Best Things to Buy in December

I cannot even believe that I am typing this right now… it is DECEMBER! I feel like the year is just starting but in reality, time has flown by and it’s almost over! This has been a wonderful year that I am extremely grateful for.

I know the majority of you were avid Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers and we hope you were able to find all that you were needing! We worked super hard to make sure you all had access to the best deals around and we love hearing about all the money you guys have saved.

But, the saving season is not yet over! We know that there are still some holiday gifts to purchase and we wanted to make sure you know what the best things are to buy this month.

December is such a wonderful month. It comes with my favorite holiday, family time, gift exchanges, and time to start fresh before a new year. It is a time for family, goals, and reflection.

Our goal here at Fabulessly Frugal is to help you save money! That is why we composed this list of the top 10 things to buy during the month of December so you continue to save money! We want you to find the best deals out there, so here they are!

The Top Things To Buy in December at a Discounted Rate

Thanksgiving Decor

Thanksgiving is over and you know what that means, all the decor is on sale! I am not a huge thanksgiving decorator, but I love to have a few fall things in my home. Hit up all your favorite stores and I am sure they will have a clearance section plump full of Fall and Thanksgiving decor. This is an awesome time to stock up on napkins, plates, tablecloths, etc. as well because stores will have all the excess from this year. You can get things up to 60% off! I highly recommend going and storing these items for the year. It will save you so much money.

Football Gear

By December, we know which football teams have made it to playoffs and which teams are, for lack of a better word, losers. It is not all bad to be rooting for the “loser team” because starting the month of December, all the losing team’s fan wear will go on sale! You can shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, water bottles, stickers, etc. all for a huge discount. Not to mention discount game tickets! Since the demand for the team went down, all of their things will be on sale! Now is the time to stock up!

Golf Clubs

Since the majority of the country will not be golfing during these cold winter months, sports stores will be offering steep discounts on golf clubs! They are wanting to get rid of the past years inventory to stock up on the new products and designs for the upcoming year in January. If you are wanting to purchase golf clubs, now is the time! Shop online, go into sports stores, and keep your eyes out until you find the best deal for you!


Although Black Friday happens to be the best time to buy toys, December still will throw awesome sales at you! What happens is that stores stock up on toys for the holiday season. About a week or two before Christmas, stores start to panic and want to sell all the excess toys! This means, discounts! Stores will offer HUGE sales in store and online just to get rid of their toy inventory. We all know that by next Christmas, there will be new toys on the market, so stores do not want to hold on to the inventory they have! If you missed out on Black Friday deals, I recommend waiting until mid-December and then finding the best deals you can via our deals page! We will constantly keep you updated with all the toy deals!

Christmas Decor

Same as with the Thanksgiving decor, be sure to hit up the clearance sections for all the Christmas Decor. I have noticed that Christmas decorations are becoming more and more expensive. What I love to do is go to my favorite stores like target, hobby lobby, and even just on amazon and see what kind of Christmas clearance they have. I have always been able to find the most amazing items! This is the perfect time to stock up on Christmas lights! Those things can be expensive, so if you are in need of some, be sure to buy them right after Christmas. You can also stock up on plates, napkins, tablecloths, clothing, and everything else Christmas you can think of! It will all be on clearance once the holiday is over!


Since pools are not in demand during the month of December in month states in the US, Pool companies offer incentive deals for you to pre-pay for your pool! This can be either a built in pool, hot tub, or a pool that you can set up and take down. Go into your local pool company and see what kinds of discounts they are offering. Companies are wanting to get things started as they bring in the new year so they do these special deals! If you are thinking of getting a pool, I highly suggest that you do not wait till the spring or summer months. This is when prices will be high because the demand is high. Make your decision now and you could save some serious cash!

Kitchen Items

Once again, the best kitchen appliances and items were on sale during Black Friday, but this doesn’t mean that the deals stop during December! Items like bake-wear, cook-wear, small kitchen appliances, and knives will all go on sale. Honestly I think the best time to buy knives is during December! I see SO many deals all the time. I personally like to stock up on future gifts during the month of December too. If I see a good deal on a waffle iron let’s say, I get 3-4 and just put them away. Then, when I get invited to weddings or graduation parties, I always have a gift! December is the month to stock up on ALL the gift that you will need for the entire year!


Now, cars will be on sale the entire month of December but if you want to save big, go car shopping on December 31st. Now this only applies to brand new cars, so if you are wanting a brand new car, head over to the car dealership on the last day of the year to pick it out. Dealers will be desperate to get rid of older models so that they can bring in the new year with the newest car models out there. I have heard of people saving over 15% off just by going to the dealer on the 31st!


Jewelry is never cheap, let’s get one thing straight…but the month of December is known for having great deals on fine jewelry. Men, this is the perfect time to get your wife’s gift for Valentine’s Day! No need to pay those huge, jacked up prices once February comes around. We often post jewelry deals on our deals page, but keep your eyes open. Head to different jewelry stores, look online, and keep your eyes open for your favorite jewelry to go on sale!

Gift Cards

December is KNOWN for stores giving away discounted gift cards! Examples like: buy a $40 gift card and get an extra $10 free. We have an entire post about this where you can see all the retail and restaurant gift card deals going on right now! Click here to check it out! This is such an awesome way to save money. You are literally getting FREE MONEY. You cannot resist deals like this guys! Be sure to check it out.

Get To Shopping

Now that you know the best things to buy this month, get to shopping! Be sure to buy things that are on sale and worth the price. Do your best to avoid in demand items! By doing so, you will be able to pay the best price for the things you need. I hope this helps you better prepare for the holidays and make the most out of the money you spend. Happy holidays and happy December!


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