Make Your Own Baby Towel { DIY Baby Gift }

Make your own Mom and Baby Towel with this tutorial!  These are great for personalized baby gifts or just make one for yourself!

Mom & Baby Towel Tutorial 550

I received a neat gift shortly after having my baby a few months back. It is a towel with ribbon sewn on one end, so when you are getting the baby out of the tub to dry them off you have a towel handy and ready to go. I love the towel! I use it every night after bath time so I decided to make one myself. It is SO easy!

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HOW TO USE IT: Simply tie the ribbon around your neck and let the towel hang length wise. After you are done bathing your baby, simply pick them up and put them against your chest and grab the bottom part of the towel and bring it up so it covers the back side of the baby. When you are ready to put your baby down to dry and dress simply un-tie the ribbon and set your baby on the changing table


-Full size towel {Towel’s on Amazon}
Sewing needle
measuring tape or ruler

First, I measured my ribbon at 29″ and cut two pieces. Then, I burned the edges lightly with a lighter so they won’t frey in the wash

Begin by measure 9″ from the outside edge of the towel (you will want to sew the ribbon on the short end of the towel-where the binding is). Mark with a pen and place the ribbon in the middle of your mark

Begin sewing your ribbon on. I stitched back and forth 5 times over the entire ribbon before knotting and starting on the other side (if you have a machine, this will take a few seconds to sew both sides-I wanted to demonstrate without so everyone could make this craft, even without a machine.)

Before I started using this towel, before getting my baby out of the tub I would lay a towel on the bathroom floor. Once she was all clean and ready to get out I would lay her on the towel on the floor. With this awesome towel, I can now get her right out of the tub with the towel tide around my neck and immediately wrap her up in it to get her dry and warm. Much better then laying her on the cold bathroom floor. After I get her to her room and put her on the changing table all I need to do is un-tie the ribbons and set her down. While we are dressing her the ribbons usually keep her occupied… even better!

such a frugal and handy baby gift to give and get!

If you are not crafty, but still frugal find baby towel deals here!

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  • katie martin

    I am a little confused is the ribbon on one of the short ends or long ends of the towel. Just can’t make sure in the picture and wented to figure it out.

    • Amie

      Sorry that wasn’t clear, I have updated the instructions 🙂 you want to sew the ribbon on the short end of the towel where the binding is.

  • Megan

    I agree with Katie… can you provide a little more detail, or a pic of the finished product (the entire towel). Thanks!!!

    • Amie

      Megan, I have added a photo at the end of the post so you can see where to attach your ribbon. You want to attach it to the smaller end of the towel where the binding is. I hope that helps!

  • Amy

    Ugh…Im still confused! lol I have no idea how this works!? (not how it’s made, but how you use it?) I wish we could see a picture of it being used to know what it’s all about?? Do you hold the towel by the strings or something when you are drying the baby off? I hope someone can explain this to me…I’m utterly perplexed and it’s killing me! ha ha But I would love to know what the proper usage is so I can make one. : D

    • Amie

      Amy, I just posted another picture with details on how to use the towel. Basically you tie the ribbon around your neck and let the towel hang length wise. Once you are ready to try your baby off, you will hold the baby against your chest on the towel. Then, pick up the bottom of the hanging towel so your baby is covered front to back in the towel. When you are done drying them off simply untie the ribbon and you have the whole towel to use to dry. Hope this helps!

      • Amie

        it just makes it easier to get the baby out of the tub while having a towel handy. Before I used this i would lay a towel out on my bathroom floor then get my baby out and lay her on the towel. Now, I can have the towel around my neck. Pick her up and wrap her in the towel so she is warm then move her to the bedroom while wrapped then un-tie the ribbon and lay her on her changing pad to finish drying her off! Sorry, I guess it wasn’t too clear! I hope it has been explained better now. Let me know if you have any other questions. Glad you asked! 🙂

  • Tammie

    I have been sewing for a long time and have to say that I couldn’t quite wrap my brain around exactly how you used the ribbon until you answered Amy. What a GREAT idea! I have a lot of towels left over from when I made “apron towels” a few years ago and was wondering what I was going to do with them.
    I have some hand towels that I think would be perfect for preemies.
    Thanks for the frugal idea.
    I also have about 60 spools of ribbon which will now be put to use as well.

  • Tammie

    I forgot to add earlier that when I get my grand daughters out of the tub the main part of the towel would be on me and then I would awkwardly try to wrap the remaining ends, what little there were, around the them. I KNEW there had to be a better way!
    The next time my “girls” visit I can’t want to have one of these made and will probably keep it tied so it will easily slip over my head.
    I have a big black towel that doesn’t look very babyish, so I thought I would sew some ribbon at the top and bottom so everybody knows its a special towel for special, precious child. And, I’m from GA, so I could sew red ribbon on for DAWG fans!
    Why on earth didn’t I think of something this clever a long time ago?
    Can you come up with a suggestion for towels I have cut in half – width wise? Because the edges are raw I would need to double it over twice to sew because i don’t have a surger. Maybe they could be used as preemie towels? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I also have hand towels in the same predicament.

    • Amie

      Tammie, how cute that your “girls” will be able to use the towels! Yes, I sometimes keep my ribbon tied too so its quick. You could even do without the tie and just use a long piece of continuous ribbon, as long as you measure before hand so its long enough to slip over your head then you have one less step of cutting the ribbon :).

      Maybe with your smaller towels you could make hooded towels for babies or toddlers. You could surge the end or just roll it and sew it like you suggested. If the towel is small you could still make a hooded towel for a baby. If you would like me to do a tutorial on how to make one please let me know and I’d be happy to do so!

  • Malisa Davis

    I need the dimensions to be 45″x55″. What are the dimensions on the one you give instructions for and how do I make adjustments?

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