Best Oils And Sprayers For Air Fryer Cooking

Oil Sprayers: What Are They, Why You Need One, and When to Use it

When I bought my first air fryer, I also bought my first oil sprayer. I had never heard of an oil sprayer before (besides the ones you buy at the store, like Pam). 

Having an oil sprayer in my kitchen has changed the way I think about and use oil while cooking. Today, I am excited to share with you why you need an oil sprayer, which one is my favorite, and when to use it.

What is an Oil Sprayer Used For?

An oil sprayer or oil mister is a sustainable and eco-friendly way to use your favorite oil when cooking with the air fryer or your pans. 

Instead of investing in a single-use can, oil sprayers are reusable. And, unlike the single-use spray cans that contain things you don’t know how to pronounce, you know exactly what is inside your oil sprayer.

What Oils Can You Put in an Oil Sprayer?

You can put any oil you want inside an oil sprayer besides oils like coconut oil that harden up when the temperature cools down, as they will clog your sprayer.

I love using avocado oil in my oil sprayer because it has a high smoke point of 480F to 520F or 248C to 271C, the temperature depends on the quality of the oil being used. 

It is also great because it’s a very healthy fat to cook with. You can read more about the benefits of avocado oil here at

I also like to use light olive oil because it is relatively cheap and also has a high smoke point of 350 degrees F to 375 degrees F or 176 degrees C to 190 degrees C (this is so important when cooking foods). Learn more about the benefits of olive oil.

Other recommend oils for cooking (especially cooking in the air fryer) include:


Cathy’s Favorite Oil Sprayer

Even though reusable oil sprayers are better for your health and the environment, they can sometimes be faulty. I have tried and used several different oil sprayers, and the reoccurring problem I’ve seen is that they stop misting, which can be frustrating.

If you do a quick Google search for the best oil sprayer, you won’t get one answer. Everyone has different opinions, and it’s possible that my own opinion will change, but to date, this is my favorite oil sprayer and I’d even say the best oil sprayer for the air fryer: 

Mistifi Glass Oil Sprayer or choose the Mistifi Plastic Oil Sprayer

I like this Mistifi oil sprayer because it doesn’t use too much oil to spray, it mists the oil, and it hasn’t broken yet! You will get your money’s worth and know exactly what you are spraying on your food.


I Tried It But Didn’t Love It.

I’m also including the other oil sprayers I have tried and tested, what I liked about them, and what I didn’t. Plus what you should avoid using when cooking with an air fryer.

Misto Oil Sprayer

I liked this oil sprayer because it’s the most similar to a single-use oil sprayer. It does a good job of creating a mist and uses very little oil to do so. Plus, it is the least expensive of the 3 sprayers. 

However, my Misto broke shortly after buying it. It would clog easily and not stream consistently. So, I believe it’s worth it to invest a little more in the Mistifi glass oil sprayer or the plastic version.


Evo Oil Sprayer

The Evo oil sprayer was the first one I tried. It was nice, but it sprayed oil instead of misting it. I didn’t like this because it used a lot more oil and it wouldn’t cover the food evenly when cooking. This might work if you only need oil pans, but it doesn’t offer many benefits as an oil sprayer.


Canned Nonstick Spray

I know it might seem super convenient to use one of those bottles of canned oil spray at the store. But, oil is not the only thing you’ll be spraying on your food. There are added chemicals to the spray that can actually damage the air fryer when you use it.

Oils and Air Fryers: What Oils You Should Use or Avoid for the Air Fryer

Not everyone knows that oils all oils have different tastes, but they all also have individual spoke points and purposes. When it comes to using oils in the air fryer here is my go-to list of oils to use in the air fryer:  

However, I would urge to to not use any of the canned nonstick cooking oil from the grocery store if you can. It has added chemicals in it that can actually damage your air fryer over extended use.


What are Smoke Points for Oil?

A smoke point is a point at which oil turns from oil and starts to turn to form smoke. And we aren’t talking about when your pan is hot and it begins to smoke a bit. 

It is in reference to when your pan is hot, causing your oil to get TOO hot it breaks down and starts to release a chemical called acrolein. 

When you experience acrolein being released you will notice that your food does not taste good. It will have a very acidic taste or be very bitter and makes your kitchen smell. 

If you are not sure what the smoke point is for the oil you use, take a look at Mountain Rose Herb’s blog where they give you the smoke point chart.


What Oil is the Best to Use in an Air Fryer?

Avocado oil is the best to use in the air fryer. As mentioned before, it has one of the highest smoke points when you are using it for cooking (which is necessary when you are cooking foods at a high temperature). 

And of course, avocado oil is a healthy oil that you can cook with and tastes great!


When and Where to Use Oil in an Air Fryer

When you need to use oil for a recipe, generally the recipe should tell you when and where to use the oil sprayer for the air fryer. However, it will also depend on the type of air fryer you are using. 

Generally, you will use the oil wherever the food will have direct contact with part of the air fryer, like the air fryer basket. Or, you will be instructed to spray it directly on the food itself. 


Do I Have to Use Oil in the Air Fryer?

Often times our recipes will call for using oil in the air fryer. Not as a way to deep fry the food, but it helps keep the food from sticking to the air fryer baskets, as well as helps crisp up the food in the final cooking stages of a recipe. 


Final Thoughts

If you have never heard of an oil sprayer or never thought you needed one, I hope you have gotten a little more insight into what they are, and how they can be useful when cooking with your air fryer. 

Have you used any of these oil sprayers? How do they work for you? Is there a different brand I didn’t mention that you think I should try? Which is your favorite oil to use in your oil sprayer for the air fryer?


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