Air Fryer Protein recipes

15+ Air Fryer High Protein Recipes

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Make 15+ of the Best Air Fryer High Protein Recipes Whether you need to keep a high-protein diet or are looking for ways to introduce more protein to your diet, this is the place to be. The air fryer is a great way to produce family-friendly, juicy, and flavorful protein dishes that the whole family will enjoy. And even better they are great on a budget too. Sometimes it is easy to leave out protein when it comes to creating quick and simple dinners because pasta can... Read this post
air fryer pasta recipes

Air Fryer Pasta Recipes

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Dinner doesn't have to be hard, especially when you can whip up one of these delicious air fryer pasta recipes that the whole family will enjoy. We have some absolutely delectable recipes on our website and YouTube channel that are super easy to... Read this post

28 of the Easiest Air Fryer Lunch Ideas

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Air Fryer Lunch Ideas -- Fun, Quick, and Tasty If you are anything like me, lunchtime, especially during the week has the least amount of time to prepare anything of substance, let alone delicious. Well, the air fryer is about to change all of that.... Read this post

Air Fryer Zucchini Recipes

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The Best Ways to Make Zucchini in the Air Fryer If you ask me zucchini is one of the most understated vegetables, so let me show you how to make my favorite air fryer zucchini recipes. There are so many more ways to use zucchini that you might not... Read this post
air fryer frozen foods

Can You Cook Frozen Food in the Air Fryer?

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How to cook frozen foods in the air fryer Can you cook frozen foods in the air fryer? Yes, you can! Let me give you some ideas and tips and tricks for doing so. So you might have found yourself with a new kitchen tool like the air fryer (I have... Read this post

Can You Steam Food in the Air Fryer?

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So the air fryer is such a great tool for healthy air frying, but have you ever wondered if you could use it to steam your food too?! I am always down to find out new and great ways to use the air fryer, so we did a little test with veggies to... Read this post

Air Fryer Easter Recipes (Easy Spring Recipes for the Air Fryer)

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Believe it or not, spring is right around the corner! And with that comes Easter and all the fun events surrounding it. We often have at least one delicious cookout and attend plenty of others we go to for the springtime. So this is will come... Read this post

Best Oils And Sprayers For Air Fryer Cooking

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Oil Sprayers: What Are They, Why You Need One, and When to Use it When I bought my first air fryer, I also bought my first oil sprayer. I had never heard of an oil sprayer before (besides the ones you buy at the store, like Pam).  Having an oil... Read this post

The Air Fryer Gift Guide

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First off, do you already have an air fryer or are you still on the fence? When I took the leap to start cooking with the air fryer I never looked back! Especially when I found the Cosori Air Fryers.  They are great machines and make for the perfect... Read this post