Getting Organized for When the Kids Go Back to School

Back to School Means it's Time to Get Organized! It's that time of year! Whether you've already sent your kiddos back to school or if you're still in the thick of back to school shopping, some help preparing for the new school year is always welcome! It feels good to create a fresh start and establish a routine, schedule, and plan after lazy days of summer! Plus it helps there be a little less madness around the house once everyone goes back to school. I'm sharing some... Read this post

Camping with Kids: 16 Games and Activities

Camping with your kids can be lots of fun. They usually do not require much entertainment, but it is good to have a few activities on hand to help create some extra special memories for the family. Here are 16 ideas we have that will make your time... Read this post

How College Students Can Get FREE School Supplies

Last year, my two oldest kids went away to college. Before this, I never realized just how expensive it is for a child to prepare for college! My kids have been saving and working for years to prepare for this, yet there is no way one can be 100%... Read this post
37 ways to bust summer boredom - fun balloon and bubble activities

Summer Fun with Balloons and Bubbles

Frugal Living|Kids|Tips
Banish Summertime Boredom with Balloons and Bubbles! Summer is here and these activities will come in handy! We've put together a list of 37 of our favorite balloon and bubble activities. We know  you'll find just the right one for a hot afternoon... Read this post

30 Ways to Use Amazon Alexa on Your Echo Device

I wouldn't be surprised if an Echo device happened to find its way beneath your Christmas tree this holiday season. If so, then you are probably looking for ways to use Amazon Alexa on Your Echo Device. Did you know the Echo Dot was the #1 selling... Read this post
All You Need to Know about Amazon Prime Day Deals 2018

How to Get the Best Amazon Prime Day Deals 2018 + What Deals Were Hot in 2017

AMAZON PRIME DAY is LIVE!!! Be sure to bookmark our Amazon Prime Day Deals page and read on to learn some tips and tricks, PLUS how you can  win an Amazon gift card! (We'll have FORTY winners!) AND below I will share what the hot items of 2017 were... Read this post

4 Ways to Beat the Crowds at Disneyland

travel|Disney|Travel Tips
Is it possible to beat the millions of Mickey-lovers that visit Disneyland every year? Well, just like other theme parks, certain times are busier than others. Keep reading, to learn more about four different way you can beat the crowds at Disneyland.... Read this post

How to Freeze Pineapple

Frugal Living|Simple Money Saving Tips
Did you score some cheap pineapple? I took advantage of a sale and picked up 6 fresh pineapples! Now, my family is big on fresh fruit (it's probably more than 50% of our grocery budget), but still, 6 pineapple is a lot of paradise to consume in just... Read this post

5 Meaningful Family Birthday Traditions

Sometimes it can feel like a birthday is just not as personal as you may want it to be, with more focus on a celebration than on the actual birthday. Some people like it this way, but many of us would rather have a more personal experience. If you... Read this post

Zaycon Fresh Closed for Business and What You Can Do About It

6/26 afternoon UPDATE: We now know that Zaycon was being sued by one of it's investors (lawsuit started in 2016) and while Zaycon has been able to handle legal fees and operate their business for some time, they clearly weren't able to sustain both. It... Read this post
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