Moist Thanksgiving Turkey

Are you over whelmed about cooking your Turkey this year?  I just throw mine in the roaster and leave it and it turns out perfectly every time!  Here’s how to make a moist turkey with little effort!

Start out by cutting your oranges and onions into 1/8 pieces. Place in a bowl & mix. (I take the skin off the onions but leave it on the oranges.) The benefit for putting these items in your turkey is that it flavors the meat from the inside, it adds a great touch to it!

Remove everything from the ‘butt’ of the Turkey, then put turkey in Roaster. You don’t need to line the roaster or put the Turkey in a bag, you can just stick it right in the roaster insert. Now it’s time to stuff your turkey!  Using your hands stuff the turkey with your orange and onion mix. Now just pour 4 cups of water in your roaster right next to the turkey. Next pour melted butter over all the meat you can see. Sometimes I will rub the turkey down after pouring the melted butter over it just to be sure I get everything coated.  Now you just need to season with Seasoning Salt or Mrs. Dash to your liking. Turn roaster on and set at 320 degrees then let leave it alone and let it cook for 8 hours. The purpose in cooking it so long is so the meat literally will fall off the bone, your family carver may just be out of a job, my husband is personally very glad about this!  You will be amazed with how moist the entire turkey will be through out.  Cooking in my roaster is a total game changer and I absolutely love it because it leaves the oven free to cook all of the delicious dishes.

Ingredients: Turkey
Meal Type: Thanksgiving
Categories: Oven

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  • What if I do not have a roaster … can you still use this recipe in the oven? If so, what temp. and how long? Thank you …

    • Yes you can still cook it in your oven! Same temp same amount of time. Just watch the racks on your oven to make sure that you don’t hit the top. In the case of putting it in your oven the changes I would make is to put the turkey in a turkey bag before placing in the pan. Unless you have a roaster with a lid that goes in your oven. The purpose of the bag would be to keep it ‘covered’ while it’s cooking You can dump the 1/2 the amount of water in the bag to keep it moist but the bag on it’s own will help. You also could cover your pan with tin foil really good if you don’t have turkey bags. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any more questions. My husband has been so excited that I cooked a turkey early this year (to blog about it) he’s been eating turkey sandwiches non stop!

      • I have a question. I have a Roaster that says if the turkey is 19-24lbs I should cook it for 2-3 hours. You say to cook it for 8. If I leave it in there for 8 is that going to burn the turkey?

        • Put the water in there (this will make it not dry out) make sure your turkey isn’t touching the edges (it will make it really dark if it does). You can cook the turkey for 8 hours and not burn it. After about 4 hours you can check it if for some reason you think it’s getting to dark turn it down to 275 degrees. I have cooked 10 turkies at once in different roasters (church dinner) every roaster cooks just a little different, one I even had to add a little more water to. Though every single one I cooked for 8 hours and had no problems with any one burning. The turkey really just falls off the bone by cooking it this long. I do it year after year and love it! I will check my emails tomorrow throughout the day so if you have any questions post them & I will get back to you as fast as I can. (though be aware I am a black friday shopper so after about 6pm I will be shopping! hehehe)

  • Hey I am cooking my first turkey this Thanksgiving. I am only cooking for a few people so I’m planning on getting a small turkey (10-12 lbs). Would you suggest changing the cooking time since the bird is smaller?

  • Hi,
    Thanks for the recipe! I was just curious…my roaster has two small holes in the lid for steam escape (I guess). Does your roaster have these holes too? Really want to cook my bird in the roaster to free up oven this year:) Thanks for reading!!!

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