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  • Chris Webb

    I noticed above that the $24.99 was for a month? I thought it was a one time thing!! Please, only one time. I can’t afford $24.99 every month. That is why I’m couponing – money is tight. So….only one time!!
    Chris Webb

  • Sho

    I am so looking forward to getting your DVD in the mail and begin saving money on groceries! I want to be able to stock my cabinets, help my grown sons a bit, donate to charities – all while saving lots of money that should be going to pay other bills ^_^
    Thank you and take care.

  • Jamie D.

    Just ordered the DVD and am hoping it gives me more of an understanding to couponing then the coupon class I paid for. I was anxious and excited to learn ways to save money with shopping for groceries and learned one or two things before the lady teaching the class ended the class by saying, “for (this amount of money) you can join us for our pro couponers class”. I just sat there with my mouth open in disbelief after the lady said that and felt like I had just been robbed blind. I am in good spirits and hope this one won’t let me down.

    • Glad you found us Jamie! 🙂 We think you’ll be pleased with your purchase. I just submitted the order today and it should be shipped out by tomorrow or Thursday at the latest. Take care! 🙂

  • Tina H.

    soooo….just finished the dvd…loved loved it!!! now, Cathy, where did you get that awesome binder??? It’s gorgeous!

  • amy

    Hi I thought I was buying the 2014 budgeting tool.. not a couponing dvd.. is it included in the dvd or what is the deal.. because the link I clicked on was for the budgeting tool.. and I used the discount code that was in the email from you guys.. which if im gettn the coupon dvd that is fine. I would like to have it, I just thought I was getting the budgeting tool.. let me know please.. thanks amy morton

  • Anna Miller

    Hi fabs,
    When you complete the purchase of the budget tool, you’re presented with this “thanks for buying the DVD” page. You’ll want to look into how you’re linking back to your site from paypal 🙂

  • Alex Friehauf

    I purchased my dvd 12 days ago (February 12th) and still have not received. Is there a way to track it?

    Invoice ID is 2vqhedh17665gk23sykbnbczgkc0w8ooo8cwgc0


  • Megan Bisher

    I just ordered your 2015 budget but my computer will not allow me to type ANY information into it. Its saying that I have to pay for a subscription for excel?? My computer is practically brand new. I’m not understanding why this is happening. I don’t really have the extra money, hence why I need a budget (lol), to spend on something that I can’t use. 😐

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