19 DIY Kite Crafts for Kids (Art Ideas + Flying Kites)

DIY kites

Kite Crafts Kids Can Make at Home

Kite flying is a classic pastime that’s been around for ages, and it’s exciting whether you’re a kid or an adult. The feeling of getting your kite to catch the breeze and then releasing it higher and higher into the sky just never gets old!

Kites on their own are also a bit of a symbol. A symbol of freedom, youth, and fun! This makes them a great decoration or art piece.

To help you bring more good kite vibes into your life, we’ve gathered a list of creative kite crafts and art pieces perfect for kids. Some of them fly and some of them are just meant for decoration, but they’re all a blast to make!

1. Mary Poppins Kite

Yellow purple and blue paper kite crafts

These are a great example of some decorate craft kites! They would look great in a bedroom, or as a decoration for a fun party. The color combination possibilities are endless!

Get the full tutorial from Desert Chica

2. Paper Bag Kite

Colored paper bag with string and handle attached

Here’s a really resourceful flying kite idea made with a paper bag, a stick, and some string. That’s about as simple and inexpensive as it gets!

Because the paper bag has quite a lot of surface area the kids can go to town on decorating their kites too. They can add paint, felts, stickers, and anything else they can think of!

Get the full tutorial from Happy Hooligans.  

3. Stained Glass Kite

Stained glass kites in window

Here’s another decorative idea, perfect for any window in your home. These are actually quite beautiful for using such a simple DIY stained glass method.

These home decor kites work as great reminders too! If you’re waiting for a nice windy day for flying some real kites, put these on a window as a daily reminder to check for wind!

Get the full tutorial from Make and Takes

4. Kite Gift Card Holder

Colorful kite that folds open

I love using easy printable gift card holders when I’m gifting someone a gift card as it just adds a nice personal touch, and this kite idea is awesome! It folds open to show the gift card.

Get the full tutorial from Mixed Up Craft

5. Math Kite

Kite with numbers on it

Making education fun – especially math – can be a challenge, but this craft idea is perfect for that! There are probably a ton of other educational kite crafts you could make too using similar designs. Flying a kite itself is a great showcase of physics!

Get the full tutorial from Primary Playground

6. Black Glue Kite Art

Differently patterned kites with black glue bordering

This is a really nice artistic way to design decorative kites. The black borders created with the glue remind me a bit of stained glass. There are so many different designs you could create with this technique!

Get the full tutorial from I Heart Crafty Things

7. Goldfish Kite

Goldfish with googly eyes kite

These goldfish kites are made from toilet paper rolls, and although they won’t fly in the wind, kids will have a ton of fun running with them. The googly eyes add a lot of character!

Get the full tutorial from Lightly Enchanted

8. Paper Plate Kite

Paper plate kites

Believe it or not, these paper plate kites WILL fly. The holes in the middle of the plates actually help the kites fly as they lower the weight of the plate and the wind still catches the sides.

If you like crafts like this, check out our other paper plate crafts. Paper plates are a super versatile craft supply!

Get the full tutorial from The Country Chic Cottage

9. Japanese Carp Kite

Windsock kite

Here’s another DIY kite that won’t actually fly, but it does look really neat when hung up outside. And on a windy day, I’m sure it looks even better. I love all the different colors used in it!

Get the full tutorial from The Crafty Classroom

10. Windy Day Kite Crafts

Colorful windy day kites

This craft is referencing the children’s book The Windy Day, which is a great little story about the wind and all of the different things it does. If your kids haven’t read it before, check it out here.

Get the full tutorial from Keeping Life Creative

11. Origami Kites

Folded origami kite

Origami can seem pretty complicated at times but this craft is actually quite simple. Even a preschooler could manage it with a bit of help!

Get the full tutorial from Woo! Jr

12. Pasta Noodle Kite

Blue and red pasta noodle kite craft

If you have some spaghetti, baby bow tie noodles, string, glue, and paint at home, try this fun little craft! It’s always a blast to craft and paint with food every once in a while.

Get the full tutorial from Crafty Morning

13. Garbage Bag Kite

Flying garbage bag kite

A trash bag might not be your go to material for a flying kite, but it works! It’s super simple and inexpensive too.

Get the full tutorial from Instructables

14. Japanese Fish Kite

Blue and green fish kite

If you need some summer activity ideas to entertain your kids (no matter the age), kite crafts like this are perfect! This kite won’t fly on its own, but it also doesn’t need any wind so it works for any day. The kids can have a blast crafting and coloring and then running around the yard with their homemade kite!

Get the full tutorial from Mainly Homemade

15. Cupcake Liner Kite

Red cupcake liner kite with cloudy construction paper background

Here’s another kite craft idea for when you’re feeling a bit artsy! If it’s too hot outside, stay inside and make one of these cool cupcake liner kites.

Get the full tutorial from I Heart Crafty Things

16. Craft Stick Kite

Tissue paper craft stick kites

This is another kite art scene, this time made mainly with craft sticks and tissue paper. The tissue paper adds some really nice color!

Get the full tutorial from Our Kid Things

17. Plastic Bag Kite

Flying a plastic bag kite

This craft works almost identically to the garbage bag kite craft, just using a plastic bag instead. The crafter even used some sticks from outside to craft their kite which is super resourceful!

Get the full tutorial from Budget Dumpster

18. Waldorf Hand Kite

Rainbow colored waldorf hand kite

If you or your kids like rainbow crafts, you’ll definitely want to try making one of these hand kites. The process of attaching the ribbons to the wooden ring is really neat too.

Get the full tutorial from Akamatra

19. Paper Kite Crafts

Colorful paper kite

We included this idea in our roundup of easy summer crafts and just had to include it here! Since the kite is made from paper, you or your kids can customize it however they like!

Get the full tutorial from Happiness is Homemade

DIY kite crafts for kids


Windy day or not, there are many ways to bring the idea and joy of kites into your home! Make a few DIY kites for flying, and on the hot, less windy days, create some kite crafts and art pieces instead!

Hope you enjoy these ideas and try a few out with your kids. If you already know which ones you want to try, leave a comment below and let us know!

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