18 DIY Bottle Cap Crafts for Kids and Adults

Wait! Don’t throw those bottle caps away just yet…save them for some of these handy bottle cap crafts! We’ve got useful upcycling ideas, homemade gifts, art projects, and more to share.

Bottle cap diy ideas

I’m pretty sure everyone knows at least one person who used to collect bottle caps. It’s not the most common hobby in the world, but it is a real hobby! It’s honestly pretty cool to look through a huge bottle cap collection too – they’re always changing styles and vintage bottle caps are just awesome to see.

Anyway, even if you’re not a big collector, you might want to start hanging onto your bottle caps after you read this post. There are tons of cool things you can make with them! Some people make really impressive bottle cap art, but we’re going to keep things relatively simple for this post 🙂

Open Bottles and Collect Bottlecaps in Style

Regular bottle openers get the job done, but homemade bottle openers get the job done AND they look way cooler. You can even make ones that catch the bottle caps with a magnet or catch them in a cup at the bottom of the opener.

If you want to try making one for yourself, check out these 5 DIY bottle opener ideas. The third one will surprise you a bit – it’s made with just a nail and a piece of wood!

18 Bottle Cap Art Projects & Craft Ideas

1. Bottle Cap Ladybugs

Bottle caps painted as ladybugs

This is a cute and easy way to use up old bottlecaps and it’s a great project for kids to take part in. You can turn them into magnets too if you’d like, which leads into the next craft idea…

Get the full tutorial from Woli Creations.

2. Magnets

There are actually two different ways you can craft bottle caps into magnets. You can either paint the bottle caps and then stick a magnet on the underside, or you can put an image on the underside and attach a magnet to the top.

Both methods yield cool results and of course can be done in many different ways! Here are some emoji magnets made with method #1:

Emoji magnets on fridge

I love how customizable this idea is – try to invent your own emojis! Get the full tutorial for this method from Mixed Kreations.

Here are some letter magnets made with method #2:

Bottle caps spelling a name

You can put pretty much any image you want on these magnets. Get the full tutorial for this method from Bottle Cap Co.

3. Bottle Cap Necklaces

Toy story bottle cap necklaces

Just like with the magnets above, the possibilities with bottle cap necklaces are endless. Once you get the hang of making them you can put all sorts of different images inside!

Get the full tutorial for this method from Girl Gone Mom.

4. Ornaments

I’m sure there are plenty of different ways to make cool Christmas ornaments out of bottle caps, but we’ve gathered just a few ideas to get you started.

First, pom pom ornaments made with plastic bottle caps:

Multi-colored pom pom ornaments

These are really cute and they look pretty simple to make too. Get the full tutorial from Recycled Crafts.

Next, bottlecap snowmen:

Two bottlecap snowmen ornaments

Bottle caps are just perfect for this. Get the full tutorial from Woli Creations.

And finally, macaron ornaments:

Box of multi-colored macaron ornaments

I think this is by far the most creative bottlecap ornament idea I’ve seen. What a fantastic result! Get the full tutorial from Dwell Beautiful.

All of these would make for great homemade Christmas gifts! PS: For more ornament ideas, check out these 25 DIY Christmas Ornaments for Kids.

5. Mini Pincushion

Once again I have multiple ideas here, and you’re going to love both. First, a stickable bottlecap pincushion:

Stickable pincushions with different designs

This is so awesome because you can stick it anywhere and move it around as you need. Get the full tutorial from Tea Rose Home.

Next up we have another convenient pin cushion design, this time in ring form:

Person wearing ring pincushion

This is so clever! The pincushion goes wherever you go. Get the full tutorial from Pretty Prudent.

6. Bottle Cap Spiders

Bottle cap spider

These bottle cap spiders have to be one of the easiest DIY Halloween decorations around. All you need are some googly eyes, plastic bottle caps, black paint, and pipe cleaners!

Be sure to check out our Halloween Hub to find more ideas like these Halloween Milk Jug Crafts and Halloween Crafts for Preschoolers.

Get the full tutorial from Kids Activities Blog.

7. Earrings

Bottle cap earrings

Talk about the cutest DIY earrings ever! Not only are they super unique but they also let you express your favorite sodas in a stylish way.

I think these would be a great craft to make and sell online. I could see them doing really well on a place like Etsy!

Get the full tutorial from A Beautiful Mess.

8. Bottle Cap Coaster

Two different styled bottle cap coasters

These bottle cap coasters would make for a super unique Father’s Day gift! I’m sure you could get some cool designs going too with different colored caps.

Get the full tutorial from Wright Simply.

Want more ideas? Be sure to check out these 25 DIY Coasters You Can Make From Home!

9. Bottle Cap Catapult

If you want to do a little bit of homemade science while having a lot of fun at the same time, building a catapult is obviously the best choice. You can teach your kids a bit of physics and shoot some things around the house all with just some popsicle sticks, a bottle cap, and a few other supplies.

Get the full tutorial from Teach Engineering.

10. Self-Watering Planter

Self watering bottle planter diagram

Ok, this isn’t necessarily a bottle cap craft but I thought it was too clever to pass up. It’s a self-watering planter made from an old plastic bottle!

Get the full tutorial from To Do What You Love.

11. Bottle Cap Lure

Several bottle cap fishing lures

This idea was included in our 10 Easy DIY Gifts for Men post – DIY bottle cap lures! These are really cool looking and they’re functional too!

Get the full tutorial from 2 Little Hooligans.

12. Flower Decoration

Bottle cap garden flower

Here’s an easy and cute vintage looking flower craft you can make for the garden! I love the little green bottle cap leaves on the stem.

Get the full tutorial from Crafts by Amanda.

13. Easy Paint Palette

Paint palette made with caps and lids

Yes, that’s a paint palette completely made out of lids! This is a really functional way to reuse different sized bottle caps, and perfect for kids to make and use.

Get the full tutorial from Thrifty Fun.

14. Bottlecap Bumblebees

Bottle cap bees

“Bottlecap bumblebees” – that definitely has a ring to it! This is one of the simpler bottle cap crafts on this list, and it’s a great one to do with the kids. Make some DIY paper flowers while you’re at it!

Get the full tutorial from Woli Creations.

15. Mini Candles

Bottle cap candles

Aren’t these the most adorable candles ever? You could give out packs of them as really cute and funny homemade gifts if you wanted!

Get the full tutorial from Craftaholics Anonymous.

16. Bottle Cap Keychains

Rainbow keychain

These are a bit similar to the bottle cap necklaces so if you get the hang of making those, these will be easy (and vice versa). Plus you can put all sorts of designs on the keychains you make, which is really fun.

Get the full tutorial from Smart Living Mama.

17. Wind Chime

Bottlecap wind chime

You can make some REALLY cool DIY wind chimes with bottle caps. And if you’re wondering how they’ll sound, the crafter says “like jingling car keys.”

Get the full tutorial from Trina Lyn.

18. Bottle Cap Table

Bottlecap table top

There are a lot of different ways to make bottle cap tables depending on the look you’re going for, but a project like this definitely takes quite a bit of work! Still, the end result is really cool and unique.

Get the full tutorial from My So Called Crafty Life.

Where to Get More Bottle Caps

If you’re itching to try these bottle cap crafts and you don’t feel like waiting around until you’ve collected enough caps yourself, you can always buy them! Amazon has a ton of different bottle caps available for sale. Check them out here.

What’s cool about buying them on Amazon is that you can find particular colors you’re looking for, mixed packs of vintage bottle caps, pre-flattened caps, and more.

Bottle cap art

Final Thoughts

Next time you go to throw out a bottlecap, hang onto it instead! It’s pretty amazing all of the different things you can create with them. Plus, it’s a tiny bit better for the environment to reuse your bottlecaps rather than throw them out.

Let us know: What are your favorite bottlecap crafts from this list? Have you already tried some of them?

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