How to Freeze Pineapple

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Did you score some cheap pineapple? I took advantage of a sale and picked up 6 fresh pineapples! Now, my family is big on fresh fruit (it's probably more than 50% of our grocery budget), but still, 6 pineapple is a lot of paradise to consume in just a few days. So I decided to freeze it to use in homemade frozen yogurt and smoothies. And just a side note...I like to use frozen fruit in smoothies so I don't have to add ice to my smoothies. The fruit IS the ice. Freezing... Read this post
5 tips to help you shop smart at Costco

5 Tips to Help You Shop Smart at Costco

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Shopping at Costco: When & What to Buy Who doesn't love shopping at Costco?  Go ahead... raise your hand.  I don't see any hands.  Why?  Because everyone loves hanging out at Costco!  That is, until you check out and pay.  :)  I believe... Read this post

Five Steps to Creating a Simple Budget & Sticking to It!

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Trying to manage your finances without a budget is like trying to find directions in new city without a map, GPS, or smartphone! AKA: BASICALLY IMPOSSIBLE!  Creating a monthly budget is a necessary step in taking full control of your finances.... Read this post

Save Money at Disney

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How to Save Money at Disney Who loves Disney? Who wants a family vacation? Who is ready to make memories to last a lifetime? Now here's the question that really matters, Who wants to Save Money at Disney? As you know, Disney isn’t cheap, but it can... Read this post

How I Saved $1,000 in 2 Hours

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Have you ever wondered if you were getting the best deal on your wireless, satellite or internet services? My friend Shelly did just that! Check out how easy it was to save big money! Let me start by saying, I consider myself a pretty frugal individual... Read this post

75 Ideas for Spending Time Together Instead of Money

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As Friday rolls around it can be so very tempting to make plans to go see a movie with my hubby or take the kids to a bowling alley to spend the evening together. Recently I was challenged to go a month without spending anything extra on entertainment... Read this post

Save Big at Restaurants for Valentine’s

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Valentine Restaurant Specials Every year my parents give us a date night for Valentine's by taking all the kids overnight! It's a special time my hubby and I enjoy! The not cooking, the not telling kids to not color on the table, or taking them to... Read this post

FREE EveryDollar Budget

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I'm a new fan of budgets.  My husband has been doing our bills forever... well, since we first got married anyway. With my two "from home" jobs ( and Essential Oils), there is an added need for us to be exact in our budget, and... Read this post

Re-purposing Household Items

Frugal Living|Simple Money Saving Tips|Fab Frug Friday
I was looking through our archives and found this great post about re-purposing items around your house. There are some really great ideas in here. Are you still looking for ideas to save money, or do you feel you do not have time to mess with it? When... Read this post

Preserving Produce: How to Can, Freeze and Dry Your Favorite Foods

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Enjoy Fresh Produce Throughout the Year! Preserving fresh produce can save you quite a bit of money as you add up the cost of dried fruits and other foods sold in store. Below you'll find tips, tricks, and advice for preserving foods, as well as great... Read this post

Weekly Sales & Coupons in Your Inbox – Up to 75% Off

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Know when your favorite brands go on sale. Get personalized sale and coupon alerts in your inbox every week. The weekly store circulars are full of great deals on things you actually want, but who has the time to scour them all and find matching... Read this post
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