25 DIY Coasters You Can Make From Home

Make your own coasters

How to Make Coasters – 25 DIY Coaster Ideas

Whether you’re looking for some homemade gift ideas or just a place to put down your glass of wine, these DIY coaster ideas will not disappoint. I’ve searched the web and found some of the coolest and cutest DIY coasters ever to get you inspired to craft!

1. DIY Faux Agate Coasters

Image source + tutorial

At first glance, I honestly thought these DIY coasters were made from real agate slices! Turns out they’re made with a bit of clay, acrylic paint, and some other materials that cost much less than real agate slices.

2. Marbled Copper Coasters

Image source + tutorial

These coasters are so cool and colorful! If you’ve never done marbling before you’re going to have a blast making these coasters. There are so many different patterns and possibilities for these as well.

3. Tie-Dye Tile Coasters

Image source + tutorial

Marbling is cool, but tie-dye coasters? That’s even cooler! Once you see how these are made you’ll be amazed too…it’s almost like a science experiment. The kids will love to watch how they’re made.

4. Mason Jar Lid Coasters

These mason jar lid coasters have a bit of a rustic feel and I just love it! There are so many different fabrics you could lay on the inside too for different looks. And, even if you don’t have any lids on hand, you can always buy mason jar lids on AmazonMake sure to check out these DIY Mason Jar Lights too!

Image source + tutorial

5. Agate Slice Coasters

Image source + tutorial

Ok, unlike the faux agate coasters above, these are the real deal made with real agate slices! They’ll cost you a bit more but wow do they look beautiful.

6. DIY Photo Coasters

Image source + tutorial

If you’re someone who loves having photos of family and friends around the house, or you’re looking for a homemade gift idea, photo coasters are perfect. Make sure to check out our post on how to put a photo on a candle too!

7. Resin Coffee Bean Coaster

Image source + tutorial

These handmade resin coasters are so fun and perfect for coffee lovers! The glitter at the bottom is optional but I think it adds a nice touch.

8. Pressed Leaf/Flower Coasters

Image source + tutorial

This has to be one of the most amazing ideas for handmade coasters that I’ve ever seen. They are gorgeous! You can put leaves and flowers in them to represent different seasons, special moments, or whatever else. So lovely!

9. Round Macrame Coasters

Image source + tutorial

For a classic BOHO look, these macrame coasters are wonderful. They’re simple, elegant, and just fun to look at. Plus, they’re not just useful as coasters; you can use them under pots as well!

10. Improved Dollar Store Coasters

Image source + tutorial

Dollar store coasters are typically pretty plain and ugly, but they have the benefit of being cheap. So, with a bit of DIY finesse, why not spice them up and make them look a bit better? There are a ton of different paint options and patterns you could try.

11. DIY Tile Coasters With Napkin Decoupage

Image source + tutorial

This tutorial won’t necessarily show you how to make coasters, but it will show you how to improve a set of existing tile coasters with just a pack of napkins! Pretty amazing if you ask me. 😉

12. Painted Polymer Coasters

Image source + tutorial

Who knew you could create such beautiful handmade coasters with just some polymer clay and blue paint? These almost have a sort of elegant antique look to them that I just love.

13. Terrazzo Coasters

Image source + tutorial

If you’re going for a simple fancy look for your DIY coasters, these terrazzo coasters will give you just that. Something about them is just so nice and calming to look at.

14. Stamped Clay Coasters

Image source + tutorial

Feeling creative? Come up with some fun ideas to stamp onto your own DIY clay coasters! There are so many different ideas you could come up with for these and they’ll definitely be a conversation starter at your next party!

15. Galaxy Coasters

Image source + tutorial

For all the space lovers out there, these galaxy coasters are absolutely out of this world! Seriously though, these are really pretty and they look great with a glass of wine sitting on top of them.

16. Map Coasters

Image source + tutorial

Are you a big traveler? Keep note of your favorite travel destinations and dream vacations with these DIY map coasters. These are really neat as well because they’re made from terracotta pot saucers.

17. DIY Pallet Coaster

Image source + tutorial

Aren’t these little mini pallet coasters just so cute? They would go great as a DIY Father’s Day giftIf you are handy and you have actual lifesized pallets sitting around, check out our post on pallet crafts!

18. Mug Rug

Image source + tutorial

Oh. My. Gosh, you Guys! When I saw that you could make your own coasters that look like little rugs, I knew I had to include them on this list. This is the most adorable thing ever!!

19. Scrabble Coasters

Image source + tutorial

Here are another set of DIY coasters that are perfect for those of you who can come up with funny, cute, and cool quotes and sentences. If you have Scrabble skills, you’ll love these coasters.

20. Concrete Coasters

Image source + tutorial

I would have never imagined using concrete to make DIY coasters, but I’m glad someone else thought of it because these look great! They have a nice modern feel to them.

21. Natural Branch Coasters

Image source + tutorial

I love a natural, warm kind of decor, and these branch coasters fit that perfectly. You’ll need to do a bit of handiwork to make them but they’re definitely worth the effort!

22. Jean Coasters

Image source + tutorial

We’ve written a couple of posts on how to recycle old jeans, but I never would have imagined turning old jeans into coasters! What a great idea!!

23. Petrified Rainbow Coasters

Image source + tutorial

Ok, just hearing “Petrified Rainbow” makes me want to make these coasters. That just sounds so cool. These look really mystical too. I bet they would make a great birthday gift!

24. Crochet Coasters

Image source + tutorial

Even if you’ve never crocheted before, you can still make these crochet coasters! The tutorial will show you step-by-step how to make them and the end result is fantastic.

25. Leaf Coasters

Image source + tutorial

To end this list off, I’m going to leaf you with some coasters that look like leaves! Ha! Sorry, that was a bad joke but these handmade coasters are really nice looking and perfect for fall.

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Final Thoughts

Hope you found some inspiration from this big list of DIY coasters! There are so many other cool coaster ideas I wish I could have included but 25 seemed like a lot already. Try to come up with some of your own DIY coaster ideas and let me know what they are in the comments below!

If you don’t feel like doing the work crafting your own handmade coasters, remember that you can find a bunch of cool coasters on Amazon. I scrolled through all the search results for a bit and saw some really neat ideas! Check them out!

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