100 gift ideas that aren't toys

100+ Gift Ideas That Aren’t Toys

Wise|Christmas|Disney Money Saving Tips, Tricks, and Hacks
Have you ever wanted to give more than a gift for Christmas or a child's birthday? There are so many great things that you can do for or with the children you love! Some of them are free, some of them are expensive. We wouldn't presume to say what's... Read this post
How to teach kids about money

How to Teach Your Children About Money

How to Teach Children About Money When my firstborn started talking, walking, and growing, I was quick to pick up the educational toys and books to help teach him shapes, colors and the alphabet. These things are important, right? At two years... Read this post
10 commandments of social media

10 Commandments for Teens Social Media Use

Wise|Life on Purpose
If you've got a teenager or child with a device, you need to know what they are looking at! This is something I'm very passionate about. We as mothers can't be afraid of technology! In fact, you've got to be one step ahead of the game and know more... Read this post
What are amazon prime benefits

8 Amazon Prime Benefits You Can Get for Cheap

In order to get FREE Super Saver Shipping, you have to spend $35, but for less than $10 per month, you can get FREE 2-day shipping PLUS there are a TON more awesome benefits! I LOVE the free shipping benefits. Especially when I'm Christmas shopping!... Read this post
20 years of marriage and 8 kids later... here's my top tip for a successful marriage... date nights are a must! Here's a list of more than 100 ideas. Time to make date night a priority!

105 Cheap Date Night Ideas for Couples

Family|Frugal Living|Wise
I've been married for 20 24 years now, and I'll be the first to say that having a successful and loving marriage takes work! If you don't take the time to nourish it, your marriage relationship can evolve from a relationship of loving adoration into... Read this post

My Honest Stitch Fix Review: What to Expect

OK friends... I'm going to give you my honest Stitch Fix review! But first, let's get real people... how many of you have all the time in the world to head on over to the mall, escape to the dressing room with all your dream items (when let’s be... Read this post

How to Find a Good Price Per Diaper (Stock Up Guide)

Family|Frugal Living|Wise
The average baby uses about 2,700 diapers per year*, costing about $550 if each diaper costs around $0.20 each. That's a lot of money spent on diapers! However, since we're always posting different baby deals, we want to help you get the best diaper... Read this post

How to Watch Movies Without Internet

Frugal Living|Wise|Coupon Tips
Watch Movies Without Internet Have you ever been in a situation when you did not have any internet service? On an airplane, at the beach, inside some buildings or stores, or in the mountains maybe? If you have ever wished you could access instant... Read this post

Amazon Pantry: Tips Tricks and Your Burning FAQ’s

Wise|#StayHome Resources
Many of you Amazon Lovers have probably heard of Amazon Pantry. And maybe you've even used it... whether or not you have, today I want to talk to you about why this is a great little way to save... I think there are a few things you possibly have... Read this post

Tips and Tricks for Finding the Best Back to School Deals {FREE Back to School Supply List Price Point Guide}

Family|Wise|Back To School
Did You Know That Back to School Deals Start Right After the Fourth of July?! Believe it or not, as soon as the Fourth of July is over, the Back to School Deals begin! In fact, some of the best deals show up during July! Sending kids back to school... Read this post
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