30 Easy Sock Crafts & Uses for Old Socks

What to do with old socks

Don’t ask me how it happens, but the socks in my house always seem to go missing eventually. I know I’ve found them stuck in crevices before when cleaning the washing machine, but sometimes it feels like socks will just mysteriously disappear!

If you have a pile of unmatched socks sitting somewhere right now, I’m sure you can relate. And that’s why we made this list of creative sock crafts 🙂

Turns out, there are tons of uses for old socks – whether you simply don’t wear them anymore, can’t find a match, or even if they have holes in them. There are always new ways to repurpose!

To help you figure out what to do with your old socks, we’ve gathered 20 DIY sock plushies (the kids will love these), and we also found 10 other ways to use old socks that are a bit more practical and functional.

DIY Sock Plushies

Starting with the fun stuff, you’re going to love these adorable sock plushies!

1. Sock Octopus

Starting off the list, it doesn’t get much easier than this! This is something the kids can help with, and the design of your sock will determine how your socktopus turns out!

Learn how to make a sock octopus.

2. Narwhal

We have an awesome narwhal craft on our list of animal paper plate crafts, but I think this sock narwhal might be even cuter! The crafter says this is an easy one to make, and a sewing machine is optional.

Get the full tutorial from Craft Passion.

3. Shark

If you can make the narwhal, you can make this happy sock shark too! They’re very similar and make a great pair.

Get the full tutorial from Craft Passion.

4. Gnomes

Gnome sock crafts

These little sock Gnomes are super cute and once you get the hang of making them, you can create a whole slew of them! With different beard styles and hats, you can create many different looks too.

Get the full tutorial from Instructables.

5. Sloth

sloth sock crafts

Can you believe how good these DIY sloths look? I can’t believe they’re made from socks!

Note that this is an intermediate project so you’ll need some good sewing skills!

Get the full tutorial from Craft Passion.

6. Sock Monkey

Pink and blue sock monkey

Of all the DIY sock plushies, the sock monkey is easily the most classic and well-known. It’s one that you can customize completely too. Want button eyes? Do it! Want a blue and red monkey? Why not! Have fun with it!

Get the full tutorial from CraftBits.

7. Monster

Four funky looking monster socks

From sock monkey to sock monster! These are so fun looking, and once again, so customizable. Just don’t make them too scary!

Get the full tutorial from Cut, Cut, Craft!

8. Cat

If you have a real cat at home, I’m not sure how they would react to a sock cat…but I’m sure it would be funny! They might even try to play with it (or destroy it).

Get the full tutorial from Professor Pin Cushion.

9. Doll

You’ll need a couple of different types of socks for this one, but just look how cute it is! I bet it would make for a great homemade gift.

Get the full tutorial from Miss Daisy Patterns.

10. No-Sew Turkey

Adorable no sew sock turkey

We love no-sew crafts around here and this sock turkey is adorable. Perfect for Thanksgiving!

Get the full tutorial from Easy Peasy and Fun.

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11. Dinosaur

A beginner sewer should have no problem with this sock dinosaur craft, and the end result is really great. I’m sure the kids will love this one!

Get the full tutorial from Repeat Crafter Me.

12. Stormtrooper

I would have never thought of making a stormtrooper with an old sock, but I love this idea! Best of all, you only need one white sock for this craft, so it’s perfect for lost pairs! Or if you have two socks you can just make two stormtroopers 🙂

Get the full tutorial from Ackmena’s Craftina.

13. Ninja Turtle

If you’re more of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan than a Star Wars fan, you might want to make these Ninja Turtle socks instead. This is an advanced craft though so your sewing skills will need to be on point!

Get the full tutorial from Craft Passion.

14. Fox

Foxes are such cool animals and this sock version is quite cute. Depending on the color of your sock, you could make some funky colored foxes too!

Get the full tutorial from Cut Out and Keep.

15. No-Sew Worms

This is about as easy as it gets when it comes to sock crafts, and these are super fun for kids to play with too!

Get the full tutorial from One Little Project.

16. Pikachu

Sock pikachu in front of sky background

Real Pikachu plushies can get pretty expensive so why not just make your own? I’d argue that this sock version is even better than a store-bought version!

Get the full tutorial from Stitch and Sew Craft.

17. Pug Puppy

These may be the cutest sock crafts on this list…just look at the little bandana and the adorable pug face!! The bone is a great addition too. Love it.

Get the full tutorial from Craft Passion.

18. No-Sew Bunny

This craft is a bit similar to the no-sew turkey, and it’s pretty straightforward to make. Plus you only need one sock so if you have some mismatched pairs, this is the perfect craft!

Get the full tutorial from One Little Project.

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19. Olaf

With Frozen 2 recently being released, I had to include this awesome Olaf craft! Who doesn’t love Olaf?

Get the full tutorial from One Creative Mommy.

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20. Puppet

Although some may say this isn’t a real “plushie” I had to include a sock puppet tutorial in this list! This is one of the best ways to use up old socks because you can put a DIY puppet show on afterward 🙂

Get the full tutorial from One Crazy Mom.

DIY sock plushies

Other Uses for Old Socks

Ok, now for the more functional stuff. There are so many handy ways to repurpose your old socks! Just look at this little Swiffer hack:

21. Swiffer Pad

We love finding new ways to be more frugal and this Swiffer hack is absolutely genius! One fuzzy sock can be reused again and again – just wash it after each use! Goodbye expensive disposable pads.

Get more Swiffer hacks from One Good Thing By Jillee.

22. Phone Holder Armband

If you’re a runner, you’ve probably struggled with the challenge of finding a place to put your phone while you run. You most likely want it for listening to music, but holding it or putting it in a pocket is uncomfortable, and the store-bought holders always seem super uncomfortable too.

Turns out the best solution is cheap AND effortless: a sock! It’s also super lightweight and minimalistic.

Get the full tutorial from The Art of Doing Stuff.

23. Coin Purse

If you struggle with loose change and other small items being impossible to find in your purse, these mini sock purses are a cheap and simple solution. They’re super functional and definitely unique!

Get the full tutorial from Repeat Crafter Me.

24.  Bean Bags

This is probably one of the simplest uses for old socks, but it’s something that can provide hours and hours of fun!

For the full tutorial AND game ideas, head over to Be a Fun Mum.

25. Arm Warmer

If you have some old socks that are just too glamorous to throw away, show them off by turning them into arm warmers! If you do it right you’ll have a fabulous DIY winter accessory.

Get the full tutorial from Thrifty Fun.

26. Coffee Mug Cozy

Regular old coffee sleeves are a bit boring, aren’t they? They’re also not very reusable. Luckily with an old sock, you can custom fit your very own reusable mug cozy for a much more unique look!

Get the full tutorial from Mommy Potamus.

27. Door Draft Stopper

A quick way to lower your energy bill is by keeping more heat in your house, but that’s easier said than done! Well…until now that is.

One big culprit for heat leaks is the tiny spaces under doors, but you can actually stop this pretty easily with one of these DIY sock draft stoppers! They look pretty neat too!

Get the full tutorial from One Good Thing By Jillee.

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28. Pincushion

After all the sewing ideas on this list, I hope you already have a pincushion! If not, well, you can make one with one of your old socks 😉

Get the full tutorial from DIY Everywhere.

29. Dog Toys

If you have a happy puppy in your home that could use a new dog toy, you might as well let them chew up one of your old socks! With a bit of quick craftiness and simple supplies, you can make some really unique toys too.

Get four sock dog toy ideas and tutorials from Proud Dog Mom.

30. Rag

If you have a sock that just isn’t suitable for any other idea on this list, or it has holes in it, one last option is to simply use it as a rag. Use it to clean your car, dust around the house, or even to polish your shoes. Tons of uses!

You can either cut the sock to use it as a rag or slip it over your hand like a glove and use it that way.

Final Thoughts

If you’re not so keen on wearing mismatched socks or having to sort through dozens of singles before finding a matching pair, do some of the sock crafts above to get rid of those extras in a fun, creative way! But don’t just throw them out!

Oh, and if you really love the sock crafts above but don’t have any old socks to spare, you can pick pairs up at the dollar store for cheap! They often have some good designs for crafting too.

Know of any other unique uses for old socks? What do you do with the socks you can’t wear anymore? Leave a comment below!

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