Real Estate Savings Strategies: Tax Too High?

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Did you think I was never coming back to guest post on Fabulessly Frugal? The housing market has been so exciting lately that I got a little sidetracked from this series.

We have been focusing on strategies for finding extra money to help you pay down your principle, and the best methods for paying down principle.  Last time we talked about how a Programmable Thermostat can save you $100’s.

Another hidden way to find the extra principle payment money is…

Make sure your not paying too much for your property tax. Here is how you find out:

  • Call your trusted realtor and ask for a free market analysis of your home.
  • Or if you have recently refinanced your home you should already have an appraised value.
  • If your market analysis or appraised value comes back the same or higher than your county assessors analysis you will not qualify for a property tax adjustment.
  • If your market analysis comes back lower than the your county assessors analysis you should appeal.

To appeal contact your county assessors office and ask for assistance. The process varies by county.

I found out that I was paying too much. So then I appealed to the county assessor. I did this with two of my rentals and I received a substantial savings by appealing the counties assessment.

If you have questions or if you live in Idaho and would like a free Realtors assessment contact me or go to my site and request a free market analysis.

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