How to Make a Diaper Cake (Baby Shower Gift Idea)

How to make a diaper cake

How to Make a 3-Tier Diaper Cake

If you have a baby shower coming up and you want a practical, cute and creative gift idea, try this super cute 3-tier diaper cake! These are always a hit at baby showers! Just follow these easy steps to make your own.

One of my friends recently had a baby shower and I made her a diaper cake. Since this is her 4th child, instead of spending extra money on little toys to embellish the “cake” I decided to spend money on a fancy cake stand she can use later for entertaining instead.

Cake stand for diaper cake


I am a visual learner so I took a ton of pictures for this post. 😉

Starting diaper cake with Desitin

Step 1:

I started with a large cake stand and placed 3 boxes of Desitin in the center.

Tie together Desitin boxes with a rubber band

Step 2:

Next, I placed a thick rubber band around the boxes to hold them together.

First diaper on the diaper cake

Step 3:

Rolled up a newborn diaper, secured it with a small rubber band and placed the rolled diaper between the large rubber band and box of Desitin.

Adding more diapers to the diaper cake

Step 4:

Added another diaper…

Diaper cake starting to come together

Step 5:

And another until I had surrounded the Desitin boxes with rolled diapers.

Adding more diapers to the diaper cake

Step 6:

I then placed another large rubber band around the first layer of diapers. That finishes tier one of the diaper cake.

First layer of diaper cake

Step 7:

Added a second row of rolled diapers. This marks the start of the second tier of the diaper cake.

Tier 2 diaper cake

Step 8:

For the second layer, I placed another large rubber band towards the top of the Desitin boxes and added more diapers until the boxes were surrounded.

Adding a third layer to the diaper cake with a bottle of lotion

Step 9:

I then used a hot glue gun to secure a bottle of Johnson’s Natural’s Body to the top of the boxes. I added a large rubber band around the bottle and added more diapers.

Three tier diaper cake

Step 10:

After all 3 tiers of the diaper cake were complete I tied pink curling ribbon around the rubber bands to hide them.

Completed three tier diaper cake

Diaper Cake Complete

There you have it, that’s how to make a 3-tier diaper cake! These things make for really awesome baby shower gifts and they’re not too expensive either so I highly recommend making one!

You can also customize your own diaper cake however you want. You can put different things on the inside, and you can decorate the outside however you want too. Get creative with it!

Have YOU made a diaper cake before?  What did YOU use to embellish yours?

Baby shower diaper cakes

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