Shopping at Kohl’s: Tips, Tricks, & Coupon Codes

Kohl’s is one of my favorite places to shop! They’ve got a huge selection of products, and you can save loads of money at Kohl’s if you know how to play their game! So you need to know the top Kohl’s shopping tips and tricks, and check out the most recent Kohl’s Coupon Codes and Deals!

Kohl’s Coupons, Sales, Tips, Tricks and Rewards Information

You Can Stack Coupons at Kohls

You can combine up to 4 promo codes per order when shopping online! Here are some examples of what types of coupons you can stack:

  • Sitewide percent-off code: Depending on the week, there is usually a Kohl’s coupon code for 10%-30% off the entire site, especially if you’re a Kohl’s cardholder!
  • Free shipping code: Sometimes Kohl’s will offer free shipping codes for Kohl’s cardholders. Also, remember there is ALWAYS free store pickup! Otherwise, shipping is free on all online orders of $75 or more.
  • Department Specific Codes: Sometimes you’ll find Kohl’s coupon codes for $10 off $50 in the shoe department, for example.
  • Kohl’s Cash: if you earned Kohl’s Cash (more on that below), you’ll be able to redeem it, and up to three more codes online!

Check out our Kohl’s Coupon Codes and Deals to see the current Kohl’s Coupon codes and deal scenarios!

Enroll in Yes2You Rewards

  • Sign up for YES2YOU Rewards and earn one point for every dollar spent (it’s free).
  • Once you get 100 points, you’ll get a $5 reward!
  • Watch for Kohl’s double YES2YOU Rewards points
  • YES2YOU Rewards Members get additional deals too!

Kohl’s Cash Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know

kohl's cash grace period

Kohl’s Cash Coupon is earned (during advertised promotional periods) on the amount of your purchase, after all applicable discounts are applied, and before tax (not including the purchase of gift cards). This means, if you spend $50 out of pocket (before tax) you’ll earn $10 that you can turn around and spend (usually the following week) on anything!

What they don’t want you to know about Kohl’s Cash:

  • During Black Friday Week, you can earn $15 for every $50 spent… which is like getting an additional 30% discount on your purchase
  • Kohl’s Cash Grace Period: most stores will allow you to use your Kohl’s Cash up to 5 days after it expires.

kohls free shipping or pick up in store

How to Get Free Shipping at Kohl’s

Be default, Kohl’s offers free shipping on orders of $75 or more. But if you’re shopping with a lot of Kohl’s coupon codes and Kohl’s cash, your total basket might not be that high! Simply choose free shipping to the store! If you want your order shipped to your house, order from the Kiosk inside the store! Kohl’s cardholders will occasionally get free shipping perks.

Kohl’s Sale Cycles

The second and fourth Saturdays of the month are usually the Early Bird Sale events with great markdowns. The Night Owl Sale events start on the Friday evening before the Early Bird Sale and go into the Early Birds on Saturday until 3 pm.

Find Kohl’s Coupon Codes Online

Whenever Kohl’s has a percent-off promo going (15%, 20%, or 30%), you can find Kohl/”s Coupon codes online. Just enter the promo code during the checkout process. Check with us often, as we publish those coupon codes that are offered(Note that you must pay with a Kohl’s Charge card in order to use the 30%-off discount). 

Kohl’s Charge Card Tip

You can pay off your Kohl’s Charge Card right away at the register with cash or a check. I like having the Charge Card because of the extra discounts you can score, namely the 30% off discount and free shipping. By immediately paying at the register, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to pay off your bill and paying interest or late fees!

Forgot Your Kohl’s Coupon?

First of all, if you get the Kohl’s app, you can scan your coupons that came in the mail. Don’t have the app? Just take a picture of the coupon! No need to hang on to the flyer! Or pull up the coupon in your email (if you receive their email promos), and the cashier will scan it right from your phone! The cashiers often have scratch coupon cards at the register for those that forgot to bring theirs.

Shop with the Kohl’s App

By using the Kohl’s App, you can view your YES2YOU points, track your orders, and store your offers. So if you go to the store without your coupon or Kohl’s Cash, you can show the cashier your app and score your discounts. Plus, you get an extra 50 YES2YOU points when you download and sign up. Woot!

Stack your Kohl’s Coupons

You can stack a $10 off any purchase coupon and Kohl’s Cash with a % off coupon if the valid dates allow it. You can also stack a free shipping coupon code with a percent-off coupon. You can use up to 4 coupon codes per order, including one, percent-off sitewide code. Just read the fine print for your coupons to learn about any restrictions. If you shop through the app, you can only enter in TWO coupon codes. So be sure to shop Kohl’s deals online!

Shop Kohl’s Online

By shopping online you can really maximize your savings at Kohls! Best of all, you can still earn Kohl’s Cash (during promo times) when shopping online. You can also get a Kohl’s free shipping coupon code by meeting the purchase amount required or by picking the order up at your local store.

Kohl’s Return Policy

Kohl’s has an amazing return policy. I recently returned an item I purchased there that didn’t even have the tags on it anymore. I feel like their policy is very fair and even generous to the customer. If your purchase was made on your Kohl’s card,  you’ll receive a full refund without a receipt! If you used a different card, you’ll receive store credit (based on the lowest price in the past 13 weeks).

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What are your favorite Kohl’s shopping tips and secrets?


  • I’m not a big credit card person–I don’t have any debt. But I found that you can pay off your Kohl’s card at the register. If I spend $20 at Kohl’s, I will put it on my Kohl’s card so I can get a discount, and then immediately afterwards give the cashier $20 in cash to pay off the card. This keeps me from racking up credit card debt and still allows me to take advantage of all the discounts.

  • That’s one of the things I dislike about Kohl’s. I’m not a credit-card user, and I dislike that the offer better deals to card users. I do like their products tho, and shop there occasionally, and I have done exactly what you describe — use the card and then pay it off before I even leave the store. But I don’t like having to play those kinds of games.

    • Every department store now offer discounts with the credit card. I wish they would stop doing that but I know they won’t because I am sure people will buy something because of the deal.

    • Then just turn around and pay for your charge with cash or a check…That way you can get the best discount and have no balance…

    • It’s not about games. Whenever you use another card (and the majority of people pay with cards) 2% of the purchase goes to the card company. Dept stores have their own cards with incentives so they get all the money back, plus loyalty

  • I love shopping at Kohl’s, and I agree about those kiosks, there are awesome! I also like Kohl’s generous return policy!

  • I’m also working on a debt-free plan, but I do take advantage of the Kohl’s card. I’m very strict with myself to not charge more than I am able to pay off in that billing cycle so I never carry a balance. Question: I’ve never used the instore kiosk before, thanks for that info! Can I use the 30% code at the kiosk or does it have to be the code I got in the mail/email? There have been so many times I’ve passed up a jeans sale because they rarely have my size, this is a fabulous idea!

  • Yes you can use the kiosk for the code and free shipping.I love love kohls if it is a great sale on something and they dont have my size they can give you a rain check,but if you have a promotion and it will expire buy one to reserve the price and promotion and exchange it at a later date to get the right . I dont mind the extra trips because I love kohls. Yes you do have to charge it on your kohls credit card to get extra promotions and if you spend $600.00 you get mvp customer status which gives you extra days savings. The minute I charge I just tell the cashier I would like to make a payment and pay it off. Pretty simple .Plus if you charge everything and you need to return you dont have to worry they can look it up on you charge account without a reciept.

  • Question…is it new that you can’t use two $10 Kohl cash at the same time? I thought in the past I had used 2 together on one purchase. This time I was waiting behind someone and they wanted to use 2 on one purchase and the lady told her that on the back it says one per customer. The customer then asked well can I do 2 different transactions and she was told no she could not.

    • I have used more than one Kohls cash at the same time without any problems. i’m not sure why someone was told that. The computer doesn’t beep or require an override or anything.

    • It must of been the cashier! I used to be a manager at Kohls and we allowed it! If it was me I would of went to customer service or requested a manager. Some people take thier jobs way too seriously!

    • You can use an unlimited amount of Kohls cash at one time and there is no minium purchase, but you don’t get $ back if your purchase falls short of the Kohls cash value. In fact, say you originally spend $150, you would have earned $30 in Kohls cash. They put this all on the same certificate – you don’t get separate certificates for every $10.

      • I have always received a printout with the difference if I didn’t spend all of my Kohl’s cash. The cashier has even printed it out on a separate piece of register paper if I have only one cent left. Maybe, that has changed. I know that is what happens at CVS when you redeem their ECB’s.

        • It hasn’t changed… I made a purchase with Kohl’s cash just 3 days ago, and I had 72 cents left. He put one of the Kohl’s cash slips into the printer and it printed the new remaining value on it. I can’t imagine this is a single-store policy.

          • Interesting. I didn’t know that you could possibly only use partial Kohl’s Cash and use the rest later. I guess I never have a problem using it all at once and then some! πŸ˜‰

            • Normally I don’t either, but one of the clearance items I was buying ended up cheaper than the price listed on the tag (bonus!). πŸ™‚

    • The problem was probably a mix up with the coupons. You can combine unlimited Kohls Cash in a single transaction. If the coupons she was trying to use were Bounce Back coupons those can be limited to one per customer at the store managers discretion.

      • I worked at Kohls for 7 years and was management. We occasionally mail out $10 coupons to people who don’t have our card, when we open new stores, and sometimes even in local newspapers. They’re mostly geared towards getting new faces in to our store so they can see what we are all about, and the coupons are usually supposed to be one per customer per purchase. That’s probably what the person had because people get multiples mailed to their family and the like. We had an issue where a gentleman came in with 30 of them and tried to buy a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. Upon leaving the store he was apprehended and it turned out he had stolen them from the post office he worked at… He also got the cashier banned from the registers and it changed one of our policies, so cashiers are supposed to be more cautious about this.

    • The green Kohl’s cash where $10.00 is earned for every 50.00 spent CAN be combined. If you have 5 of them, you can use all 5. The other $10.00 gifts called “Bounce Backs” (usually white in background color) are indeed one per customer. The problem with these are that they were a gift not based on how much you spent, but a one time gift. When customers find out that these are being given out, they will buy things at different registers on many different days and end up with 10 of them! LOL Kohl’s can’t stop customers from coming in and doing this but they can limit the redemption to one per customer per day. There is some confusion on these as when redeemed they are called “kohl’s cash” on the register receipt, when in fact they are not. If you have a 10.00 coupon but only spend 7.00, the cashiers are instructed to insert the coupon back into the machine so that it will print out a new balance of 3.00. (you do not pay taxes on the amount of the kohl’s cash as it is not legal tender, so your payment comes off the subtotal first, then what is left is then taxed)

  • My fav plan at Kohl’s is to use a 30% off while earning Kohl’s cash…it essentially gets you 50% off of your purchase (as long as your shopping trip totals right at $50 or $100 or $150 etc). I try to avoid Kohl’s if I can’t 30% + KC.

  • Another great way to save more at Kohls is to buy gift cards at plastic jungle or web site like that you can save an additional 12%!

  • I don’t have a kohl’s credit card (although I’ve been weighing it for a while) but I ALWAYS shop there when there is a $10 off coupon and stack it with the % off…that’s when I buy socks for the hubby or a new shirt for myself! I’m able to get an essential clothing item that usually costs about $18-$20 for about 6 bucks!

  • I found the best deal at kohls with the $10.00 off coupon. there was a twin size quilt on clearance for $25.00 minus my $10.00 off coupon then I had a 30 percent off if I used my card. Final price was $11 and something cents. the quilt was originally $110.00

  • One HOT new thing (in the past year or so) is that Kohls will combine receipts for you during the Kohls Cash earning period. So, say you are in the store and you can only think of $30 of stuff to buy, but you feel pressured to add another $30 so that you can earn Kohls Cash, but you don’t have the time to spend hunting around the store like a crazy savings junkie πŸ™‚ No problem. Just buy your $30 of stuff and keep your receipt. Stop in again whenever you can (as long as it’s still during the earning period) and find another $20 of stuff. Give the cashier your previous receipt and she will combine them – there’s a quick and easy way set up in the register/computer for them to do this. Voila! You will get a $10 Kohls cash.

    Kohls keeps on giving us more and more reasons to LOVE them!

    Now, if Gymboree would do this receipt combining thing…

  • I wish they would just put the kohl’s cash amount on my kohl’s card account. To be clear, I am saying debit/credit that actual dollar account, just a separate ledger of how much Kohl’s cash I have. ) This way, I would not have to keep the paper kohl’s cash stuff and gone would be the days that I have to combine receipts or leaving kohls cash in my car and I arriving in my wife’s car! (Frustrating!)

    I would be a lot happier having it electronic (at least for those who pay with their Kohl’s card.) Then when I paid for stuff the following week when Kohl’s cash is accepted, it would deduct my available Kohl’s cash electronically first, and then the rest of the balance applied to my card.

    Also, since my wife and I shop separately most of the time, how great would it be for ALL our family receipts to be automatically combined online to give us the $10 in Kohl’s cash for our combined Kohl’s card purchases since they all are being charged the same Kohl’s credit card account.

    That would make me very happy.

    • The kohls cash is a promotional coupon and therefore does not technically hold a dollar value. Its just a coupon for $10 off anything in the store during a certain time period. You earn the $10 kohls cash when you spend $50. If you are to return something from that purchase and it falls below thd $50 mark then you lose $10 of kohls cash. Its a promotional coupon, meaning that it is meant to make you come back and spend more. Keep in mind that the $50 you must spend to earn the kohls cash is the subtotal of the sale, pre tax. Kohls cash has nothing to do with the kohls charge card. And since it does not hold a dollar value it cannot be applied as a credit to your account.

      • You seem to have completely misread what James was saying. He never asked for the Kohl’s Cash to come off his credit card statement, he just wanted it noted there & to be automatically deducted from a future purchase. That makes perfect sense to me. Who wants to worry about paper slips/KC codes/etc when it could be easily tracked by your Kohls Credit account & applied automatically, similar to the coupons you can load to your Sears/Kmart shop your way account or to many grocery store accounts …

  • Does anyone know if you can use a $10 off a minimum $10 purchase card/coupon (not Kohl’s cash) at the kiosk?  I went to Kohl’s and they did not have the item I wanted.  I tried to use the kiosk but I could not figure out how to get it to accept the $10 coupon.  It did accept my 30% off code with no problem, but I wanted to stack the discounts like I would have had the item been in the store.

  • Hello,
    I have a question.. I am an employee.. Just started.. I was wondering i have a 20% off coupon a10% coupon and my 15% discount.. Can I use all three at once??

  • I had a 30% off coupon, and instead of taking off 30%, the sales clerk rang it up 25% off and 5% off, which gave me less off than if it was rung up as 30% off. Is that correct or even legal? I didn’t see any fine print on the coupon that said that was how it was to be computed. I didn’t notice it until I got home, and now i’m a little irritated. should I go back to the store and complain??

  • That is odd. I have never noticed that. I would surely ask about it the next time you go in.

  • Can I use more than 1 kohls $10 off $10 coupon in a single visit by dividing up my transactions? I have many of these that are about to expire in a matter of days.

  • If I spend over $75 to get their free shipping online, and then return some items to the store, will they turn around and charge me for the shipping? There are things I want that are not offered in the store, and I’d like to order 2 sizes in each.

  • I found out recently that kohls will also let you use your kohls cash after the expiration date at the service desk. I have tried it and it worked! Unfortunately I found out after I threw away $30 in kohls cash.

  • I subscribe to the Kohls texts and get discounts sent to my phone and can share them with friends and family. Also, they send coupons to my email on top of this.

  • I LOVE Kohl’s shopping. You just can’t beat the 30% off plus KC. I was in there on Friday and they had racks and racks of men’s dress shirts for 70% off. I got a bunch for my husband, who needed more work shirts and they came to $9 each for Chaps brand shirts! Plus I spent enough with some other clearance items that I got $20 KC. LOVE IT! As long as you know your prices, you can get wonderful deals there. Loved the tip about using the KC at customer service after it expires. I rarely forget to spend it, but now I know what to do just in case!

  • I get K-cups for the Kerig coffee maker-you can combine percent off coupons, manufactuer coupons, in store discount prices… and pay with Kohls cash!!! Check the small appliances section, they have great prices when the things are on a sale, which can be stacked with percent off coupons, and also will earn Kohls cash!!

  • Kohls now has guest wi fi in their stores. When you get to the store go to your settings and log into the “kohls guest wi fi”. Press accept after the terms and conditions page loads and it will pull up the coupon page. Touch the screen to reveal the bar code. Remember to screen capture it so you don’t loose the coupon. Yesterday it was $5 of a purchase of $25 or more and it can be combined with other coupons.

  • If I spend $150 online, and use gift cards to pay for $100 of it, will I still earn $20 in Kohls cash?

    I see lots of info about how you can’t buy gift cards will Kohls cash, but not about the question I have.

  • I want to alert anyone shopping from home online at kohls about my experience. I placed an order just after midnight (in my time zone, Eastern) and used the 30% off code; this was the first day the code was valid…again, it was just after midnight in my time zone. The amount I ordered was enough to earn me some kohls cash. The day the kohls cash redemption period started, I still had not received an email with my kohls cash, so I called their 800 number on their web site. I was told that although I was able to use the 30% off because it was after midnight in the Eastern time zone (my time zone), it was not after midnight in the Central time zone, where kohls corporate offices are located, and not during the kohls cash earning period, therefore I was not eligible to receive kohls cash, even though I spent almost $150 in purchases online. I am furious and I asked then why did the 30% off code work, and their response was, that’s just the way their computers are set up. I said that’s not fair to the customer, there should be some kind of notification that you won’t get kohls cash (even though you can use the coupon code) but their response was basically, this is the way it is, there’s nothing they can do about it!

    • I wonder if you took it into your local store location if they might be willing to help you get it sorted out?

    • I have heard that you can only earn Kohl’s Cash online if you see that it says so on their website. In other words, only while the image is present on their site.

    • Before assuming that Kohls cash was working, I would go to the main page and make sure the “earn Kohls cash” banner is there… like a previous poster said. It should be visible if the promotion had started.

  • I just went to Kohl’s today to use my Kohl’s cash plus a 20% off coupon. The trick of it was, they took off the $20 first, and then did 20% off of the remainder, so instead of saving $6 I only saved $2. If you read the fine print, that’s the way they’re supposed to do it, instead of taking 20% off the larger amount. Just a heads up! Still, gotta love $20 off!

    • True, all dollar off coupons come off first, then the percent off is applied. Dollar off coupons are just that, “a coupon”, not a form of tender. You just have to look at it as, they already gave you that “free gift”, so they aren’t going to give you a percent off and then factor in payment with that free gift. Hope that makes sense LOL

      • Really….Kohl’s has fake sales all the time. Their suggested retail value is 50% higher than it should be. Then they give you Kohl’s “cash”. Which it should not be allowed to be called this. If it was true “cash”, the percentage coupon would come off first then you pay with cash. So in reality your $10 Kohl’s cash that you earned on already marked up prices, then becomes $8 if you have a 20% off coupon. It really is a racket!

        • Wow. Bitter much? Do you really think a store is going to give you an additional discount off of free money? If it is such a racket go shop somewhere else.

  • Does anyone know if you can use an in-store Kohl’s coupon to purchase something online if you do it at the store? There is an item I want to purchase, but it is only sold online and not in the store. I have a $10.00 coupon I was wanting to use during purchase. Thanks!

    • You can use the coupon online if it has a key code, or coupon code to input at checkout.

    • No u can’t. I tried several times but it didn’t work, so I ended up calling customer service n I was told those are in-store use only. And btw, not all kohls stores accept the $10 coupon. My $10 coupon expired today, so went to a nearby kohls to use it but the cashier told me they only accept the $5 coupons. So I went to a different kohls 5miles down and they accepted it with no questions asked:)

  • How can you get your %off coupons emailed to you?

    • I signed up for Kohl’s emails, so I get the 20% for everyone codes and other promotional ones. You also usually get a coupon when you first sign up. However, I’ve only seen the random 15, 20, and 30% codes in the mail or you can usually try your luck with a scratch card from a Kohl’s cashier during that promotion.

  • I need to decorate my new house and I’ve been thinking of opening a kohls card. Strictly for the discounts πŸ™‚

    Does anyone know if you can combine the “new customer 15-20% first day” and the 30% off cardholders discount?!? Would I be able to use a $10 off too?

    • You would need to ask a Kohl’s cashier to be certain, but I’m pretty sure you can combine the %-off and the $10 off, because I know you can use Kohl’s cash and a %-off together. I believe that you can only use one %-off discount at a time though, unless it is the online codes above and one is sitewide and one is for a specific category.

  • Hi!
    I am going in tomorrow to purchase a $100 item πŸ™‚ I have $40 in Kohl’s cash and have a 30% off coupon for using my Kohl’s charge. Do you know how they ring up the item with regards to the discount. For instance is it $100 minus the 30% minus the $40? Or $100 minus $40 minus 30%?

    Thank you so much for your help!

  • After spending $300 yesterday at Kohl’s (clothing crisis for my two little girls) this morning I get a Kohl’s Cash notice in my email. Can I take my receipt to customer service today to get Kohl’s Cash for yesterday’s purchases?

    • Kohl’s Cash technically started today, so your purchase doesn’t qualify. BUT, I personally, think it would be worth a shot. There’s definitely a chance that they will be extra nice and give it to you anyway. So, if you can, take your receipt into the customer service today and ask nicely. And really, you could bring all of the items too and just return and then re-purchase if they give you a hard time.

    • Kohl’s cash has to be connected to a receipt. If they tried to activate kohl’s cash on a receipt from the day before, it won’t let them saying that the event cannot be located. So the only way is to return all the items off the receipt and repurchase. (but you will get the prices on the day that kohl’s cash started).

  • Can I stack $10 off q, 15% off q and still use Kohls cash? Thanks!

  • Do they take manufacture coupons in store?

  • Kohls has a new feature on its app. You can now scan all of your Kohl’s Cash that you have earned during a promotion period and it goes into your “wallet”. The app keeps track of it and let’s you know how much you have, from store and online, and will alert you when it is about to expire. Also, you don’t have to worry about losing those slips of paper this way. When you are at the register simply pull it up on the phone and they can scan your Kohl’s Cash from your phone. No worries!!

  • I take a picture with my phone of my Kohls coupon as soon as I receive it in the mail. That way if I decide to just stop in I always have my coupon with me. And if a friend forgets hers I can just txt mine to her.

  • I just used code TURKEY30 online a few days ago and scored 30% off my order! try it out!

  • I recently learned that Shopathome gives you cash back based on your Kohl’s total before your 15%, 20% or 30% discount.

  • While in my local Kohls earlier this last week I earned $30 Kohls cash and was told that they will still honor the kohls cash for up to a year after it expires! This is at the Covington, WA store. I’m so glad to hear that, since sometimes I forget to use it and then toss it after it expires!
    Though you all might like to know!

  • Can you tell me where I get the rebate to submit for the polaroid tablet?

  • I purchased a new set of pots and pans on Monday during a period when no Kohls cash was offered. I came home and unpacked all the boxes of course and now realize that if id have waited until today to have purchased, I could have earned quite a bit of kohls cash! Does anyone know if i can just bring the receipt in to the store and have them return / repurchase the item today and get the kohls cash? Without bringing in the item?

    • I think it is possible. If you have the time and it isn’t too much of a pain for you, I would definitely try. You can always call your store first to check too. Although today is probably a crazy day for them!

  • Where does one get the $10.00 off 10 coupons?

    • Some of the $10 off a minimum of $10 purchase coupons are periodically sent out to customers who have a Kohl’s charge card. Some are randomly mailed to addresses that don’t have a charge card in the hopes that a customer will come to the store to use it and hopefully open an account. There are also $10 off a minimum $30 purchase coupons that are stuck onto the front of newspapers sometimes. It really grinds my gears when people with paper routes take those off the papers before they deliver them, or when they go into a convenience store and take them off all the papers in the stack. Then those people get all bent out of shape when we explain that they can only use one per customer. Come on, no one subscribes to 50 newspapers!

  • Can you earn more Kohls Cash while paying with Kohls Cash? For example, using code and earned last week KC 12/5-9 and earn more KC? Rolling it?

  • I noticed you don’t have the 30% code … it does require the Kohl’s charge card, but it’s XMAS30. It’s valid from 12/10 to 12/24. Enjoy!

  • Hi was wondering I paid for a purchase using kohls cash and then a day later came back and made another purchase using kohls cash do you know if I can go back into the store and get kohls cash when I combine my recipets?

    • If both purchases were made during the during the same “earning period” (currently Dec.10-24)and the totals of both receipts after discounts and before taxes equals $50 or more you definitely can combine them. Remember to do it by the 24th or they won’t be able to combine them for you.

      • Kohls has started carrying some items that are excluded from their coupons and discount codes. Included are tv’s, beats headphones and some cosmetics. Sorry.

  • I always head straight to the clearance racks. Online also has a clearance section, so be sure to check that. I’ve often found something at the store, but not in my size, but am able to order it online. I didn’t even consider using the kiosk, I’ll have to remember that. If you have more than one store location in your town, go to the one you shop less frequently every so often. They most times have different merchandise in clearance.

  • The 30% off is LOVE30 thru 2/19/14. I thought I’d add that the TENBUCKS can be used multiple times. So the way I see it, the optimum way to combine is to stagger your in store purchases as close to, without going under, $82 per transaction that way after the $10 comes off then reduced by 30% you’ll be just over $50 so you’ll earn the Kohlscash (KC). My store won’t combine receipt values otherwise I’d just do a bunch of $30 transactions and add have them rack up the total for KC. If you’re shopping online you can only use 2 promo codes, sometimes the free shipping (SHIP4UFEB thru 2/19/14) is worth more than the TENBUCKS code.

  • Hi Melanie!!
    Love your blog!! I’m having trouble finding a coupon code for a TV! I’ve tried every code that I can find but none will work! πŸ™
    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!!!

    • I hear that Kohl’s coupon codes often exclude TVs. Hmm. You might want to keep an eye on the Best Buy sales and daily deals for TVs:

    • The coupons exclude lots of electronic brands as well as prestige cosmetic brands. Electronic brands excluded are:

      Google Nexus Tablets
      Haier TVs
      Microsoft Xbox Video Game Consoles
      Nintendo Video Game Consoles

  • Hi, I was on Kohls online the other day looking at engagement rings. They were significantly on sale and you could use a promo code. I was going to tell my boyfriend but the next day the sale was gone. Do you know how often they run sales on their rings? It could save 45% off diamond rings.

    • I’m not sure, but I imagine they are pretty regular.

    • I work in Jewelry. I would say 95% of the time, the diamond rings are 60% off. There are times where they change it to a Buy One/ Get One 1/2 off or BOGO/1.00. These may run for a few days or even a week, but always wait for the 60% off. Even better is waiting for a Night Owl or Early Bird special where it is 60% off plus an additional 10-15-20% off on top of that. (differs at times). Then you also get to use any Kohl’s coupons you may have on top of that! Big savings!

  • Does anyone know if I can apply online for a Kohl’s charge card today and then use it for a purchase plus apply the 30% off codes given here? I was thinking of applying just to be able to use that 30% off code.

  • Hi. I have a Kohl’s credit card. How often do they have sales where I could get 15%? Can I reliably shop all the time and expect the discount?

    • It seems like I see a 20% off coupon code at least once a month and the 15% is pretty regular too. You may also get a 30% off code about once a month or so when they do the scratch-off codes (15%, 20%, or 30%). Discounts are really regular, but there may be a few days when there isn’t one. Not totally sure because I don’t usually shop Kohl’s unless I have a 20%-off or higher, or one of those $10 off promo coupons.

  • On my newspaper there was a $10 off $30 total purchase. Can that be stacked with a $10 off $30 kids apparel coupon? In other words can I buy $30 worth of kids clothes and use both coupons to get $20 off? Thank you.

  • I made a purchase yesterday and didnt realize til this morning that I had a 20% off coupon sitting on my dresser that I could have used. They dont have any more of the items I purchased because they were seasonal and on clearance. Does anyone know if I can go back in and take them to the courtesy desk to get the 20% off the items? Thank you!

  • I was wondering if I have to print the $10 off a $30 purchase of kids apparel shopping pass to use it in store or can they scan it on my phone?

  • HI,
    I need to buy something at Kohls today but the coupon I have doesn’t start until tomorrow.Is their anyway I can go back tomorrow with my coupon after purchasing my items today and get the difference?

    • Sorry it took me a bit to get back to you. Hope you figured out the best way to make it work for you. I am pretty sure you can buy something, then bring it back when the coupon is valid. They might just have to return it and ring it up again with coupon though. This would be helpful if you’re worried about the item not being available for long, but you’d have to make two trips to the store.

  • The Link to Kohl’s isn’t working for me.

    • I clicked on several to test it out and they are working for me. I’d appreciate it if you let me know which specific link isn’t working for you. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  • I received a 30% off coupon/code when I use my Kohl’s card. I also have some merchandise credit/store credit to use. Do you know if they take 30% off my entire purchase (before using the store credit) or is it only 30% off what goes on my card?

    • I’m not sure. I know that they usually take off other discounts before the percent-off discount. But if they treat the store credit more as a gift card, then the 30% off would come off the total before payment, including gift cards (as long as some of it is charged on the Charge card).

  • My husband and I went to Kohls today to get him some tshirts for our Florida vacation and to use the $10 off $30 men’s apparel coupon..We went to the men’s clearance section and got 5 logo tshirts that added up $32.. So we went to checkout and used the $10 off coupon the lady scanned and it didn’t work and she said it’s not gonna work because she said they were young men’s shirts and I said they were in the men’s section and they don’t look like young men’s shirts so I kindly asked her since they’re young mens shirts it’s still men’s shirts and can I still use the $10 off coupon and she said I couldn’t:(..Ah well I tried it didn’t hurt to ask at least we still saved money with the 30% by using our Kohl’s charge card..

  • Do you have to actually have to charge money to your kohls charge card to get the 30% off? I have a bunch of kohls gift cards that i want to use, while still getting the 30% off deal that i have from being a card holder. Can i just type my method of payment online as my charge card and then use all my gift cards?

    • I’m pretty sure that you have to pay for at least some portion of the purchase with the Kohl’s Charge Card. But you can login to your Kohl’s account and give it a shot! You will be able to see the totals and discounts before you actually place the order.

      • When you have a coupon for $10 off of a $30 purchase and you purchase 3 $10 items (totaling 30 dollars) they will allocate a discount of $ 3.33 to each item. So if you return only one of the three items you will get a refund of $ 6.67.

  • I purchased some shorts in different sizes online not knowing which size would fit. I used a $10 off $30 coupon, and 25% transaction and free shipping code. So 3 pairs of shorts came out to $23. When I return the shorts that don’t fit, do they allocate all the discounts over all the items or do I somehow lose the $10 off $30 since what I’m keeping isn’t $30 worth?

  • I’m looking at the Kohl’s Ad, and I have the 15% off Coupon. In the ad they have a lot of different brands that are a specific percent off, Am I allowed to use the 15% coupon on those items? “It says it can’t be used in conjunction with any other percent off discounts.” But, sounds like you could use the coupon with things on sell a specific percent off in the store from the comments I read above. I just wanted make sure they aren’t revering to promo code coupons. I’m new to shopping at Kohl’s and their coupon policies.
    Please Help!

    • If I understand your question correctly, I think you are referring to the sitewide percent-off code (you peel off a paper to reveal your code) and the advertised percent-off sales throughout the ad. Throughout the ad are basically just sale prices, so you can definitely use coupon code on top of those savings!
      And if you are going to shop online or at the kiosk, I would use the 20% off code in the post above instead of the 15%. πŸ™‚

  • Are percent off coupons good *online* only, or can they be applied in a retail store? For example, today’s “DRESS15” (15% off dresses) or “THANKS746” (15% off sitewide): is there a way to use those percent-off coupons in a retail store? I need a dress for tomorrow night and don’t have the time to wait for it to be shipped. Thanks!

    • I think the cashier needs to have a barcode to scan. Look through your emails and mailers from Kohl’s to see if any have been sent to you. Otherwise, you might call your local store and see what they can do. Here’s one that you can definitely print and take into the store this weekend: $10 off $25 Print Pass. Valid 11/7-11/11

      • Melanie, thank you for your reply!

        First I tried the online cart to make sure all three discounts could be applied (departmental 15% discount “DRESS15”, storewide 15% discount “THANKS526”, and $10 off $25 “VETSDAY10”). Yes, in my cart, all three discounts could be applied. I did not make the purchase because, as you recall, I needed the dress by today and don’t have time to wait for shipping.

        Next I called Kohl’s Customer Service to see how I could get a printed copy of the DRESS15 discount. Not possible but Representative said to give the code verbally to the cashier and it would be applied.

        Drove to retail store and talked to cashier before buying dress and purchasing some other items at the Kiosk. Said it would be no problem – I would get my discounts. So I made my Kiosk purchases.

        Finally picked up said dress, headed to the cash register, and at check out, the *same* cashier now told me that in a retail store purchase, only ONE percentage discount can ever be applied, regardless if it is departmental or storewide discount. So I only received two of the three discounts by purchasing the dress in a retail store.

        Does that agree with or conflict with your information, Melanie?
        Thanks in advance!

        • I guess I will never know. πŸ™

          • So sorry, Carol! I must have missed your previous question. Sadly, I don’t know the answer though. I know a good amount about shopping Kohl’s online, but in-store it is different!

            • Thanks for your reply, Melanie. I know it was a complicated question. I’m 100% positive that all of the discounts were applied *online* because I teed it up in the cart (but didn’t pull the trigger). Maybe this will help someone else to be aware that the discounts may not be the same in the store (despite what online Customer Service tells you, LOL!). Thanks again!

  • What is the current 30% off code? I did not receive an email showing it, only the Black Friday Deals.

  • I stacked up $220 in Kohls cash from Black Friday purchases (the bulk from a Serta memory foam mattress). I noticed in the newest ad that the redemption period of 12/1-12/8 falls into another Kohls cash earning period (12/4-12/8). If I made a purchase with my Kohls cash during the 12/4-12/8 would I earn more Kohls cash or would I have to pay by other means to earn it? I’m not trying to be greedy, just working out the best purchase to use the Kohls cash that I have. Thank you in advance for your response!

    • Hi Brandi!
      It’s not greedy, you just want the best deal! Who wouldn’t!!
      So, Kohl’s Cash is factored in after all other discounts… so if you pay with Kohl’s cash, you won’t earn more on that, but if your purchase was $270, and you paid with $220 KC, then you would earn another $10 KC on the leftover ($50) balance, if redeemed during that period. Does that make sense?
      In other words only the balance you pay for with your personal Credit/Debit card/Kohl’s Gift Card is eligible to earn Kohl’s Cash.

  • HI there and thank you for all of your tips! Other than the site wide coupons you have listed above are there any other stackable codes that you know of at this time?
    My husband wants several items for Christmas and they can all be purchased at Kohl’s – so if there are ways to bring down that total I am all for it!!! πŸ™‚

    Thank you!!!

  • I want to know how to add on the military discount for on line purchases ,I noticed that Kolols do honor the Military discount so how does it work with online purches

  • I just purchased a Keurig today and when I got home, I received a mailer that said I can get 20% off PLUS $10 in Kohls cash. πŸ™ Can I have my order cost adjusted and get Kohls cash?

  • I have a 30% off coupon that I would like to use however, it expires today. Last time I went to kohls they told me that I couldn’t use the coupon after the night key. Until what time are the coupons accepted then?

    • Honestly, I’m not really sure what the night key is, but I am 90% sure you can go use the coupon at the store up until it closes on the day the coupon expires. You should be able to use the code online any time today while it is still today. πŸ™‚ Of course, you can call your local store to get clarification on their specific policies too.

  • Thanks! The true value is in the Kohl’s cash after you make a purchase!

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