15 Organization Ideas for Kids Rooms

No matter how many times you clean it up, your child’s playroom or bedroom can be declared a disaster area. However, when you come in with a plan and ideas to keep the mess under control, you can conquer the chaos before it takes over your life and home. Here are 15 different organization ideas for kids rooms that just might help you get your child's... Read More

Couples Getaways: Why They are a Must + the Best Caribbean Islands to Visit AND Our New 🌴 Travel Deals Hub! ☀

Let's be honest... the grind of daily life can be rough on a marriage. If you don't take time to connect with your spouse on a regular basis, you are likely to become distant partners, living parallel lives. Weekly date nights are important, but I want to take it a step further and stress the importance of scheduling regular getaways with your main... Read More

10 Tips For Speed Cleaning + Spring Cleaning Giveaways ALL WEEK LONG!

This week we're doing Spring Cleaning Giveaways on Facebook live! Yesterday I showed you a super awesome autoship air filter company... you can get your first shipment FREE! AND you can enter to win a year's supply of air filters too! Learn more about FilterEasy here! Join me on Facebook Live each night this week around 5:15 MST to see our next spring... Read More

Kids Allowance: Teaching Money Management, Chores, and Responsibility

For a long time, I've been conflicted about the whole "kids allowance" thing. Should kids get money just because? Aren't chores just part of being in a family and having responsibilities? My kids have always had chores and responsibilities, but I've used them as a way to earn privileges. That system has worked for a long time, and we can still use... Read More

My Battle Overcoming Perfectionism

My name is Cathy Yoder, and I am a perfectionist. Over the weekend I was reminded how debilitating perfectionism can be. Perfectionism is paralyzing. It creates anxiety. Halts productivity. And I knew that I needed to address it. So today I'm gettin real and sharing my story of overcoming perfectionism. Today I write, and don't necessarily... Read More

20 Keto Friendly Foods for Snacks, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner on Amazon

If you're considering the Keto Lifestyle or have started the Keto lifestyle like I have, you might be like me and sometimes just need some quick on the go type of Keto Friendly Foods. Here is a list of 20 different keto friendly products you can purchase on Amazon! Some of these I've tried (and I note in the comments below) and others I have not. But... Read More

Easy Easter Crafts That Kids Can Do

This year Easter comes a little early! Here are 12 Easter Craft Ideas you can do with your kids! Looking for easy Easter crafts that kids can do? Here is a list of 12 easy ideas created just for kids! Several can be done on their own, and others will need adult assistance. Easter Crafts are a fun way to welcome spring! And if you're looking... Read More

How I Started Living Life on Purpose: 3 Easy Ways to Jumpstart Your Intentional Life

Last week I shared how I used to live a life in reactive mode and my decisions were driven by guilt. I never felt like I measured up to my ideal self. The following small and simple strategies have helped me shift into living a life of intention. I like to call it living life on purpose. If you read my post last week, you might think I was beating... Read More

The Secret to Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs (and how to make them easy to peel!)

How to Make Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs If you know a little bit about me you know that I love cool tools for my kitchen! And they don't have to be very expensive for me to get excited about them either! This egg timer is one of my favorite kitchen tools so I am excited to share it with you so you can get one in time for Easter. I shared this tool... Read More

20 of the Best String Art Project Ideas

Do you love string art? Or maybe you just need some inspiration for your living room, family room, kids bedroom? This would even make for some great nursery decor! String art is easy to do, and cheap too! All you need is wood, nails, a hammer, and stink load of string! So here are 20 of the best string art project ideas and tutorials! Just so you know,... Read More
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