Black Friday Shopping Tips {Online and In-Store}

We are gearing up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday! They don’t seem to last just one day anymore though!

Tips for Shopping Online Black Friday/Cyber Monday:

{Cyber Monday is November 28th, the Monday after Thanksgiving and Black Friday is November 25th!}

If you would like to be wrapped up in a snuggie, sitting in the easy chair, sipping hot chocolate, and shopping on your computer this is for YOU!

1. Be on the LIST: Go now and visit some of your favorite stores: Gap , Target, Sears, Cabela’s, Barnes & Noble, Aeropostale, Express, Famous Footwear, Fashion Bug and more, and sign up for their newsletter, many stores will give their followers exclusive coupons and sneak peeks!

2. Return Policy: Know the return policy for your favorite stores ahead of time. Many stores will allow you to return products in-store. If you know this now it will save you time when deal hunting.

3. Get free shipping: Many stores will offer free shipping.

4. Coupon codes: Go to our RETAIL online coupon codes page and search your favorite stores for coupon codes!

4. Stick With What Works: Shop the online stores that we know and love!

  • Amazon: Find incredible deals this time of year on Amazon! You can get free shipping and 2 day delivery with Amazon Prime. If you sign up for Amazon family you can get free shipping for 3 months! Find out why we Love Amazon,  then check out the Top Amazon deals we are blogging about already! Plus remember that on amazon Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not just one day they are the WHOLE WEEK!
  • eBay: Don’t forget about ebay! They will have plenty of good deals in store for you!

5. Come visit us at Our team will be searching the web for the best deals available. We will be updating every hour with more and more deals, ALL DAY LONG! Plus find the quick deals on our facebook page.

ps – we’re finding some awesome deals and great gift ideas right now!  You can subscribe to our FREE newsletter and get gift ideas and deals sent right to your inbox!  Go here for more information!

How to Survive Black Friday In-Store:

If you enjoy early morning, congested traffic, cold weather, grumpy people, long lines, grabby hands and crowded aisles, or you just like the Black Friday fever you will want to be prepared.

  1. You are not alone- We are giving you the sneak peek! We are posting coupon match-ups and the hottest deals to be found at the most popular Black Friday shopping destinations! We will have our list feature so you can easily make a list of the best deals in town! Check out our Black Friday deals!
  2. Make a list  Sometimes, even though it’s a “good deal”, if it wasn’t something on your list, consider passing it up.  Use our DEAL DATABASE to find the best deals for the items on your list! Then make a list by checking the boxes next to the items that you want.
  3. Set a Budget – It is important to stay within your budget when black Friday shopping. Download our simple gift list budget sheet.
  4. Map It Out – map out a route, write down what times stores open.  Consider going to the store before the sale and familiarize yourself with where the item is that you want to purchase (keep in mind that they will sometimes move them for merchandising).  Write the aisle # down and keep with your “map”!
    Idea: Make a notecard for each store and cut out the item (from the ad) that you want and attach it to the notecard.  Write down hours/aisle of the item on that one notecard.  Helps you not forget the deals you wanted! Take the ads with you – sometimes your list can get long and confusing!  It’s best to always have the ads with you!
  5. Prioritize – figure out what deal is the most important to you and head to that one first, you may find that you can’t get all the deals
  6. Be Flexible. Be prepared for an item to be gone, even if it’s the first store you hit.
  7. Leave the littles at home.  Need I say more?
  8. Pack yourself some healthy snacks. You’re more prone to impulse buy when you’re hungry. If you buy snacks while you are shopping you are likely to spend too much or buy junk that will not really give you more energy. If you are frugal like me you will not buy anything until you are almost starving and have a headache from lack of nutrition. So go prepared.
  9. Take a friend! Not only is it more fun, if needed, you can separate if there are multiple great deals in the store!  Have one person stand in line with a basket, the other get items, and bring them back to the line holder this will cut down your line time. Don’t do this with more than two people, you might make people mad.
  10. Be patient.  C’mon.  It’s black Friday   There are going to be LONG lines!  Plan on it, and don’t be grumpy about it!  There are stores where you will have you wait in line to get a number or a wrist band.  Contact your store before hand to see how they are handling Black Friday morning and the doorbuster deals.
  11. Be Kind – You’re bound to run into some crabby greedy shoppers.  Despite the fact that they’re that way, don’t stoop to their level.  Don’t let the excitement of the deal lead you to be a “greedy grabber”.  Don’t forget to be kind to the store employees as well.  Most of them didn’t choose to be there!  Don’t lose your dignity over a hot deal.
  12. Consider staying HOME!  You’ll find there are a lot of great deals online!  Many stores offer the same great deals on-line plus free shipping.  My personal favorite?  Amazon is having a week long “black friday event”

What are your fab Black Friday tips?



    Ive done black friday alot, the only thing i have a problem with is when people fight over stuff. I want to know if theres deals i can do online, instread of going to the stores. This is going to be my first year not doing black friday. I also am a single parent and im loving how you guys have helped me with couponing, this is also my first time doing coupons, well im going on my second month on couponing so this helps out alot thank you ladies.

    • Monica

      Glad to know it is working for you CEECEE. Thank you for your feedback. You will be able to get lots of good deals online on black Friday and even more on Cyber Monday! Woot!

  • Kati

    I am curious about if the black friday prices that are listed on fabfrugal, will those same deals be online? For example, Staples has a printer for 59.99, will I be able to get that online? Can I get all of the store black friday deals online?

    • Kati-

      Yes many stores will be offering the same deals on line. Like walmart will have many items online for the same price as in store on black friday. You should check the ad and the webstite of the store you are planning to shop to see what they will have online.

  • Autumn Hoyer

    I have a question about purchasing new cell phones? My husband seems to think black Friday will be the best day? When do you purchase new phones? Or have you seen any that would suggest any deals?

  • Melissa

    Do you know if toys r us does Black Friday deals online as well? I can’t ever find information on this question on their page. If so, do they start at the same time the store opens or at12:01 am on Thursday? Thanks!

  • I am just curious if I will be able to go on to Targets website for black Friday and purchase one of there ipod touch 5 generations? will they be available online as well? Do I need to call the store to find out.. any info would be great thanks you Lisa

    • Monica

      I am not sure about that particular product. It has been my experience that most of the products in the ad are online as well. I think a good game plan would be to check online before heading to the store. There is a good chance you can avoid the stores. If deals start on Thanksgiving in store they should be online that day too. So you can check before you go.

  • Patricia

    I try to pay with cash on Black Friday. It keeps me within my budget. It also avoids problems with the credit cards taking long to process due to overload on the system.

  • Cara

    Just wondering which newspaper I would buy next week that would have all the black Friday ads in it. Is it Sunday’s?

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