Marbleized Easter Eggs

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Want a fun way to dye your Easter Eggs? Then you’ve got to try out these Marbleized Easter Eggs! They are easy and fun to do… and I bet you have everything you need in your stockpile! Now keep in mind, you don’t HAVE to use shaving cream for this. If you don’t want to use shaving cream (because you won’t want to eat these), then use whipped cream from a can instead!

Marbelized Eggs - Ingredients

Marbleized Easter Eggs

This is a fun and easy Easter craft to do with the kids! It’s taking easter egg dye up a notch! PS – if you are looking for more Easter egg ideas, check out our Easter page! It not only has Easter recipes, but Easter deals and other Easter DIY ideas as well! You might also like this fun way to dye Easter Eggs with Kool-aid!

Ingredients for Marbleized Easter Eggs

  • Neon Food Coloring
  • White Shaving Cream (or Cool Whip-Thanks Reader Anna for testing this!)
  • Hard Boiled Eggs, pre-dipped in vinegar to make the colors vibrant!

Tools for Marbleized Easter Eggs

Marbelized Eggs - Shaving Cream

Step 1

Cover cookie sheet with shaving cream or whipped cream and smooth down with the back of a spoon.

Marbelized Eggs - Food Coloring

Step 2

Add food coloring drops, and mix into shaving cream or whipped cream with knife or toothpicks.  I like the knife because it’s fast to clean (so the colors don’t mix) and fast to mix with the colors.

Marbelized Eggs - Ready to go

Step 3

Roll your hard boiled eggs in the shaving cream.  It doesn’t take much, one tray will cover about 4 dozen eggs.

Marbelized Eggs - Drying

Step 4

Allow eggs to dry for 10-15 minutes. Then gently wipe off shaving cream with a paper towel. Make sure you don’t wash them off, because the even color will go away!

Marbelized Eggs - IGSuper easy, pretty, and fun!

Note that eggs are porous   so if you use shaving cream, don’t eat these!  AND if you don’t want to eat dye, don’t eat them either way!

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  • Jessica

    Cute idea!

  • Milica

    I was wanting to try this and heard it works even better if you dip the eggs in vinegar first. I was going to try a few before I let the kids loose on them!

  • Cathy of Fabulessly Frugal

    Colorful and fun!

  • Monica

    My boys will love this. Can’t wait to try it.

  • Ryan

    Looks fun, but not eating the eggs goes against the whole frugal mindset. You can use the eggs for egg salad sandwiches or deviled eggs , spinach salad, Cobb salad, etc. Eggs are so nutritious too! I couldn’t just throw them away

    • Polly

      I wonder if you could use cool whip instead of shaving cream so the eggs would still be edible. I couldn’t waste all those eggs either. 🙂 I think it’s safe to assume that since eggs are porous the shaving cream actually gets into the shell of the egg. 🙂

    • Anna

      I completely agree with Ryan on eating the eggs instead of tossing them out, but funky color aside would they be safe to eat afterward? My concern would be that shaving cream really is not meant to be eaten, and if they are porous enough to absorb color inside, would they be absorbing shaving cream? I can’t imagine that would be very tasty :p

  • ilona

    Thought about blowing the eggs out and then coloring them after they are hollow. This way I would still be using my eggs. Can’t throw out perfectly good eggs either.

  • Anna

    Just tried it with cool whip and it worked great 🙂 and best of all no soapy taste 😀

  • Robin

    I read a suggestion, haven’t tried it, that said to blow out the eggs and freeze them in 2 or 3 egg batches and freeze them to use later in things like cakes and cookies where the eggs don’t need to be pretty to use them. This was so the kids could color more eggs and not have to worry about using them right away but I think it would be good if you wanted to use something non-edible to color them.

    • Sheets

      Uncooked eggs don’t freeze we’ll, wouldn’t recommend this especially with alot of eggs 🙁

      • Deb

        Actually you can freeze eggs, egg whites freeze best and last for several months. If you want to freeze whole make sure you break up the eggs first. I’m a pastry Chef and I do this all the time. Fresh eggs (yolks) last only 3 days once they are cracked in the refrigerator.

  • Michele

    Great idea! Thank you for sharing…I’m going to use it in my classroom tomorrow.

  • sarah

    Cool whip works well with red and blue and no vinegar. I wanted something I wasn’t afraid my 10 month old would eat. He loved it and just threw him in the bath after!

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