Two Ingredient Natural Drain Cleaner!

Clean your drains with only TWO ingredients!

Do you have a slow moving drain somewhere in your house? My kitchen sink and bathroom sink sometimes start draining slowly and need a little boost. I don’t have a clog yet, but I can feel one coming on! So, in an effort to prevent rather than treat, I use a homemade drain cleaning concoction. All you’re going to need is already in your kitchen too! This prevention treatment is SO much better than dealing with the after math of a clog!

What you will need:

Baking Soda

With only two ingredients to make a natural drain cleaner, you’d better believe it’s simple to do!  Let’s talk shop real quick though. Do you have a clog already?  If you do, try your best to remove all of the water that is sitting in the sink before you do this.  You will also want to double the measurements that we are using because this recipe is just a preventative.  If you’re drain doesn’t clear on the first try, try it again.  If this does not clear your clogged drain, maybe try a stronger chemical drain cleaner.

For the rest of us who are looking at cleaning a slow draining sink, fill a 1/2 cup with baking soda and pour it into your sink. It is best if you are working with a dry sink to start with. Otherwise the water will clump your baking soda making it more difficult to get down the drain. Since your baking soda is dry, it will not “pour” down the drain.  You will need to push it down. I just use my fingers and push it down.

Once most, if not all, of your baking soda is literally down the drain, pour 1/2 cup vinegar into the sink.

Quickly, close the drain!  Make sure your drain is closed well. Don’t be surprised if you hear gurgling or see bubbling coming up from the drain.  That’s the effect that is going to naturally unclog and clean your drain.

Now, let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes. You can certainly use any residue to scrub your sink while you’re waiting! I did! Once your time is up, pour hot (almost boiling) water down to drain to release anything that’s left clinging in the pipes.

That’s it!  Easy wasn’t it?  Its nice to know that your kitchen holds some of the best kept cleaning secrets around! Try to do this every few months to avoid those nasty clogs that sometimes require a professional.

Does your shower starting to have a clog as well?? If so, do the same things for your shower drain! Grab your vinegar and baking soda, dump them down, and let them do all the work!




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