared a disaster area. However, when you come in with a plan and ideas to keep the mess under control, you can conquer the chaos before it takes over your life and home.

So, whether you’re dealing with a mess of shoes, school papers, or you just need some effective DIY toy storage ideas, we’re here to help. Here are 15 different kids room organization ideas that just might help you get your child’s room organized for good!

1. Store Legos with a toolbox

Lego storage toolbox

Nothing is more painful than stepping on a Lego. Avoid the mind-numbing torture by using a toolbox to keep the building blocks off the floor with this DIY toy storage idea from jinsykids.com.

Speaking of lego, we also recommend making a Lego table where your kids can play with all their Legos in one place. It makes building more fun and it keeps the pieces more organized!

2. Use shelves and cubbies to organize shoes.

Organize kids shoes

We have way too many shoes for wire racks. Try holders with fabric drawers or easy, repurposed shelves. See the details HERE.

3. Tackle the paper clutter

Reduce kids paper clutter

Whether your kids aren’t school-aged yet or are in home or traditional school, they probably have enough art projects to wallpaper your entire home. Hang a few up but also try out a digital app to keep the clutter at bay.

4. Get toy bins to tame the chaos

DIY toy storage ideas

Letting your child help with the organization will make your job a bit easier and it will teach them how to organize. Plus, this DIY toy storage idea is genius! They’ll love to help when you use adorable toy bins to make things look tidy and fun! See the details HERE.

5. Showcase your child’s art

Art supplies organization

Playrooms can often turn into creative hubs. Making use of the space to exhibit your kids’ creations will make it all the more organized and special.

6. Try a magnetic wall

Magnetic room for kids room organization

Using magnetic paint to keep some of your child’s favorite mementos safe and highlighted can keep the extra clutter off the floor. See the details here.

7. Create labels

Labels for kids room organization

Even though your intentions may be good when you start storing toys and other items in bins, it’s easy to forget what is inside. Make cute labels to match the room decor and remind you and your child where everything is located.

8. Have a tidy up basket

Tidy up basket for kids room organization ideas

Having a tidy up basket is essential to kids room organization. As you go through each room, put toys and other things in your tidy up box, then sort them out later.

Trying this out in the kids’ room is vital and makes picking up so much easier! See the details HERE!

9. Use ribbons and command hooks to hang up art

Childs artwork display

Need another art showcasing tip? Hate having piles of papers on shelves on tables? Switch out new artwork all year round with this easy tip.

10. Tackle the mess as a team

How to get your kids to clean their room

If you have little kids, work together to develop a plan to organize and clean their room. Develop some ground rules, and make it fun!

11. Use thrift store baskets to hide toys.

Vintage DIY toy storage ideas

Vintage finds will keep your child’s playroom organized and make it look classy. See the ideas HERE.

12. Make your own room organizer

DIY room organizer

Use some old boxes and cute fabric to make your own shelf organizer. This is so cute for a small child’s room or a nursery!

13. Get in the zone

Declutter your kids room easily

Don’t dive into the room as a whole. Focus on zones from the closet to the dresser to toy bins to save your sanity and stay focused.

14. Under the bed storage toy storage

Lego organization tips

Do you have a bunch of Legos in your house? Toolboxes are one way to store, but you could also keep the mixture of blocks in oversized, under-the-bed storage. Out of sight, out of mind!

15. Upcycle cardboard boxes to store anything

Cardboard box storage

Some cute contact paper and old boxes can make a child’s room an adorable haven to store everything from art supplies to Barbie clothes. See how to do it here!


These 15 kids room organization ideas will hopefully help you and your child keep things organized for good! No more cleaning up and then coming back to another disaster a week later.

Initially, it won’t be easy to go through this organization process, but once you’re finished it will be well worth it. You’ll have less mess to worry about, and less stress too, which means more time for family fun!

Do you have some tips of your own? Share them in the comments below!

organization ideas for kids rooms

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