Black Friday Shopping Tips {Online and In-Store}

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Gearing up for Black Friday!

We are starting to formulate our game plans for Christmas Shopping and Black Friday. Why so early you may ask? I will let you in on a little secret. Some of the best deals of the year come in October even before Black Friday arrives.

Shopping Online Black Friday/Cyber Monday:

{Cyber Monday November 28th is the Monday after Thanksgiving}

If you would like to be wrapped up in a snuggie, sitting in the easy chair, sipping hot chocolate, and shopping on your computer this is for YOU!

1. Be on the LIST: Go now and Visit some of your favorite stores: Gap , Target, Sears, Cabela’s, Barnes & Noble, Aeropostale, Express, Famous Footwear, Fashion Bug and more, and sign up for their newsletter, many stores will give their followers exclusive coupons and sneak peeks!

2. Return Policy: Know the return policy for your favorite stores ahead of time. Many stores will allow you to return in-store. If you know this now it will save you time when deal hunting.

3. Get free shipping: Many stores will offer free shipping. Keep an eye out for free shipping codes under our Black Friday label: You can google search for codes or use retail me not.

4. Stick With What Works: Shop the online stores that we know and love!

Amazon: Find incredible deals this time of year on Amazon! You can get free shipping and 2 day delivery with Amazon Prime. Find out why we Love Amazon,  then check out the Top Amazon deals we are blogging about!

Ebates: gives you cash back when you shop and offers discount codes.

eBay: Don’t forget about ebay! They will have plenty of good deals in store for you!

In-Store Shopping:

If you enjoy early morning, congested traffic, cold weather, grumpy people, long lines, grabby hands and crowded aisles, or you just like the Black Friday fever you will want to be prepared.

  1. Make a list and Set a Budget –  Sometimes, even though it’s a “good deal”, if it wasn’t something on your list, consider passing it up.
  2. Map It Out – map out a route, write down what times stores open.  Consider going to the store before the sale and familiarize yourself with where the item is that you want to purchase (keep in mind that they will sometimes move them for merchandising).  Write the aisle # down and keep with your “map”!  Idea: Make a notecard for each store and cut out the item (from the ad) that you want and attach it to the notecard.  Write down hours/aisle of the item on that one notecard.  Helps you not forget the deals you wanted! Take the ads with you – sometimes your list can get long and confusing!  It’s best to always have the ads with you!
  3. Prioritize – figure out what deal is the most important to you and head to that one first, you may find that you can’t get all the deals
  4. Be Flexible (be prepared for an item to be gone, even if it’s the first store you hit)
  5. Leave the littles at home.  Need I say more?
  6. Pack yourself some healthy snacks – you’re more prone to impulse buy when you’re hungry (hmm, does this work for non-food items?), you’ll be out for quite a while!
  7. Take a friend! Not only is it more fun, if needed, you can separate if there are multiple great deals in the store!  Have one person stand in line with a basket, the other get items, and bring them back to the line holder this will cut down your line time. {Don’t do this with more than two people, you might make people mad}
  8. Be patient.  Cmon.  It’s black friday!  There are going to be LONG lines!  Plan on it and don’t be grumpy about it!  Some stores have you wait in line to get a # or wrist band.  Contact your store before hand to see how they are handling black friday morning and the doorbuster deals.
  9. Be Kind – you’re bound to run into some crabby greedy shoppers.  Despite the fact that they’re that way, don’t stoop to their level.  Don’t let the excitement of the deal lead you to be a “greedy grabber”.  Don’t forget to be kind to the store employees as well.  Most of them didn’t choose to be there!  Don’t lose your integrity over a hot deal.
  10. Consider staying HOME!  You’ll find there are a lot of great deals online!  Many stores offer free shipping and great discounts.  Favorites:  Amazon – having a week long “black friday event”


  • sami

    i think #9 is the most important one of all!! and carry it with you as you leave the store and are driving down the road…..

  • Kristine

    I’m spending this year in my snuggie with a hot cup of coffee, shopping online with my credit card! by myself! well… if there is such a thing in a house with 4 small children! 🙂 hurray for Amazon Prime!

  • Melissa

    I love your advice. Ha, Ha, Ha, My first experince w/ Black Friday was a few years ago…. we wanted a new computer and did all kinds of research and then I got up at 2:30 a.m. to go stand in line at Walmart. One other lady was ahead of me at the Electronics Counter, so we chatted for two hours beside the Electronics counter, waiting for 5:00 a.m. and our laptops… at 4:50 this woman cut in line infront of us… like we wouldn’t notice and claimed to not know English…. she kept saying stuff in Spanish. The clerk asked her to move to the end of the line, then she claimed to be the wife of the guy behind me.. he was shocked to suddenly have a wife… it was funny…but we were kind and decided to just ignore her and go with it… so 5:00 came and she suddenly knew how to speak English and randomly found out that she was in the wrong line… It was such sweet justice…. cheat and you won’t aways get what you wanted…. I did get my new computer and a good laugh…. So yes… being kind and using common curtesy pays off.

  • Amanda

    ok so this year I’m doing my shopping online, I’ve NEVER done it before and I have a lot of questions. Do you get the same deals online? (If I see it in the ad can I find the same deal online)?Can I get the deals on Friday or do I have to wait for Monday? Do they sell out online like they do in the store (should I get up at the crack of dawn and start clicking like a mad lady to get the deals)? If anyone can help me I sure would be appreciative. 🙂

    • Monica


      Do you get the same deals online? Some yes, some no. Some are better!

      Can I get the deals on Friday or do I have to wait for Monday? There will be deals on Friday, Saturday and Monday! Some even on Sunday.

      Do they sell out online like they do in the store ? Some deals do sell out especially on cyber Monday!

      should I get up at the crack of dawn and start clicking like a mad lady to get the deals? You can start stocking the deals Thanksgiving day! Every store does something different. Last year I started in the evening on Thursday and went until almost 3 am. Then got up at 6 am for more. 🙂

  • Ashley

    Honestly I think I’ll stay home. I’m doing health and wellness baskets for Christmas for the adults in the family, probably some kind of gift card for mom and dad, and I pretty much got what I need in the line of toys for my kids at the Fred Meyer Bogo sale. Last year I went to walmart and I just couldn’t deal with seeing people out at midnight with small kids walking around who look so super tired. The pushing and shoving let down my hopes for humanity, I swear it. They aren’t even that great of deals anyway, I could find better online or on Ebay. Or used on Craigslist for electronics, sometimes they come with warranties.

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