Lavender Coconut Salt Scrub Recipe

healthy lavender epsom salt scrub recipe with coconut

Homemade Lavender Coconut Salt Scrub Recipe

Scrubs can be a bit of a luxury, but they result in naturally glowing soft skin. There is a way, however, to get salt scrubs for super cheap: by making them yourself! In the last few months, I’ve been making my own Epsom salt scrub (it’s sooo easy!) and I LOVE using it on my legs right before I shave!!

I’ve been trying some fun recipes and have discovered how cost-effective and simple it is to make your own…  whip some up for yourself or put it in a cute container and give it away as a thoughtful gift. I’m planning to give homemade body scrubs to my friends, sisters, and mom for Christmas this year!

how to make a homemade coconut oil salt scrub

In case you’re wondering what that red thing is in the photo above – it is one of the OXO Mini Measuring Beakers and I have fractionated coconut oil in it. 🙂


The ingredients for this coconut salt scrub recipe are super simple. Here they are:

  • 1/3 cup coconut oil
  • 1 cup Epsom salt (or pink Himalayan or sea salt)
  • 15 drops lavender essential oil (or another essential oil of your choosing)
  • 1 teaspoon Fractionated coconut oil

Why Salt?

The main difference between sugar and salt scrubs is the size of the granules. This Epsom salt scrub has larger granules, so it will exfoliate even more. A perfect solution for buffing away callouses and rough skin!

However, do not use this salt scrub on your face or any sensitive and delicate areas. It is great for the legs, feet, and elbows though.

As an awesome bonus, sea salt and Epsom salts have many healing and antiseptic properties which can kill bacteria, reduce inflammation, promote circulation, detoxify, relax muscles, and more. You can use Pink Himalayan salt for a pretty color too! (Refined table salt does not offer the same beneficial properties.)

Why Coconut Oil?

Oh, coconut oil – so much to love! Coconut oil is a major moisturizer and so much more. Read more info and tons of ways to use coconut oil.

The majority of the coconut oil in this scrub is virgin coconut oil – which is solid, but melts easily and has a lovely coconut scent. In order to keep it from solidifying in the scrub, I basically whipped it with an electric mixer, then added just a bit of fractionated coconut oil (which is always liquid) for good measure.

Why Lavender Essential Oil?

You can choose to use any of your favorite essential oils in this scrub, but lavender oil is amazing! It works well with the properties of the Epsom salt too. Just make sure you use an essential oil that is “Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade”, that mean it doesn’t contain any fillers or synthetic ingredients, or harmful contaminants. I personally use and trust only doTERRA oils shipped directly from doTERRA.

Lavender oil is known for its calming, soothing, and relaxing qualities. Plus, it helps skin recover quickly. See more reasons why we love lavender. The light lavender scent is a nice touch too – it isn’t overpowering at all and goes well with the light coconut scent. (Geranium, Ylang Ylang, or Eucalyptus essential oils would probably be great too!)

What it comes down to is that this easy scrub is exfoliating, relaxing, and just plain good for you! Say goodbye to rough skin!

coconut salt scrub recipe

Making Your Lavender Coconut Salt Scrub

The ingredients for this recipe were simple, and so are the directions. First, add your coconut oil and Epsom salts to a bowl, and whip it well. Then, add your fractionated coconut oil and lavender essential oil and mix it until it’s well combined.

That’s all there is to it, now you just need to store it somewhere!

Storing Your Lavender Coconut Salt Scrub

When choosing a container for the scrub, consider where you will store it and if you need it to be waterproof, shatterproof, etc. I like glass containers, so I need to be extra careful not to drop it if it gets slippery.

Look around your home and see what you have that might work, or you can probably find some great ones at craft stores.

I found some online that work great too:

Ball Brand Glass Storage Jars with Plastic Caps - 4 (4oz) Jars and Caps

Ball Brand Glass 4-Ounce Storage Jars with Plastic Caps

Or if you’re looking for a really cute option, you can try a glass jar with a little spoon – this one is usually used for salt and spices…

8oz Glass Jar with Spoon

8-Ounce Glass Jar with Spoon

If you are making some scrubs as gifts and already have cute jars, you can add a cute little spoon with a ribbon or twine. These small squared wooden spoons would probably work well!

Perfect Stix Green Spoon 70 Birchwood Square Compostable Cutlery Taster Spoon with Concave

Additional Information

Note that there are some essential oils that are sensitive to sunlight, and when applied topically, your skin becomes photosensitive as well. If you use these oils on your skin, you may want to avoid sun exposure on the area of application for several hours or more, depending on the oil. Otherwise, that area of skin may burn or develop a rash from the sun exposure.

I’m sure the sensitivity of the oil is reduced greatly by combining it with the salt and coconut oil, but I just want to make sure you have the knowledge before you proceed. The common essential oils considered to be photosensitive include: bergamot, lime, orange, lemon, angelica, ginger, and grapefruit. Any citrus oil can potentially be photosensitive.

If you want to learn more about the essential oils we use and recommend, read this essential oils blog post, email us at seekingwellness at fabulesslyfrugal dot com.

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Easy homemade coconut oil salt scrub with lavender

This salt scrub recipe was inspired by One Good Thing By Jillee.

Lavender Coconut Salt Scrub Recipe


  • 1/3 cup virgin coconut oil
  • 1 cup Epsom salt (or pink Himalayan or sea salt)
  • 15 drops lavender essential oil (or any essential oil of your choosing)
  • 1 teaspoon fractionated coconut oil


  1. In a medium bowl, beat together the virgin coconut oil and salt until fluffy, about 1 minute.
  2. Then mix in essential oil and 1 teaspoon of fractionated coconut oil until combined well.
  3. Store in a container with a lid, at room temperature.
  4. To Use:

  5. Rub onto wet skin in a circular motion. Rinse your skin clean with warm water. Pat skin dry and apply a moisturizing body lotion or cream.


This scrub is not meant to be used daily - use one to two times a week. Do not use on cut, irritated, or delicate skin. As with most skin products that are new to you, it is a good idea to test it on a small area of your skin first.

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