25 DIY Paper Flowers That Are SO Pretty

Do it yourself paper flowers

We already wrote a post sharing 3 secrets to make your flowers bloom more, but we’ve got one more BIG secret to share: DIY paper flowers! Who says you need to tend to a garden in order to enjoy the sight of beautiful, blossomed flowers?

With the paper craft flowers below, you can enjoy a wonderful variety of flowers all year long, and guess what? You don’t even have to water them!

Common Tools Needed for DIY Flowers

If you’re a complete beginner when it comes to making DIY paper flowers, don’t feel like you have to rush to invest in tools. Most of the paper flower crafts below can be made with regular craft supplies.

However, if you try out a couple of the crafts below, find you really enjoy making paper flowers, and decide you want to do it regularly, it’s a good idea to buy a set of flower shaping tools:

Sculpting tools

There are a lot of different ones to choose from, including sculping tools and cutting tools, and some are more expensive than others. You can find high-quality starter tools on Amazon for pretty cheap! These will help you craft faster and make your flowers look more realistic.

Another thing you may need for some of the crafts below is a cutting machine. This could be a Silhouette or a Cricut, or something else. Most of the tutorials below provide templates for these to make your crafting experience easier – but scissors are always an option too!

Do It Yourself Paper Flowers!

Ok, now that you’re aware of the tools that are out there, let’s get to the fun stuff! Below you’ll find 20 DIY paper flower crafts of ranging difficulties, along with 5 DIY giant paper flowers that will blow you away. Enjoy!

1. Paper Plate Calla Lily

Paper plate calla lilies

Starting it out simple, these paper plate calla lilies are great for kids! If you want more ideas like this, check out our other paper plate crafts for kids.

Get the full tutorial from The Resourceful Mama.

2. Paper Gerbera Daisies

Group of gerbera daisies

These gerbera daisies look quite realistic and the creator of the tutorial says they’re actually pretty easy and quick to make! You will need a Silhouette or a Cricut in order to make them though.

Get the full tutorial & template at Sunflower Summer Co.

3. Paper Peonies

3 paper peonies on a desk

These paper peonies are absolutely gorgeous – perfect for a paper flower bouquet. You’ll need a cutting machine along with a set of shaping tools for these ones.

Get the full tutorial & template from Abbi Kirsten Collections.

4. Simple Paper Peonies

3 simpler paper peonies on white surface

If the above looks too complicated, or you simply don’t have the tools required, these simpler paper peonies are a great alternative. They can be made with NO special tools required, and they still look fantastic.

Get the full tutorial & template from Brighter Sides.

5. Magnolia

3 different colored paper magnolias

This is another super simple one with no special tools required. Very pretty too!

Get the full tutorial & template from Domestic Heights.

6. Marigold

An orange and yellow marigold on a black background

These DIY marigolds are super cool looking. The creator actually designed them by tracing the petals of a real marigold so they look very realistic too!

Get the full tutorial & template from Jennifer Maker.

7. Rose

Bouquet of paper roses in a vase

Would a list of DIY paper flowers be complete without a rose tutorial? Probably not. These are super pretty and quite easy to make!

Get the full tutorial & template from It’s Always Autumn.

8. Colorful Coffee Filter Flowers

These are the perfect DIY flowers for kids. Super colorful, can be made in so many different ways, and coffee filters are about the cheapest pieces of craft supplies ever! And you probably already have some on hand!

Get the full tutorial from Kitchen Table Classroom.

9. Bridal Coffee Filter Flowers

Big coffee filter flower on wall

Ok yes, I just showed you some coffee filter flowers above, but those were more geared towards kids. These ones are much more elegant, and were created with a wedding in mind!

Get the full tutorial from Christina Maria Blog.

10. Tropical Ginger Flower

# paper ginger flowers with greenery

These tropical ginger flowers are absolutely gorgeous! They’re quite large, but still easy to make and don’t require too specific of tools (a cutting machine is optional).

Get the full tutorial & template from Lia Griffith

11. Mini Paper Roses

Two tiny paper roses on wood surface

Regular paper roses are great, but sometimes you need something a little bit smaller. These mini roses are truly tiny and perfect for adding a bit of flair to your other craft projects.

Get the full tutorial from Jennifer Maker.

12. More Mini Roses

Mini white paper rose on gift box

If you’re looking for a different size or style of mini rose, here you go! These are a bit bigger than the mini paper roses above, and they make for great gift toppers.

Get the full tutorial & template from Living and Crafting.

13. Tulips

5 crepe paper tulips in a flower pot

At first glance, I’d honestly think these were real tulips! Pretty amazing given the fact they’re made simply from crepe paper and a few other common craft supplies.

Get the full tutorial from Lia Griffith

14. Felt Flowers

Several differently designed felt flowers on a pillow

These felt flowers are really high-end looking. You can pin them to pillows, put them on the wall, or you can wear them as an accessory on a headband, jacket, or something else!

Get the full tutorial from PS I Love You Crafts.

15. Simple Hawaiian Flowers

Set of Hawaiian paper flowers

This tutorial will show you how to make not one, but 5 different Hawaiian flowers from paper. If you’re hosting some sort of tropical party, these are perfect! Plus, they’re easy enough to make that the kids can give you a helping hand.

Get the full tutorial & templates from Gina C. Creates.

16. Easy Spring Paper Flower Wreath

Colorful spring paper flower wreath

If you want to express your love for spring to the entire neighborhood, there’s really no better way than by making this spring flower wreath and hanging it on your front door! I love the amount of color in this craft.

Get the full tutorial from Gathering Beauty.

17. Tissue Paper Flowers

5 different colored and sized tissue paper flowers

These tissue paper flowers can be made in varying sizes and colors, and can be used in so many different ways! Hang them on a wall, create a walkway with them, put them on gifts, you name it.

Get the full tutorial from The Craft Patch Blog.

18. Apple Blossom Branches

Apple blossom branches in flower pot

Wow! You’ll need some artistic skills to pull these off but the final result is pretty breathtaking!

Get the full tutorial from Lia Griffith.

19. Tri-Colored Tissue Paper Flowers

Green, red, and yellow tissue paper flower

These tissue paper flowers use a similar process as the ones above, except they’re multi-colored. The final effect is very pretty!

Get the full tutorial from Hey Let’s Make Stuff.

20. Origami Lotus Flower

3 origami lotus flowers

How are your folding skills? With just your hands and some paper, you can make these beautiful lotus flowers for your shelf, desk, or as a gift topper.

Get the full tutorial from iCreativeIdeas.

Bonus: Paper Greenery

Flower pot of various paper greenery

This tutorial shows you how to make various paper greenery, perfect for home decor or desk decor. Combine the greenery with some of the DIY paper flowers above for a beautiful piece of decor!

Get the full tutorial & template from Dreamy Posy.

DIY Giant Paper Flowers

If you want some really great decor, combining some of the small DIY paper flowers above with some of the giant paper flowers below will look AMAZING! I found a handful of different ones for you to check out.

Keep in mind that with a bit of craftiness, you can really turn any paper flower above into a giant flower. You’re not stuck with just the ones below!

21. Giant Rose

Giant paper rose on green background

You’ve learned how to make regular sized paper roses and extremely tiny paper roses, now it’s time for the final frontier: the giant paper rose! These are SO cool.

Get the full tutorial & template from Jennifer Maker.

22. Giant Priscilla

Giant purple priscilla

I don’t have too much to say about this one but it’s another gorgeous giant paper flower. I love the fringed center bit.

Get the full tutorial & templates from Abbi Kirsten Collections.

23. Giant Hawaiian Flower

Giant purple and yellow Hawaiian flowers

These would go great with the other Hawaiian paper flowers I showed you above. There are two different styles to choose from.

Get the full tutorial & template from Abbi Kirsten Collections.

24. Large Paper Peonies

3 giant pink peonies

I already showed you a couple of different tutorials for regular-sized paper peonies so you might as well throw some giant ones into the mix!

Get the full tutorial & template from Abbi Kirsten Collections.

25. Giant Paper Dahlias

Several different colored giant dahlias

These giant paper dahlias look wonderful and can be made in so many different color variations. They’re quite easy to make too!

Get the full tutorial & templates from Burlap and Blue.

How to make paper flowers

Ideas for Using Your DIY Paper Flowers

There are so many fun ways to use your paper flowers! Hang them in your house as decor, put them in a vase as a bouquet, attach them to gifts as a bit of DIY gift wrap, or give them as a gift on their own! A homemade paper flower bouquet would be a fantastic DIY Valentine’s Day gift.

Have any other ideas on ways to use these DIY paper flowers? Let us know in the comments!

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