Hot Lego Deals – How To Get the Best Deals!

Find the Best Lego Deals & Avoid Getting Ripped Off

My kids just absolutely LOVE Lego sets! For any gift-giving occasion (like birthdays or Christmas), Lego sets are a safe bet and happily received. And really my whole family loves these toys, with Dad in the lead.

Lego sets don’t go on sale very often, so when one of the sets you want is discounted, you should snatch it up!  To me, anything 20% off or more on Lego sets is GREAT!

However, sometimes (especially around holidays) some of the individuals selling Lego Sets aren’t honest. Here are a few ways to tell right away if you are getting scammed! Here are the tricks I use to be a Frugal Lego Deal Finder!

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Top 3 Tips to Get the Best Lego Deals

1. Check The Lego Shop

The Lego Shop will always have the real price listed, so it’s best to check there first before buying anything. This will save you from overpaying on a Lego set.

2. Pay Attention to the List Price

If it doesn’t have a List Price, you are either paying retail or getting scammed. The picture below shows you what the scammers inflated price looks like, and the 2nd example shows you what a real sale looks like. You can’t mess with the list price on things, but you can make it disappear from the item you are selling.

How to spot a Lego Deal - List Price

3. Always Look for a Piece Count

The going price on Lego sets is about $10 per 100 pieces, give or take a little. However, when you don’t see a piece count, you can’t use that to judge. People spend a lot of time using photoshop to make the Lego sets they are selling at an inflated price seem awesome!

How to spot a Lego Deal - Piece Count

Putting These Tips Into Action

For both of the examples above, my inflated product was the LEGO Castle King’s Carriage Ambush 7188. It does list the item number, so a quick hop over to The LEGO Shop, and I can do a search by item number (7188), but nothing came up. So then I hop onto Google and do an image search and it shows me it had 285 pieces.

That means it should be somewhere in the $20-$30 range, not almost $50! However, it did also tell me that this is a retired product, so yes, some collectors are willing to pay more, and that’s what the seller is hoping for.

Hot Lego Deals

We love bringing you the Lego deals! Check out our Lego Deal Database! You can also use the quick links below to quickly find current Amazon deals on your favorite LEGO theme sets!

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Tips and Tricks to Score Hot Lego Deals


  • Thanks for sharing the info about $10/100 legos; I almost purchased a 188 piece set for $48, thinking it was much more than it really was!! Really appreciate the wakeup call; not everything on Amazon is a deal!

    • I’m so glad you found the information useful! Amazon is GREAT, MOST of the time 🙂 But especially with hot items like this, you have to be careful 🙂

  • Thanks for the great Lego info. My son desperately wants the Minecraft regular sets(not the Micro Worlds) but they’re sold out at all brick and mortar stores/normal web stores. I just can’t convince myself to pay more despite how much he wants it.

  • This is awesome just like Lego is. My kids love to play with it for hours and hours but to be honest most times I think Lego is so expensive! Thanks!

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