5 Meaningful Family Birthday Traditions

Meaningful family birthday traditions and ideas

5 Family Birthday Celebration Ideas

Sometimes it can feel like a birthday is just not as personal as you may want it to be, with more focus on a celebration than on the actual birthday. Some people like it this way, but many of us would rather have a more personal experience.

If you feel the same, here are 5 meaningful family birthday traditions to try with your family! These celebration ideas are all focused on making the birthday girl/boy feel as good as possible on their special day. 🙂

1. Give memories, not just presents


Everybody just expects to give or receive presents on their birthday. It’s not a matter of greed, it’s just the way birthdays are handled, especially for children.

While it’s certainly ok to give physical presents, try making memories together instead! Going out to visit an amusement park, aquarium, or other attraction not only means you’ll all spend time together, but it will also last forever!

Memories and pictures of the trip will be around long after the latest toy has been broken or gone out of style. Check out this post for 100+ gift ideas that aren’t toys!

2. The “say yes” policy

Envelope that says "Yeah!!"

Who doesn’t like having things the way they want it? A tradition that really shows the importance of the person being celebrated is the “say yes” policy.

This literally means you have to say yes to the birthday boy/girl no matter what they want! Want to eat ice cream for breakfast? Yes! Want to watch their favorite movie 3 times in a row? Yes!

No matter their age, this tradition really makes them feel like it’s their day, and that they can make it be anything they want it to be! This tradition will create some awesome, long-lasting memories for both of you.

3. Birthday plate

Happy birthday plate

Source: Zazzle

Nothing says tradition like passing something down through the generations! A birthday plate is a special plate that only comes out for birthdays.

Usually, it is decorated with “Happy Birthday” text and balloons, streamers, and confetti, showing the person using it just how important they are! A birthday plate is only to be used on birthdays, and only by the person celebrating.

The plate is just another meaningful way to show them that they are loved and that the day is about them! You can also make this tradition more special by making a birthday plate with your kids.

Check out these pictures and websites below for some super fun ideas:

Happy birthday plate with a cupcake drawn on it

Source: keadiy.com

4. Get family together

Family standing by the pool

One of the most meaningful things to do for birthdays is getting family together. Some of the most memorable birthdays we’ve had are when the cousins come over to celebrate with us.

A lot of people have family that doesn’t live just down the street, so they may not get to see them very often. Birthdays are the perfect occasion to get everybody together to celebrate and enjoy each other’s company!

This birthday tradition also helps younger children appreciate the importance of family, and better know their more distant relatives. Our family loves to celebrate by swimming and barbecuing together.

The kids also love to have video game parties with all the cousins, such as Minecraft or Fortnite (yes I let my kids play Fortnite). What are some family party games you love to do with your family?

5. Try something new

Pineapples in front of birthday equipment

Looking for something crazier? Create your own tradition, unlike anything you’ve ever heard of! Making something special that only your family does will bring you all closer together.

Maybe you all make the birthday cake together, and the birthday person decorates it blindfolded!

Final Thoughts

Traditions don’t have to make sense as long as they’re fun for everyone and they create memories. Share your unique birthday party traditions in the comments to help inspire others.

Traditions are part of what makes family special. These 5 meaningful birthday traditions will help your kids appreciate family, and celebrate birthdays in a fun way they can do for the rest of their lives!

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5 Meaningful family birthday traditions

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