How to Make a DIY Baby Towel With Neck Strap

DIY baby towel with neck strap

I received a neat gift shortly after having my baby a few months back. It is a towel with ribbon sewn on one end, so when you are getting the baby out of the tub to dry them off you have a towel handy and ready to go. I love it! I use it every night after bath time.

Because I love my baby towel so much, I decided to learn how to make one myself. Now you can make your own DIY Baby Towel too with this tutorial! These are great for personalized baby shower gifts as well.

How the DIY Baby Towel Works

Simply tie the ribbon around your neck and let the towel hang lengthwise. After you are done bathing your baby, simply pick them up and put them against your chest and grab the bottom part of the towel and bring it up so it covers the back side of the baby.

When you are ready to put your baby down to dry and dress simply untie the ribbon and set your baby on the changing table. It’s that easy and there’s no fuss.

How to Make a Baby Towel With Neck Strap

Measuring ribbon for diy baby towel

Supplies Needed

Measuring ribbon for diy baby towel

Step 1.

First, I measured my ribbon at 29″ and cut two pieces. Then, I burned the edges lightly with a lighter so they won’t frey in the wash.

Make your own towel

Step 2.

Begin by measuring 9″ from the outside edge of the towel (you will want to sew the ribbon on the short end of the towel-where the binding is). Mark with a pen and place the ribbon in the middle of your mark:

Placing ribbon on baby towel

Step 4.

Begin sewing your ribbon on.

Sewing ribbon onto baby towel with neck strap

Note: I stitched back and forth 5 times over the entire ribbon before knotting and starting on the other side (if you have a machine, this will take a few seconds to sew both sides-I wanted to demonstrate without so everyone could make this craft, even without a machine.)

Completed look of sewed on ribbon

Using the DIY Baby Towel

Before I started using this towel, before getting my baby out of the tub I would lay a towel on the bathroom floor. Once she was all clean and ready to get out I would lay her on the towel on the floor.

With this awesome towel, I can now get her right out of the tub with the towel tied around my neck and immediately wrap her up in it to get her dry and warm. Much better than laying her on the cold bathroom floor.

After I get her to her room and put her on the changing table all I need to do is untie the ribbons and set her down. While we are dressing her the ribbons usually keep her occupied… even better!

Ribbon on towel

Bottom Line:

This craft is functional, frugal, and fantastic! Now that I have been using my DIY baby towel for a while, it’s definitely something I couldn’t live without. It’s just so much more convenient than my old method.

I totally recommend making yourself one of these if you’re a mom! Or, if you’re going to a baby shower, these make for great gifts as well. Bundle it together with a diaper cake and you’ll have the best gift at the party!

If you are not crafty, but still frugal, find baby towel deals here!

How to make a baby towel

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