15 Best DIY Face Masks for Acne, Dry Skin, and More

Natural diy face masks

Natural DIY Face Masks

There are plenty of face mask options to choose from at the store, but if you want to avoid harsh chemicals, reduce your impact on the environment, and save a bit of money, making your own natural DIY face masks is a great choice!

On this list, you’ll find a few different types of face masks to suit different needs. Some will be better for dry skin, some help a ton with acne, and a few are great for all-around everyday use.

When you find a homemade face mask that you want to try, just follow the tutorial to learn how to make it at home! Most of them are pretty simple and require few ingredients.

1. Face Peel Mask for Dry Skin and Acne

Starting off, we have my absolute favorite DIY face peel mask. It’s completely natural and it works SO WELL for removing dead skin, blackheads, and even peach fuzz.

Best of all, you might already have all the ingredients on hand to make it! Definitely try it out if you want to give your face a rejuvenating cleanse.

2. Rose Clay Face Mask

Image source + tutorial

If you’ve ever been to the spa before, you’ve probably seen or heard of clay face masks. Well, now you can do your own DIY clay face mask at home for a lot cheaper than the spa! The benefits of clay face masks are definitely worth it too.

3. Hydrating Green Tea Face Mask

Image source + tutorial

This simple DIY green tea mask contains only three ingredients, but they’re all super beneficial for your skin. Matcha powder, raw honey, and aloe gel. Together, these ingredients will help you fight acne, redness, dry skin, and will even help slow down aging.

4. Pumpkin Spice Latte Face Mask

Image source + tutorial

This is a perfect DIY Fall face mask that will leave your skin smelling like a pumpkin spice latte. Yum! It will also revitalize your skin and you can even turn it into a daily exfoliating scrub if you want.

5. Activated Charcoal Face Mask

Image source + tutorial

Activated charcoal has been quite popular in beauty products recently, including being used in toothpaste. Well, you can also use it in face masks! This particular mask combines the activated charcoal powder with coconut oil and bentonite clay to create a refreshing mask that will exfoliate and purify your skin.

6. Moisturizing Overnight Mask

Image source + tutorial

Sometimes a day-time face mask just doesn’t do the trick. In that case, an overnight mask may be what you need! This particular overnight face mask is fragrance-free and perfect for those with sensitive skin, and it will help hold the natural oils and moisture in your face so you don’t wake up with painfully dry skin.

7. Mocha-Frappuccino Mask

Image source + tutorial

Coffee, honey, and cocoa – those are the ingredients in this DIY face mask, and it sounds absolutely divine. The creator of the mask says it gives her a boost of energy in the morning while also reducing puffiness in the face. Sounds great to me!

8. Aloe and Honey Face Mask

Aloe plant

Image source + tutorial

This DIY face mask contains only two ingredients, but they’re powerful ones: aloe vera and honey. These ingredients put together will help hydrate and clean your skin and after you wash it off, your face will be glowing.

9. Turmeric Face Mask

Image source + tutorial

The main ingredient in this mask is turmeric powder, and while that might seem weird at first, turmeric can actually benefit your skin quite a bit. It can help give you a natural glow, may help reduce acne scars, and can even help heal wounds.

10. Oatmeal Avocado Face Mask

Image source + tutorial

This DIY face mask is so natural looking I’d be tempted to use it as a chip dip if I didn’t know better! With avocado, honey, coconut oil, rolled oats, and lavender essential oil, this mask will hydrate and exfoliate your skin leaving it smooth, soft, and refreshed.

11. Himalayan Salt Face Mask

Image source + tutorial

With the main ingredient in this mask being Himalayan pink salt, this is another mask that is great for exfoliating the skin. The Himalayan salt has other benefits too though: it may help you relax, and it will help fight acne as well.

12. Coconut Oil and Honey Face Mask

Image source + tutorial

This is a pretty basic DIY face mask, but with honey and coconut oil, you already know it’s going to work wonders. Simple and effective!

13. Banana and Honey Face Mask

Image source + tutorial

If you haven’t noticed the pattern already: a ton of these natural DIY face masks use honey. This mask combines the power of honey with bananas to create a mask that will soothe skin, help fight off acne, and leave your face hydrated.

14. Tropical Papaya Face Mask

Image source + tutorial

Take a trip to the tropics with this fun DIY face mask! The papaya in this mask has anti-aging properties and the clay will help moisturize your skin.

15. DIY Mud Mask

Image source + tutorial

Ending off our list we have a classic mud mask. This mask is easy to make and will leave your skin feeling purified and smooth. Grab the cucumbers!

DIY face masks for acne and dry skin


I hope you found a mask you like on this list! If you’re not sure which one to try, just start from the top and work your way down! Each mask will work differently for different people so it’s worth experimenting. 🙂

If you don’t have time to make your own face masks, you can find pretty affordable ones on Amazon. But I really recommend trying a homemade one at least once!

Which DIY face mask are you going to try first? Have you ever made your own homemade face masks before?

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